We need to take care of our loved ones. Especially for people with special needs. If you have people with special needs at your home, then your home should also understand his or her needs. Your home should be designed in a manner where they can easily move around and are not dependent on you for every small activity. Hence, by following these few home interior tips, you can give a comfortable life to your special ones at home.

Autism, dyslexia, people with blindness or any kind of mental or physical disability require special care and attention. Home is the place where we all spend our maximum time. Therefore, when we do our home interiors we should keep a few points in mind.

Wide Hallways

In general, the hallways are narrow and filled up with some furniture. So try to create more space in the hallways and corridors for easy walkthroughs or free movements of the wheelchair. The wide galleries and the hallways lessen the chance of getting hurt. Remove all the unnecessary piece of furniture lying in the hallway to make it clear.

Wheelchair Accessibility

While your house is getting built you need to check on the flooring. You must consider a type of flooring that is not slippery or skiddy. If you have a step-down in your living room, build a wheelchair ramp along with it.

Light Switch Placement

The switches for all the lights should be placed at a low level in order to be accessible for kids with disabilities or old people. It’s easier for people using a wheelchair to operate the light switches at a low level.

Handles instead of Knobs

Drawers and wardrobes with handles are easy to pull in comparison to knobs. In bathrooms, rods or grab bars and handles should be provided. Also in the bathing as well as the toilet area. The lever handle is a better option for doors.

Spacious Rooms

Rooms should be spacious enough for kids to move around freely. Moreover, the special needs equipment has to be kept properly. Make space for keeping a side table or a small cabinet for medicines. Make wardrobes and shelves at a lower level so that it is easily accessible. The room should have proper lighting and ventilation.

A gesture of love is the most important thing which you show for your special ones. In addition to it, you can just try to make things a little easier for them at home.

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