Kitchen furniture has long been ignored as an important asset–not anymore. With more and more people redesigning their kitchens to include equal levels of creativity, functionality, and fun, the humble kitchen furniture is back in the limelight. In this handy blog, we will showcase interesting kitchen furniture ideas that you can make your own.

Contemporary Kitchen with Modern Furnishings

Nothing says elegance like grey-themed kitchens that are designed with the use of high-quality wooden furniture. Take a look at this grey-brown colour themed kitchen that exudes luxury and opulence while being cosy and comfortable at the same time. The storage cabinets are minimally designed, keeping the look clean:

modern kitchen furniture

Practical Kitchen Furniture with Plenty of See-through Storage

The modern kitchen of today is a unique blend of aesthetics, functionality, and style. Take a look at the following image. You can see a mix of see-through cabinets and strategic drawers to ensure that you have plenty of space for storage. The furniture is thoughtfully designed without making the space look cramped or chaotic:

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kitchen furniture with storage

Minimal Scandinavian Kitchen Furniture with a Clean Look

For those of you who don’t like the look of bulky kitchens or don’t too often, a Scandinavian themed kitchen, like the one shown below, might just be up your alley. Here are the things we absolutely love about it: One, there is plenty of light in the kitchen, it is well-lit. Two, the furniture cabinets are minimal and simply designed. Three, the use of white furniture through and through–from the small refrigerator and the stove with utensils to the shelves with plants in pots and the soft furnishings–completes this kitchen’s look.

Needless to say, this type of a kitchen style transports you to the lanes of Denmark or perhaps Norway, right from the comfort of your home:

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minimalist kitchen furniture

Wooden White Kitchen Furniture for All-Things Rustic

If you’re someone who loves the idea of having a kitchen island and family get-togethers at breakfast, the following idea is for you. Instead of using one type of furniture material, it makes sense to play it up and use a combination of veneer, wood, and tiles, as shown below. Plus, the colour combination of black, white, and brown never fails to impress:

wooden and white rustic kitchen furniture

The Evergreen Magic of Black and White Kitchen Furniture

If you’re looking for more examples of what a modern kitchen interior looks like, consider the following image. All the elements–from the furniture and appliances to the decor and the centre table bring about a sense of spaciousness and class to the apartment. Again, the use of black, white, and brown gives the kitchen furniture an edge:

black white and wooden grain kitchen furniture

Functional Kitchen Furniture Set against a Wine Colour Backdrop

If you like a little bit of colour (or a lot of it) and don’t want to go the black and white route, here’s an amazing colour combination that can sit well within your apartment kitchen. The bold wine and light grey colour combination is a refreshing change and definitely an unusual choice. You can have strategic open cabinets placed as shown here and complete the look with fresh, green plants to give your kitchen the makeover it deserves:

functional kitchen furniture

Balanced Kitchen Furniture with Hints of Yellow and White

If you want to create a more airy and open space, going for lighter coloured kitchen furniture can do the trick. Take a look at the following image for inspiration. The use of frosted glass and white cabinets ensures that the kitchen looks like a cohesive unit. To give the eyes a break, the use of a sunny yellow backdrop on the countertop works wonders:

minimalist and industrial kitchen furniture

Classic Kitchen Furniture with Exposed White Brick Walls

Exposed white brick walls, such as the one shown below, can elevate any kind of space. This idea works swimmingly well for kitchens that have a huge and long countertop space. You can have a functional cabinet right next to this space. Instead of sticking wallpapers, showing off the exposed wall bricks is a smarter, more aesthetically-pleasing idea. To save on space, you can have a wooden countertop with a built-in sink to complete the look:

classic kitchen furniture

All-Black Kitchen Furniture for an Upmarket, Luxe Look

A piece of all-black kitchen furniture might seem like too much, but with the right kind of lighting and fixtures, it can transform the space into a kitchen that exudes luxury. Make use of warm yellow lighting and the keep the cabinets handle-free for a neat and clean look:

all black kitchen furniture

The kitchen is rightly touted as a sacred space for many. It’s where you cook food from the heart and extract the simpler joys of everyday living. That said, using the right kind of tools and furniture can make the cooking process easier and streamlined. For extra help or seamless execution, we suggest consulting with an expert in the field. Give our experts at HomeLane a try and transform your kitchen into a high-functional and beautiful space.

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