Counting down to a wedding in the house? Indian weddings are vibrant, joyous gala events and your home interior must be spruced up for the special day, as well! Here are some unique design ideas and tips that will delight your guests and make your wedding celebration the talk of the town!

1. Plan Ahead for Extra Guests

Weddings are a celebration of warmth, with everyone wanting to be a part of the special day. What this means is that extended family and friends are likely to be visiting and staying over, and you need to plan ahead to accommodate them at home! Closer to D day, you will need to gear up for extra guests who will be spending days, and perhaps weeks, with you. To create extra sleeping space in a jiffy when the need arises, buy trundle beds that roll away under the main bed when not in use.

Trundle bed for guests

Space is at a premium in most homes these days, and with so many people around, you may find that you’re always getting in each other’s way. This double bed folds away neatly against the wall, leaving the entire floor free for other activities during the day. A great space saver when guests are around!

2. Declutter your Storage Spaces

Weddings are synonymous with gifts! And if your home is already cluttered, you will be in trouble when the gifts start to pour in. Take some time to clear out unnecessary items from your wardrobes so that there is plenty of space for new clothes and gifts.

3. Create a Safe Storage Space for your Jewellery

It may be a good idea to invest in a jewellery locker or a safe if you don’t already have one so that you can keep valuables under lock and key. A concealed jewellery cabinet inside your bedroom wardrobe is also a good idea.

Interior design during wedding season

4. Choose an Interior Theme

If you are looking to refurbish entire rooms, you should pick a theme and colour palette, and work around it. Traditional, contemporary or mixed? Warm colours like red and yellow are festive and work extremely well with traditional ethnic interiors. Bright cushions add a lovely touch and you can easily replace them in case of spills.

Home interior for wedding

5. Refresh your Upholstery and Drapes

Chances are that your existing upholstery and drapes could do with an upgrade. Once you have your theme and colour schemes ready, choose a new fabric that will take the wear and tear of the wedding season. Do not choose anything that is delicate, will not sustain rough handling, and is likely to stain easily. Family gatherings will surely involve little children, and you don’t want to be constantly worrying about whether your sofa material will be durable enough to withstand the experiments of naughty little hands and feet!

home renovation before wedding

6. Check all the Plumbing and Electrical Points

Ensure that all the plumbing and electrical points are checked and fixed well ahead of the wedding date. You certainly don’t want a leaky faucet being the main topic of conversation when your guests arrive! If elderly guests are going to be around, you may want to install non-skid flooring tiles in the bathrooms and add some grab bars next to the closet for their safety.

7. Refurbish your Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of the house, especially when you need to serve food to a long line of guests. Is your kitchen jaded and outdated? Perhaps it’s time for a complete revamp, and there’s no better time than before the wedding! Modular kitchens can be designed and installed in minimal time. They are also cost-effective and easy to maintain. Opt for the services of trusted interior designers like HomeLane who can take you through innovative and unique design options that are the perfect blend of functional and aesthetic.

Do plan ahead as you may find your schedule to be packed closer to the big day. Redoing any room will require a  few sittings with the designer, so the earlier you get it done, the better. If you are hard-pressed for time, HomeLane’s innovative design platform SpaceCraft allows you to collaborate, discuss and finalize the design with your designer online, without having to meet in person. Explore various design options, colours and textures in 3D and get to know what works best for your space at the click of a mouse. Give your kitchen a brand new look with minimal fuss!

kitchen renovation for wedding

8. Invest in an Extendable Dining Table

Whether your home is small or spacious, an extendable dining table is always a good idea. Pick a table that can be out of the way when it’s not in use, and can be extended with extra leaves to fit larger numbers of guests. Seating in the form of a bench instead of chairs at the dining table is not only an elegant design option but, also functional as it accommodates more people in a space crunch.

Extendable Dining Table

However, informal buffet-style arrangements work better than a sit-down arrangement when there is a crowd.

9. Get a Fresh Coat of Paint on the Walls

A couple of weeks before your guests are due to arrive, you can get the house repainted. If you are changing the colour scheme then the walls may need several coats of paint. Pick bright colours on some of the walls to liven up the spaces and add to the vibrancy of the wedding theme. The living room walls can be decorated with wallpaper that has silver or gold motifs to add to the richness of the décor. Red, orange and yellow are popular wedding theme colours and can be used to the best advantage for a bright and welcoming interior!

Wallpaper and Painting service before wedding season

10. Lighting – the key to setting the perfect mood!

The right lighting can create the perfect ambience for your home. Accent lights like wall sconces can highlight your favourite accessories or artefacts, while ceiling lights create a diffused, soft lighting that spreads around the room. It pays to be environmentally conscious and opt for LED lights. They can reduce your electricity bills, while also reducing your carbon footprint. Plan the garden lighting and extra lights you may want to add on the days leading up to the wedding. If the lighting points are not adequate, call in an electrician who can work on the necessary wiring well ahead of time.

wedding lights

HomeLane’s 45-day Delivery Guarantee for new Home Interiors

If you’re looking to furnish your new home from scratch, you should avail the services of an expert interior design team who will deliver what they promise. HomeLane’s customer service offers incredible value for money, and promises delivery and installation in 45 days from start to finish—failing which they will pay you to rent for the extended period! Take advantage of their expertise and design your dream home along with your dream wedding!

We hope that you have been inspired to add some special touches to your home that will add a ‘wow’ factor to your wedding. Now that you have all these ideas, we’re sure that you will be able to treat your guests to a warm and fun-filled experience that they will never forget!

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