What is a single-tone kitchen?

Most homes feature single tones kitchens without the homeowners realising it! As the name suggests, a single tone kitchen is a kitchen done up in one colour. The countertops, walls, and cabinets are either in the same shade of one colour or in different shades of the same colour. A one colour kitchen is not at all chaotic in terms of décor. It brings together other elements and textures, making the entire space look modern and minimalist. Many people think that single-tone kitchens are difficult to achieve, but that is not the case. Once you can choose the right colour, your kitchen will look great. The kitchen should complement the rest of the house, so keep that in mind when picking the colour. You should also take into account the different objects in the kitchen. 

For example, if you have glass items, then go for a brighter, light colour and if you have primarily metallic utensils, choose a darker, more muted shade. 

The size of the house can also affect the appearance of a single tone kitchen. If you have a small house, then adding bright, eclectic colours to the kitchen can make the space look very cluttered. On the other hand, if you add a dark colour to such a kitchen, the room can appear small. The best thing to do here is painting the kitchen walls and cabinets in one neutral shade like cream or beige. You can also use a single pastel shade. Now, if you have an open kitchen and the rest of the space is in neutrals, you can go bold! Paint your single-tone kitchen in your favourite bright shade and add some clean accents to bring harmony to the décor.

How to create a single-tone kitchen?

A common misconception about creating a single-tone kitchen is that it will look too monotonous and boring. However, if you can use one single shade with contrasting accents or even different textures, your kitchen will look perfect. Single-tone kitchens are characteristic of a minimalist décor. If you appreciate clean lines and decluttered interior design spaces, then a one colour kitchen is ideal for your home. Minimalism does not need to feature white or grey tones only. You can choose a single dark shade and use it all over your kitchen to create an edgy look. The best way to incorporate one colour is to focus on a single aspect of the kitchen, like the cabinets or the counters or even the general styles. 

Bright, Single-Tone Cabinets

A single tone kitchen does not have to be in a neutral or dull shade. Many single tone kitchen designs use bright pops of colour. You can install single coloured cabinets in your kitchen walls and then add tiles or other accents in a lighter shade of the same colour. It will allow the kitchen to remain a single-tone one but will also add to the overall aesthetics. 

Island Kitchen with Wood Accents

If you have a spacious kitchen, then you might consider putting in an island. Island kitchens usually have a freestanding cabinet in the middle, which can be used for prepping. If you have an island kitchen, then you can skip the paint and create the single tone with a wooden finish all over the kitchen. The cabinets and the island can be made out of wood or wood-like materials, and you can line the countertops with a dark coloured marble to complement the otherwise monotone theme of the kitchen.

countertop colour

Modern Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style kitchen traditionally features a single colour or shades of the same colour. When you give that a modern twist, it is the perfect style for a one colour kitchen, you can use a neutral shade like beige and add dark accents in brown for the cabinets and countertops. To give the kitchen a more rustic feel, you can add patterned wallpaper on the same neutral shade walls. 

Dark, Single-Tone Cabinets

Kitchens do not need to be in neutrals or bright colours all the time. You can always add a bolder colour palette. But this might be tricky for a single tone kitchen. So, if you wish to use a single dark colour for your kitchen, choose a classic shade like navy blue, walnut brown or moss green. These colours are dark, but they can go well with any light neutral shade like white or cream. Use the dark, single tone for the kitchen cabinets only and leave the walls and countertops in white or a similar light shade. It will allow enough light to be reflected so that the kitchen does not appear gloomy. 

L-shaped Modular Kitchen Style

A suitable colour theme can depend a lot on the style of the kitchen. Compact kitchens look much better when done up in a single tone. One of the most compact but elegant styles is the L-shaped modular kitchen. You can add as many textures as you want with wooden cabinets, glass panels and marble countertops, but they can all be in one shade. Such a one colour kitchen will always look elegant. 

You can have a single tone kitchen in any kind of interior. Small and compact modular kitchens look exceptionally chic in single colours, and for larger kitchens, you can have a single aspect in one predominant shade. To get more ideas for single tone kitchen designs, look at the various styles curated by HomeLane

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