How can being at home for hours be interesting? How can you be entertained within the boundaries of your abode? How can you make the most of these quarantine days?

The answer to all these questions is board games.

Yes, the long lost craze of getting sixes on a ludo dice, of collecting Uno cards, and of pairing with your favourite partner for carrom can be revived. All you need is a proper space and the enthusiasm that you had back in your childhood days. Your dining table is the perfect corner to play these indoor games. It has the required space, comfort and is a feasible option for everyone.

See how playing these board games will help you and your loved ones in newer ways.

board games for dining table

Some Benefits of Playing Indoor Games

  • It enables some brain exercise: Indoor games, unlike football or basketball, are not at all about your physical strength. You tend to think a lot while playing these games, which is a good exercise for the brain. This way, it keeps you going as the mind will remain young and healthy.
  • It brings the family together: You will agree that people do not get to spend a lot of time together these days. Board games played at home on your dining tables are no less than little get-togethers every other day.
  • A great option to pass the time: With the COVID-19 situation hitting hard, many of us have an ample amount of free time. Sitting idle and reading books should not be the only option to kill time. Indoor games are a great way to spend time while having fun.
  • Releases stress: Board games and some indoor games often remind us of pleasant childhood memories. Playing these games can help you release the stress of a bad day at work or a tiring day at home.
  • Encourages creativity: Brain exercise will lead to a creative mind. Some board games like ludo are mostly about the number you get on the dice, while others like chess require a lot of attention and creativity to have the upper hand.

 List of Dining Table Games to Play and Socialize:

A dining table never serves a single purpose in any household. You do many things like gossip, preparations for a celebration, and even use it as a space to study. A dining table is a crucial part of home decor. Given below are some interesting indoor games that can be played on your strong and stable dining tables:

Truth and Dare

If you are just done with lunch with a bunch of friends at your home and still have a lot of time left, then a round of truth and dare would be an amazing idea. You can gather again on the dining table with a plastic bottle lying on the table. Just rotate the bottle and let the person to whom the bottle points decide if he/she wants to answer your question or do a task. This game will spill out a lot of truths you didn’t know.

Carrom Board

Playing carrom can take longer and requires your dining table to be not so delicate if you want to use it for the game. If you have a wooden dining table, you can place the carrom board on it and sit around to score the highest number of pieces.

A small dining table with four chairs is the most suitable to place your carrom board. If you have a big one, then there can be spectators for your match too.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles come in various sizes, which makes them feasible for all sizes of dining tables. If you have a small one, you can give your child a little puzzle to solve. If you have an eight-seater, then you can go for the huge ones and the whole family can participate in solving the master puzzle.


People have become used to playing ludo on their phones, but that is not really fun. Board games are all about the feel of rolling the dice and anticipating a six. You can use your dining table to play ludo, and if you own multiple ludo boards, multiple pairs can play sitting on opposite chairs.

board games for family

The Guess Who Game

This game will let you discover your family and friends’ hidden qualities. After you have finished a round of snacks and are waiting for dinner, you can assemble and play the Guess who Game on your dining table. It would help if you prepared small chits for all the players and gave them all a pen to write. Every person will write three qualities of another person playing the game. Each chit will be read out, and the players will have to guess the member from the qualities read from the chit. The owner will announce the right name at the end.

So, it is time for you to arrange some really interesting board games. Or, if you already have them, take them out of those dusty shelves and relive your childhood days. You can plan to change your dining table if you want. Visit HomeLane now, a chic, affordable and trendy place to amp up your home décor. You can choose a dining table of your choice from a variety of options.

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