A bedroom is one such house space that is meant to rejuvenate and unwind. Bedroom wallpaper is one of the most cost-effective and result-driven home décor solutions intended to elevate the bedroom’s entire ambience. With the help of ideal wallpaper, you can easily create an intriguing sense of escape in your bedroom. Here learn about the most trending bedroom wallpaper designs that will uplift the beauty of your bedroom in no time. 

Floral wallpaper  

Flowers have remained as an inspiration of hope and source of joy for us since time immemorial. When it comes to the floral bedroom wallpaper design variation, the sky’s the limit. 

From roses to daisies, from lotus to sunflower, no matter which floral wallpaper you choose, you can be assured of experiencing the freshness of nature in your bedroom.

If making a statement is all that you have in mind, you cannot go wrong with large bold flowers exuding powerful romantic vibes. Bold floral wallpaper also evokes an unmatched vintage appeal oozing with elegant glamour.

Nature-inspired wallpaper 

Bringing nature close to you is one of the most trending home décor ideas of the contemporary age. If you aim to experience a soothing ambience in your bedroom, embrace nature-inspired wallpaper. 

Timeless and ultra-rejuvenating, ideal nature-inspired bedroom wallpaper is competent in introducing a fresh vibe to your bedroom space. 

Whether you try a tropical leaf pattern wallpaper or mountain wallpaper, forest-themed wallpaper or beach-themed wallpaper, you will be able to create a pleasant, relaxing haven.  

Metallic foil wallpaper 

Suppose shimmering metallic wallpaper does not resonate with your personality. In that case, the solution lies in the form of gold foil leaf wallpaper meant to add a luxurious fashion-forward twist to your bedroom. 

Integrating this bedroom wallpaper is one of the best ways to add instant warmth to your bedroom space. Moreover, a metallic foil does amplify the artificial light, thereby creating an illusion of a much larger area. 

Stripe wallpaper 

Who does not like the vibrant vibes of classic stripe patterns? If keeping monotony at bay is your preference when decorating a bedroom, without dilemmas, go for stripe wallpaper. 

From horizontal stripes to stunning vertical stripes, there is something to cater to everyone’s wallpaper taste. The stripe wallpaper design is indeed competent in making you fall in love with your home again. 

Vintage Wallpaper  

If nostalgia inspires you and detailing is what enthuse you, translate it into vintage wallpaper to reflect your personality. 

Vintage bedroom wallpaper adds a stylish touch, and while pairing with classic furniture, the entire bedroom ambience achieves an ultra-sophisticated look. No wonder vintage wallpaper has been around amidst swiftly changing wallpaper trends. 

Especially if giving your bedroom space a flawless makeover has been in mind, make an eye-catching statement with an authentic vintage vibe. It will instantly transport your bedroom space to altogether a different time. 

Pros and Cons

The trend of wallpapering is witnessing soaring popularity since it imparts an opportunity to express individuality. Since a quality-driven wallpaper can last up to somewhere 10-15 years and beyond, you need not spend money on paint every few years. 

Vinyl based wallpaper is considered as trending bedroom wallpaper owing to its installation and cleaning ease, and versatility. As far as the cons of bedroom wallpaper are concerned, if an expert is not hired to paste the wallpaper, it may mar the wall’s aesthetics rather than enhance it. 

Moreover, the wallpaper’s removal also demands the expert’s assistance because while removing the wallpaper, a slight mistake can damage the aesthetics of the wall. 

How to use wallpaper in the bedroom?

When it comes to using bedroom wallpaper, you may either cover all the walls or highlight one wall. To cover all walls, you need to select a simple yet classic design to avoid overwhelming the bedroom. 

When toying with an idea to highlight one wall, you may consider a bold and dramatic pattern to evoke the “wow factor”. Many people prefer taking the entire wallpaper experimentation to the next level by opting for a chair rail wallpaper design that divides a wall. 

Which bedroom wallpaper pattern is better out of Flat and Textured Patterns?

Choosing a bedroom wallpaper pattern is all about reflecting personal style. Precisely, flat designs make a wall appear more refined due to its fine detailing. On the other hand, textured patterns add some dimension, thereby concealing imperfections. 

How to figure out the wallpaper size?

Before purchasing the bedroom wallpaper, you need to measure the walls you intend to paste the wallpaper on. 

Thereby, multiply the measurement with the width by the wall’s height in feet. You will get the total square footage when adding the measurement while deducting doors, windows and other large openings. It is always recommended to buy one roll extra in case you might need it. 

Bedroom wallpaper is indeed the perfect solution meant to transform your bedroom space without much effort. However, selecting quality-oriented wallpaper alone will not serve the purpose. A lot hinges on the expertise related to pasting wallpaper in a foolproof manner to ensure a lasting finish. 

HomeLane believes that wallpaper is indeed the best investment you can make for your bedroom. Being one of the best home décor brands ensures upgrading your bedroom décor flawlessly in the most pocket-friendly way. Its comprehensive collection featuring varied wallpaper designs coordinates with customised moods.

Decorating your bedroom interior has never been such an appealing process as it is now, where a wide selection of colours and patterns inspired by diversified art styles await you. 

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