Your home is your special place, whether it is rented or owned by you. However, when it comes to the interiors of a rental home, there are some limitations that you need to keep in mind. You cannot make any permanent changes to the space, and you want to avoid anything that may require painting and construction work when you plan to move.

The most important space in any home is the kitchen. If you want to redecorate your kitchen or make it more functional, here are some practical kitchen designs for rental homes.

Creating More Storage Space

more storage space ideas

One of the most common complaints among tenants who move into a rental space is the lack of storage space in the kitchen. In a rented home, you cannot make new cabinets as they are very high on investment.

To create a functional kitchen for a rental home, storage is the most crucial factor. It is a good idea to purchase wall mounted shelves or cabinets. They can be used to store food jars, crockery and other items. These shelves allow easy access when you are cooking and are extremely easy to clean as well.

You can also get a lot of kitchen designs and inspiration for a rental home online. There are great-looking spice holders, wall-mounted racks and cabinets that provide stylish storage options for every kitchen.

Make the kitchen warm and welcoming

practical kitchen designs

There is nothing worse than a dull and bland kitchen. You can personalise your space to make it cosy and warm with some practical kitchen designs for rental homes.

Start with warmer colours for any furniture in your kitchens, such as stools or stand-alone storage shelves. The wooden finish makes the space look very rustic and earthy. One great way to enhance the appeal for smaller kitchens is to add a mirror above the counter. This is among the best hacks for kitchen designs for a rental home as it increases the depth of the space, making it feel roomier.

Use the walls and the floor to add some colour to your space as well. A warm-coloured rug, for instance, can lift the entire room instantly. If your kitchen is monochromatic, add a bright contrasting colour to make it look bright and peppy.

Add artwork to your wall or install fun elements like a chalkboard to give your kitchen a friendly appeal.

Use Your Counter Space

This is the best part of the kitchen if you are looking for cost-effective and stylish interior design ideas. Today, many eye-catching accessories can be placed on the counter to spruce it up. Knife holders, cookie jars, cutlery holders and artistic items like vases can be placed on the counter. You get different styles that you can match to the overall decor of your kitchen. If your kitchen has sleek and stylish decor, opt for accessories made with chrome, glass or steel. On the other hand, wooden or china clay accessories are the perfect match for a vintage-looking kitchen.

You can also create a beautiful coffee station with glass jars to hold the beans, colourful mugs and a modern coffee maker. If you are someone who loves to cook by the book, make a sleek bookshelf on the counter and stack your cookbooks tastefully.

When it comes to kitchen designs for a rental home, the countertop is the first place you should start from.

Add a splash of green.

Plants have a way of transforming any space. They make it look bright and lively. If you are a fan of indoor plants, you can add some in your kitchen as well. If you have any space next to the counter, it is the perfect space for taller plants. The best thing about plants is that they can enhance the simplest and most practical kitchen designs for rental homes.

Since we are talking about the kitchen, how about making a herb garden? Use a small patch on your counter to create a shallow tray that you can grow herbs in. You also have beautiful wall mounted herb beds that maximise your space. This is the best way to create a functional kitchen for a rental home. It uses less space and also gives you access to fresh, fragrant herbs for everyday cooking.

Add some Greenery

If you have a window sill in your kitchen, it is the best place to dress up with some greenery. You can make your herb bed on the sill or even place pots. Try colourful pots to add some pizzazz to your kitchen. It is also a good idea to use flower vases on your counter if there is some space available to you. Flowers add a great vibe to any space that they are placed in.

For more kitchen designs and inspiration for a rental home, get in touch with some of the finest architects and interior designers at HomeLane. They make sure that they understand your preferences and taste to create a space that you can truly call your home.

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