Careless selection of kitchen cabinet hardware can really mess with an otherwise perfect kitchen. Stainless steel or bronze finishes, flat or curved handles, knobs or pulls and so much more. The choices you have to make may seem daunting if you can’t picture your kitchen design. While the choice of hardware can seem like a basic element, making the right choice can elevate your kitchen aesthetics and functionality a great deal. Take these factors into consideration when you are shortlisting your choices for the hardware cabinets:

Kitchen Hardware Colour Combination

Antique gold finish, brass, steel, chrome, enamel colour finish, wooden finish, black or white; the choices available in the market are numerous. However, remember that whichever colour and finish you pick, it should complement the cabinet style and colour. Remember that you should choose the same finish throughout the kitchen, even if the styles of the hardware are different; so if you choose steel knobs, then even the pulls that you pick should be in a steel finish. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen Hardware Style

The style of the kitchen hardware should be in keeping with the rest of your kitchen design elements. If your cabinets have arched panels, then rounded pulls or circular knobs will go well. Plain flat shutters will be perfectly complemented by long square hardware styles. Generally, curved styles are traditional while square styles tend to give a more contemporary appearance.

Hardware Functionality and Comfort

Comfort and functionality should precede everything else. Make sure that you actually try using the hardware before purchasing rather than just picking it out from a catalogue based on how it looks. Are the edges sharp or rough? Is there enough space for you to put your fingers through? Does the ‘soft close’ actually close softly?


While budget is always a big consideration, do not compromise functionality or quality in order to go with cheaper options. Your hardware will see a lot of wear and tear, and if you compromise on quality it will not last long. Generally, knobs are less expensive than pulls—and the price will vary based on the finishes you choose as well (steel and chrome finish hardware are usually less expensive). Since your pick will remain in your kitchen for a long time (until you decide to remodel again), make sure that you go with something you really love!

Knobs or Pulls?

The style you choose can make a difference to the look and functionality of your kitchen space. Pulls or long handles are used to distribute the effort that you put into opening a shutter or a drawer, hence are more useful for heavy-duty drawers. Knobs take the impact of the ‘pull’ in one spot and are usually not as effective for wide and heavy drawers.Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

As far as aesthetics are concerned, knobs go well with ornate vintage kitchens while pulls or long steel handles are more in keeping with contemporary designs like flat panelled cabinetry.

Push latches

Push-to-open latches need just a gentle touch to easily open shutters or drawers using a mechanical or magnetic device that is fitted to the inside of the cabinet. When fitted properly, these touch opening systems fall back into place with a slow-motion effect, softly clicking perfectly into place when shut. They can usually be used with standard concealed hinges.

Integrated handles

Sleek modern cabinets look great with integrated or hidden handles that have a bevelled or recessed gap where you can put your fingers in and pull. To add a different aesthetic, this recessed gap can be highlighted in a metal band or a different colour.intergrated kitchen cabinet handle

Recessed pulls

Recessed pulls are simple and utilitarian and are built into the cabinet shutter, either as a recess in the same material if it’s a moulded shutter, or as a contrasting metal fitting like the one shown below. They work well for kitchens where there is high traffic as they are easy to open but do not protrude out of the shutter.recessed pull handle

Vintage handles

Antique handle or knob styles can be beautifully paired with vintage-style wooden cabinets. They are available in brass, antique metal, silver, copper and black metal finishes.

Vintage handles

Regular hinges

Shown below are regular professional hinges that are used for side-opening cabinet shutters. Sturdy and durable, they are available in a wide variety of styles including single and double-hinged options. The angle of opening usually ranges from 90 degrees to 270 degrees, based on the design of the kitchen cabinetry.Kitchen hinges

Lift up hinges

Lift up hinges are used for lofts or overhead cabinets. They open at the slightest push and stays open till it is pulled down again. It offers great convenience for overhead storage. There are special hinges available that work well with glass shutters, offering stylish contemporary design solutions.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Here’s a handy tip on Kitchen hardware:

The style of handles and knobs are notorious for going out of style often. We advise that you buy a few extra pieces when you make your choice so that you will have them at hand in case you need replacements down the line.

Picking the right cabinetry itself seems like a formidable task. There are more choices you must make to create the perfect kitchen design. There’s a whole world of choices available for your kitchen cabinet hardware. This small detail can make or break the décor that you have so carefully put together.

To zero in on the perfect hardware for your kitchen, step into any of our Experience Centres. Our designers will take you through the pros and cons of a wide range of possible choices. See, feel and experience the various options before you make your decision!

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