Whether you have a cosy studio apartment or a spacious mid-century modern home, having a living room floor plan with a dining room is a great way to make your space look more open and brighter. But designing a living room and dining room combo can also be a challenge – you want to preserve the room’s easy flow while still creating a separation that does not look unnatural and cluttered. 

Here are ten ways you can combine your living room and dining room to be equal parts functional and beautiful:

Use Your Kitchen Island As a Dining Table

If you have a small apartment that might feel cramped when you add a dining table to the living room, use a kitchen island instead. The kitchen island will visually break up the living room and dining area, save space, and double up as an extra counter space during cooking.

kitchen island dining table

Add a Half Partition

Creating a living room floor plan with a dining room is the easiest way to add a half partition between the two spaces. 

Choose a colour that matches your living room and dining room combo colour scheme to ensure that the separation blends into the open floor plan seamlessly. Choose a design that is light and easy on the eye. Avoid completely solid and opaque structures as they will make the area appear smaller and closed off.

Living room with attached dining table

Use Neutral and Light Colours

Another way to make your living room and dining room combo look spacious and inviting is by keeping the walls white or off-white and using beige and placing other light coloured furniture in the area. The neutral colours make the space look warm, cosy, and inviting and the white or off-white walls reflect light, making the floor plan look bigger.

white and wooden dining table combination

Divide the Space With Your Couch

If you want to keep your living room and dining room combo floor plan looking airy and open, place your couch in such a way that it acts as a room divider. 

Strategically placing your couch will block the room in two distinct sections without ruining your open floor plan. This layout will give you a separate living room and dining room area without having to add a wall or a floor to ceiling partition in between. 

Living room design with dining space

Use Rugs to Break up the Floor Space

When working in small and tight spaces, a great space-saving hack is to use one or two rugs to divide the open floor space into different areas. Besides adding a splash of colour and texture to the living room floor plan, rugs will also create visual boundaries to indicate where the living room ends and the dining area begins.

Dining room designs with Living room

Play with Furniture Arrangement

More often than not, a living room floor plan with a dining room has two sets of furniture placed perpendicular to each other. Switch things around and leave more of the floor layout empty by placing your couch and your dining table in one straight line.

living room and dining room furniture arrangement

Focus on Space-Saving Furniture

Maybe your tiny studio apartment does not have space for a four or six-seater dining table just yet, but you don’t want to eat your meals on the couch either – in such situations, look for space-saving furniture pieces that you can fold away when not in use. Wall-mounted tables are a great way to combine storage and a functional table in one for small spaces.

space saving dining table

Use Home Decor Wisely

The right home decor pieces can make or break your living room and dining room combo. Focus on tall floor pieces and decorative ceiling lights that draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of height and a more open floor plan. 

decor lights for dining table

Add a Pop of Colour with Accented Walls

Another easy and fun way to break up your living room and dining room combo are to add an accent wall of a contrasting colour. Make sure the colour of the accent wall ties the overall colour scheme of the space together. For example, a dark blue wall will look out of place in a room that has warm colours like orange and yellow. 

living room accent walls

 Add a Glass Partition

How can you create two separate spaces without actually creating a whole room? Using a glass partition allows you to split up the living room floor plan with a dining room without compromising on visibility and openness. Add glass panels between the seating and dining area to create separation in small places while still keeping the area open and bright.Living room and dining room glass partition

Buying a home is hard enough. Setting it up shouldn’t be. Regardless of your space and floor plan, the right kind of furniture and interior decor can transform any living space and make it more welcoming. Whatever your home decor goals are, working with professionals ensures that you get an efficient home design catered to your style and needs. 

Here at HomeLane, we bring together functionality and aesthetics to provide you with a living room floor plan with a dining room that is budget-friendly, customised, and personalised. Explore a wide variety of living room and dining room combos at HomeLane and experience design solutions that will turn your new home design dreams into reality.

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