There was a time when the kitchen was a rather uninteresting space. A space deemed to be purely functional. However, in the last few decades, many innovative architectural conquests and technological breakthroughs have transformed the kitchen. You can explore different types of modular kitchens at your convenience. And the modern open kitchen living room is a result of many innovations in home science.

The kitchen is no more an unattractive and secluded space. But instead, it has become the centre of the action and home aesthetic. Homeowners are increasingly interested in open kitchen designs incorporating a living space.

open-plan kitchen living room

The best part about an open-plan kitchen living room is the way it helps preserve space in modern homes. It also gives an impression of a cleaner area. You can have a fully modular or a semi-modular kitchen. The open-concept kitchen living room is especially great for those who have a knack for multitasking!

But enough chit-chat! Let’s unleash the best open kitchen living room ideas to make the most of your space and time.

Why Should You Consider an Open Kitchen Living Room?

Open kitchen living rooms have ended the quest to create free and fluid space. This modern contemporary home décor is all about elegant and simplistic arrangements. It’s basically like a kitchen-living room combo! Check out these five awesome benefits of switching to an open kitchen living room.

  1. Undoubtedly, great food is the essence of a healthy family. The open kitchen layout ensures no clear division between the living room and the kitchen. And as such, food becomes the heart of the house- so everyone can indulge freely.

  2. The concept of an open kitchen living room is to remove the boundaries. It’s one of the various types of modular kitchens focusing on making the kitchen more aesthetic and inviting. The dining area divides the food preparation area and living space zone. The kitchen is no more a cluttered and compact space that is segregated away!

  3. The open kitchen design with the living room also helps reduce the space burden. When the two most important spaces of the house combine, you don’t need an extraordinarily large house. An open kitchen and living room can easily be accommodated in small apartments.

  4. An open kitchen layout enables you to interact efficiently with guests, whether it is meal preparation time, finishing the meals, or serving food. Such a layout also makes ample provision for natural lighting.

  5. Due to the enhanced visibility, homeowners must prioritise keeping the kitchen spotless and clean, ensuring cleanliness.

    Bonus point for mothers: It becomes easier to keep a watchful eye on children with the help of such a layout!

Downsides of an Open Kitchen Living Room!

While the open kitchen living room ideas can appeal to many, there are a few downsides.

  1. The idea of an open and fluid space may not appeal to those who value privacy rather than house parties and social gatherings.

  2. Many people can find the aroma of food intruding. And it can easily move out of the open kitchen into the rest of the house.

  3. The guests and other family members may not appreciate the noise related to chopping vegetables, dishwashing and beyond.

  4. Finally, the higher temperature of the kitchen does not take time to get transferred to the adjacent spaces.

Some of these problems, however, can be fixed by installing the necessary pieces of equipment to remove the smell and smoke due to cooking.

5 Stunning Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

1. Modern and Compact Open Kitchen Living Room

The contemporary open kitchen seamlessly blends with the living space. Go for a C-type modular kitchen to invite more fluidity into the space. Using versatile lighting combined with disrupting neon colour furniture like lemon yellow will help you add a dramatic touch to the entire setting.

To keep the monotony at bay, consider integrating different home décor accessories like wall art that will further let you add elegance to the space. L-shaped modular kitchens are also very popular for smaller apartments.

modern and compact open kitchen living room

2. Wooden-décor Open Kitchen Living Room 

Wooden-décor open kitchen living rooms harness the captivating charm of the wood. With the help of unique lighting, you can further take the exquisiteness of the wooden theme to the next level. Large french windows can be a great way to bring nature into the house.

The most important thing to remember is that the floor and the concept of furniture. Even in a wooden modular kitchen, you must aim to create a sense of harmony. Play with different textures, colours, and patterns to break the monotony. There are many modular kitchen wood types to suit your taste.

wooden-decor open kitchen living rooms

3. Dramatic and Royal Open Kitchen Living Room

If making a statement is an integral aspect of your personality, then you should not look beyond this dramatic style open kitchen living room design. Perfect for a holiday setting or a countryside villa, this kitchen style is all about fun and relaxation.

Say yes to unique spectacular lights with wooden cabinets and extraordinary countertops. The thumb rule of this kind of layout is to pursue a neutral colour scheme ensuring easy flow. Choose materials that are not distracting, and you are all set to fetch your guests’ compliments.

dramatic and royal open kitchen living room

4. The Luxe Open Kitchen Living Room

A large island with exquisitely large windows can instantly brighten up a living room. For a more luxe effect, go for a large-sized rug, contemporary lighting, and a fireplace as the focal centre. Kitchen False Ceiling Designs are a great way to give that grand effect to the space.

Immaculate furniture designs will add an oomph factor to this luxury setting. With these specified requisites, you can enjoy a luxury layout overlooking the scenic outside view.

the luxe open kitchen living room

5. The Minimalist Open Kitchen Living Room

Struggling with a limited floor area? Or looking for a low-budget modular kitchen kitchen design?

Consider an open kitchen living room design to project a minimalist and sleek feel. In a limited area, minimising the visual bulk becomes of utmost importance. You can do so by paving the way for functional storage solutions, free-floor space, multi-purpose furniture and décor enhancements.

You can easily create a minimalist decor with PVC modular kitchen or acrylic modular kitchen. From dealing with a lack of natural lighting to concealing awkward elements, a minimalistic design can help you achieve your bespoke open kitchen living room goals within the minimum budget.

the minimalist open kitchen living room

Open kitchen living rooms have effortlessly enhanced our lifestyles, perfect for inspiring conversations and casual living. Get ready for volumes of airy and bright spaces meant to empower multitasking.

Have you been toying with eliminating the barrier between the cooking space and living area to enhance accessibility and functionality? If yes, it takes foolproof science and art to create a quality open kitchen living room.

Your Dream Home is No More a Dream!

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Explore a range of modular kitchen types and cost to create a home customised to your taste and lifestyle. We ensure you hit the sweet spot between your aspiration and affordability in multiple budget points.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an immersive experience and create a home where your heart belongs. Visit HomeLane today.


1. What do you call a kitchen that is open to the living room?

An open kitchen living room is a kitchen that opens into the living room. It is created to flow seamlessly into the living room and the rest of the house, so the kitchen becomes an internal part of the house. This kind of layout ensures that the kitchen gets more space while also becoming more accessible. Small modular kitchens and semi-modular kitchens can embrace this layout to create a larger space.

2. Are open-plan kitchens a good idea?

Open-plan kitchens have taken the home interior world by storm. Not only are they extremely lavish and decor friendly, but they also help you save space. An open kitchen living room makes your home more lively and aesthetic. The best part is that this design can also come at a very pocket-friendly budget with the right resources.

3. Are closed kitchens making a comeback?

Although open kitchen living rooms are quite popular, closed kitchens are also returning. There are many benefits of the closed kitchen that make it a popular option for many. While it keeps the kitchen separate from the house, it prevents the smell of cooking from permeating the entire house. It is also a great option for those who prefer a quiet living room with more privacy.

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