Pantone, the colour guide system that is universally accepted as the tool for colour matching anywhere in the world, has teamed up with Swedish feminine care brand Intimina to launch their new shade: Period Red. This bright scarlet hue is part of Intimina’s campaign “Seen + Heard”, which encourages people to speak openly about periods — a topic that has long been taboo in many cultures.

Pantone’s press release described the colour as an “energizing and dynamic red shade that encourages period positivity,” and they hope that it will help to bring about positive, healthy conversations that will destigmatize menstruation. This active, vibrant shade of red will help women everywhere to celebrate their life force with passion and self-assurance. Even today, talking openly about a period is considered shameful in many cultures, and this has impacted women’s socioeconomic standing in a very negative way.

We strongly endorse Pantone’s standing on menstrual equity, and bring you a look book that incorporates this vibrant colour palette in home décor!

Rustic Walls

The conscious use of shades of red in this family room draws in the eye and fills the room with lovely, all-pervading warmth. Note how the brown tones echo and accentuate the colour choices.

Layers of Crimson

Vivid red wallpaper takes centre stage in this lovely, warm bedroom. The free-flowing floral patterns are highlighted in the pool of light from the pendant lamp.

Bold and Timeless

Red pairs beautifully well with light wood and grey accents, as this stunning kitchen shows us! The dining nook alongside continues the theme with a bold, solid red feature wall.

A Dose of Personality

Colours can add personality to any room. In this simple bedroom, the addition of a solid red armchair and a matching throw on the bed makes all the difference to the styling.

Pops of Cheer

This quiet, minimalistic room is elevated by the tantalising red centre table and cushions. Paint your décor with shades of red to draw attention to what really matters, and watch as everything else fades into the background.

A Touch of Drama

Red adds a theatrical touch to this ultra-spacious penthouse bathroom. We love the long slanting windows that are set in the roof, but it’s the red brick wall that quite steals the show!

The Red of Royalty

Colour holds power and has for long been associated with royalty. This designer has combined velvety red with gold embellishments to create a visual identity that is sensuous and opulent.

Contemporary Chic

There are many ways to incorporate this bold and versatile colour in your home décor. High-gloss red and black together make a stylish statement in the sliding shutters of this modern wardrobe.

Kiddie Fun

Kids thrive around bright colours, and how! Pulling out all the stops, this zestful bedroom uses solid primary colours in a space that’s lively and full of energy.

kiddie fun

Showstopper Wall

The best way to hide imperfections in a wall is to make it stand out with textures and patterns. This lovely pattern is created with a sponge roller that has thick twine rolled around it, dipped into acrylic paint. Here are some more DIY paint ideas!

Make a Statement

Red never fails to make an impact, and nowhere is this more evident than in this very bold, masculine living room! This colour saturated sofa stands out and takes the spotlight with ease.

Swiss Chalet Style

These vibrant red-and-white checked curtains are all that’s needed to perfectly nail the look and feel of an alpine cottage! All you need now is a roaring fireplace and a warm cup of cocoa.

Bold Red Stripe

A little bit of red goes a long way, as we can see in this bold designer chevron striped cushion. Red mixes well with almost any colour scheme, but especially so with whites and greys.

At HomeLane, we stand behind Pantone’s attempt to break down the final barrier to women’s equality and fully endorse their launch of this bold and strong colour. What are your thoughts on this radical subject? Do let us know in the comments below. Together, let’s make a case for positive change in our society!

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