According to research, Indians spend over 13 hours a week cooking. That’s plenty of time to be spending in one place. Whether you are bored of your current kitchen design or looking for a complete makeover, we suggest looking at Italian design ideas. However, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, why not consider this handy blog? Here, we bring to you hand-picked Italian kitchen designs that are worth considering in 2022 (and will continue to trend in the years to come). Let’s get straight to it.

1. Retro and Rustic Kitchen Interiors for a Boho Vibe

Italians are known for their love for everything-rustic-be it food, aesthetics, or clothing. They love their big portions and like to keep things simple. Interestingly, this same fundamental can be applied to your kitchen design.

If your current home interior permits this style of designing, we suggest going for a rustic-looking kitchen–complete with copper utensils for decor, an exposed brick wall, and wooden furniture. Blend the rustic interiors with a modern and stylish gas stove as well as oven and mix it up for a balanced, cozy, and refreshing look. Here’s an excellent example for you to consider:

rustic italian kitchen

2. Traditional Italian Kitchen with Hints of Subtle Beige, White, and Gold

Nothing says luxury like the complementary colors of beige, white, and gold used in perfect sync and harmony. Thankfully, there are thousands of options, patterns, colors, styles, and textures to choose from.

If you don’t want to go the old-school rustic route, elevate your kitchen’s style with off-white furniture that comes with intricate gold accents. This combination exudes a classic yet modern vibe and makes your kitchen look spacious and vibrant, all at the same time. Consider the following image for some serious inspiration:

traditional italian kitchen

3. An Ultra Luxe Look with Italian Marble for Your Kitchen

A list about Italian kitchen designs is incomplete without integrating Italian marbles and granite counter tops as shown below. Italian marbles are pined for world-over. Their sheen and high-quality is unparalleled.

In addition, you can experiment with a variety of Italian marble textures and patterns. For instance, the use of gold-textured cabinets and Italian marble with gold-grey veins in the following image makes perfect design sense. This black, white, and gold combination kitchen design is timeless and will never go out of style:

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4.  Classic Italian Kitchen with White-Painted Facades 

An all-white Italian kitchen design with a stylish Italian granite ceramic on the walls (as shown below) is perfect if you live in a smaller apartment and don’t have plenty of kitchen space to spare. The use of contrasting all-black fixtures, from a fridge to hanging rods, lends a modern look and feel to this kitchen. What’s more, using old rustic wooden beams and furniture adds tons of character to this minimalistic kitchen. We simply love the subtleness of the design elements:

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wooden and white italian kitchen

5. Herby, Fresh Italian Kitchen Vibe for the Win!

It’s no secret that Italians loving cooking with plenty of seasonings and herbs. Why not complement the natural ingredients they use with your kitchen surroundings? Confused? Take a look at the following example. The use of hexagonal sea green tiles adds plenty of texture to the kitchen design and breaks the monotony of single-tone colors. Using fresh plants is pure genius:

italian herbs

6. Bright Italian Kitchens That Effortlessly Combine Light and Pastel Colors

Adding a touch of fresh flowers can instantly and literally liven up your kitchen space. If your cabinets are inherently painted in pastel shades, consider the following kitchen decor style. Place fresh flowers on the kitchen countertop and let your kitchen give out summery spring and cheerful vibes:

7. Wooden Kitchen Tables for That Homely, Yesteryear Feel

If you are someone who loves retro and often reminisces about how wonderful everything was in your grandma’s time, the following design suggestion is perfect for your aesthetic sensibilities. Combine the use of simple small kitchen tiles and use a gorgeous wooden kitchen table as your space for (cooking) art. You can always use jute jars with printed cloths as shown here:

There you go. As you might have guessed by now, Italian kitchen designs are a delicate balance between classic and contemporary or rustic and luxury. If you’re still confused about which design to go ahead with, our team of design experts at HomeLane are at your disposal. We can cater to your customized needs and offer a diverse range of kitchen design ideas for you choose to from. Help us bring your ideas to life. Connect with us today.

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