Granite is slowly going out of kitchens since stainless steel countertops are quickly becoming the most preferred option to cook upon. Besides looking elegant and pretty, stainless steel is quite indestructible.

Stainless steel countertops were largely seen in restaurants and professional kitchens, but with the material becoming a part of our homes, they are increasingly replacing marble, granite and wood. Just like utensils of steel, countertops have immense benefits, are easy to maintain and can be a part of your home for years. Below are a few of the material’s pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Countertops

Pros of Stainless Steel Countertops

1. Durable and Resilient

Stainless steel countertops are durable and resilient and can withstand anything. They are resistant to water, stains and heat. Because they are non-porous, no solids or liquids penetrate them and bacteria, mould cannot build upon them. Acids in foods, food colouring and oils cannot stain them, nor can heat crack or destroy them. If cleaned properly and maintained well, steel counters provide the most hygienic and cleanest surfaces.

2. Elegant Material

Stainless steel provides an elegant, tailored look to any kitchen. Unlike graphite and other materials, these countertops can be custom made to fit into any space, as per any size and dimensions and to achieve any kind of look. Metal is flexible, and interesting designs can be played around with, including extending it to include a backsplash and basin.

4. Sleek and Shiny

Steel counters are very distinctive, and blend perfectly into contemporary and modern kitchens, even if the rest of the cabinets are made with another material. When you need a monochrome look, something shiny and sleek, stainless steel counters are the best option.

  • By working with stainless steel, you can create the ambience of a large kitchen. Steel reflects light and creates an illusion that makes rooms appear bigger and brighter. By using proper lighting, even a small kitchen appears large and expansive.
  • Steel lasts for life, and such countertops can last for decades. They don’t wear out easily or dent often. Scratches become a part of the material, whereas they never fade. They are also very affordable and low maintenance when compared to other materials in the long run.

Cons of Stainless Steel Countertops

1. Scratch Easily:

Stainless steel counters can scratch and often these are minor scratches that cannot be repaired. This is expected and as disappointing as this is, must not be stressed upon. The shiny look that you are proud of will give way to marks that will lend to the look and aesthetics of the counter over time, a patina effect that all stainless steel counters sport.

2. Dent Easily

Steel can dent easily and especially when something is dropped onto it from a height. Over time the dents in the counters can accumulate, but professional help can be sought to fit metal over wood to keep the dinging effect to a minimum. A hardwood base over which a tight steel sheet of sufficient gauge is installed can extend the counter’s life for several years. There are various gauge experts who will guide you on what is perfect for your kitchen. Do remember, that the higher the gauge number of steel, the thinner the metal will be.

3. Cold and Distant

Stainless steel looks cold and distant. Some people may not appreciate it, especially people working in professions who see an excess of it. Nurses and restaurateurs may view steel in a different light and may not like having it in their personal space. Some others who are partial towards warmer colours would prefer granite and wood to steel.

4. Noisy

Stainless steel is noisy. Imagine the noise of empty pots and pans when you were little, and then think about how it will be to cut, keep vegetables and place utensils on steel countertops. The sound level can take some getting used to, but will not be ideal for any person seeking quietness.

Now that both the pros and cons of stainless steel countertops have been discussed, it is up to you to decide what works for your kitchen. When it comes to letting this metal become a part of your home, it will mean inviting it wholeheartedly and will change the way you look at things. Reach out to HomeLane when you need any professional help.


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