Semi-modular kitchens are back with a bang in 2022, and homeowners have welcomed this trend with open arms. Do you know what makes semi-modular kitchens so popular in Indian households? It’s because the design offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics in the Indian kitchen.

A semi-modular kitchen seamlessly accommodates all your cooking appliances and vessels in a much better manner compared to the traditional kitchen. The cherry on top is that you have the liberty to convert this kitchen into a modular one at any time. Are you also planning to go for a semi-modular kitchen this year? Great; time to find out more about modern kitchens and the hottest semi-modular kitchen designs that are trending this year.

What is a Semi-Modular Kitchen?

What does a semi-modular kitchen look like? To be precise, a semi-modular kitchen is designed around the original civil structure. Unlike the modular kitchen, components like the sink and countertop are constructed on site.

Moreover, these components are fixed and cannot be moved to another location or dismantled. Along with some modern modular attachments, there are some single-slab cabinets available to store large utensils and cutleries.

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semi modular kitchen designs

Keep it Open

Nail that traditional-look-meets-modern-layout kitchen concept by keeping your kitchen open plan. It will instantly connect the cooking space to the rest of the house. Adding partition shelves on either side, arched openings, and a window will make the space more pleasing.

Apart from this, opt for natural materials and earthy tones wherever possible. It will make your kitchen look more pleasing and bright.

open semi modular kitchen designs

Go Classy with Grey

Who says grey is boring and mundane? An all-grey semi-modular kitchen is an epitome of understated luxury and looks like it has come straight out of a magazine. A black granite countertop paired with double-stacked cabinets adds to the grandeur.

Going for raised-panel cabinetry is a brilliant way to add a visual appeal to the kitchen. Last but not least, place some potted herbs and a vibrant floor rug to bring out the best of the grey background.

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grey and white semi modular kitchen

Ace that White

Many homeowners wonder how to give an ultra-modern vibe to their semi-modular kitchen. All-white theme is the solution! It gives a voguish feel to your kitchen space.

Keeping it semi-open with a sophisticated little island-cum-dining space will add to the style quotient. However, avoid keeping walls bare in this design. You can go for artistic wall hangings or statement wall decor items to add drama to the theme.

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white semi modular kitchen

Spruce it up with Yellow!

Indian households have a unique fondness for shades like yellow and mustard. These hues instantly uplift the ambience of the space, making it more approachable and pleasing. A few strokes of glossy sunflower yellow are enough to create a beautiful balance between feminine and industrial looks.

Homeowners who are up for an adventurous grey-yellow combination can nail the look by placing some vivacious potted plants and bright-coloured cutlery in the area. Experts also recommend going for handleless cabinet designs with steel finger pulls for the best appearance.

grey and yellow semi modular kitchen

Keep it Minimal

Homeowners who like to stay close to their roots but want to avoid having a busy kitchen can go for this design. It is a Scandinavian style, cosy semi-modular kitchen design that portrays minimalism and simplicity.

Neat wooden floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets with built-in appliance shelves are a must to nail the look. Moreover, design a huge window near the countertop to give a relaxed and serene aura to the space. Finish the look with a statement vase and a few bottled plants. Your Scandinavian, U-shaped, semi-modular kitchen is ready!

textured semi modular kitchen

Experiment with Versatile Textures

Who said semi-modular kitchens were meant to stay basic and boring? You can mix and match versatile textures and materials to break the monotony. For instance, install a couple of pull-out wicker baskets to add oomph to the space.

Apart from this, you can also go for perforated metallic inserts to give a shiny contrast to your space. Moreover, installing glass-covered cabinets or open shelves will also give a refreshing appeal to your kitchen. Highlight these cabinets and shelves with appropriate lighting options.

white semi modular kitchen

Go Sleek

Sleek semi-modular kitchens are grabbing the limelight in 2022. Swanky stainless steel channels and lift-up wall cabinets are the highlights of this design. Experts recommend going for sizzling hues like off-grey, sage green, and teal.

It is important that you stay lowkey with the interior decor of the space. Avoid displaying flashy statement pieces as they can snatch away the charm of the kitchen. Your motive should be to create a cohesive and pleasant kitchen space.

sleek semi modular kitchen

Vivacious Semi-Modular Kitchen

Homeowners who love colours should bookmark this energetic semi-modular kitchen design right away. This peppy idea will instantly breathe life into a dull kitchen space. Here are some tips to get the right look:

  • Source some rustic colourful furniture pieces.
  • Mix and match colours for your kitchen cabinets.
  • Go for a peppy backsplash.
  • Install heavy-duty stainless steel pegboards.

However, make sure you pick subtle and lighter-shade wall colours for the best looks.

semi modular kitchen colours

Semi-modular kitchens are a boon for Indian households. They make the entire cooking process enjoyable by improving the accessibility of things and usability of space. For new homeowners, professional intervention is always a wise idea to get the best looks in the first go.

That’s where HomeLane comes into the picture. HomeLane is a leading home interiors brand that offers end-to-end solutions to its clients. The brand has a team of experienced technicians who are well-versed with the nuances of setting a semi-modular kitchen right. Get in touch with HomeLane today to have the best kitchen in town!

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