A modern kitchen is not merely about well-chosen colours and visually appealing decor elements. It is equally about functionality and convenience. When it comes to home décor, the décor of your kitchen can add a lot of value. Every year brings a contemporary mix of kitchen décor trends to make your kitchen space stylish.

Experimenting with kitchen tiles is indeed a wonderful idea to revamp your kitchen space or impart an exotic, unmatched appeal. Whether you want it to be timeless, comfortable, minimal or functional, the sky’s the true limit in terms of kitchen tile trends. Get inspired to make an informed choice for your kitchen, with a look at the best kitchen tile trends 2021:

Kitchen Tile Trend 1: Bold colouring

A lot hinges on the décor colour in the context of conveying the personality of home-dwellers. Kitchen tile trends 2021 suggest an exotic reincarnation is nothing but another form of fashion expression. Bold colours complimenting with retro vibes have made an impressive comeback emphasising vivacity in the kitchen space. Bold colouring in tiles pursues an exclusive production technology and design method. The bold, rich colour palette bewitches the eyes and then the imagination of the beholders instantly. If you have been looking for a solution to curb monotony in a kitchen space, do not miss this trend.

Tile Trend 2: Upgraded Material

As technology continues to evolve, newer and newer versions of kitchen décor trends have been surfacing in the market. From natural stone to mottled metal, from rough cement to other basic materials, ceramic tiles have been employed since their advent to show a rich texture. For instance, terrazzo ceramic tile is nothing but an advanced and upgraded version of terrazzo. Featuring dark grey and light grey shades, the surface particles impart a transparent and natural look.

Tile Trend 3: Photo Tile

In the wake of evolving digital photo printing technology, it is possible to transport your dream photo on tiles. Are you in awe of beautiful flowers or do you adore exotic fruits like berries? Embrace photo tiles featuring smooth coating and grouting, powered with a protective varnish, to transform your kitchen space. However, photo tiles demand high-maintenance as the seams positioned between the tiles affect its hygiene aspect.

Tile Trend 4: Wood Grain Tiles

An upgraded and improved version of the wooden floor, wood grain tiles are rich in texture. Wood is a natural element; therefore, the aura of wood grain tiles transcends beyond the environment, space, and even imagination. If you are fond of nature-inspired kitchen décor trends and also share a penchant for minimalistic décor, it would be a brilliant idea to overhaul your kitchen space with wood grain tiles.

Tile Trend 5: Rich-textured Tiles

Rich-textured statement tiles made out of leftover polished marble stones come in a variety of motifs. Explore this intriguing kitchen décor trend if you remain engaged in the pursuit of creatively disruptive kitchen tile trends 2021 ideas.

Tile Trend 6: Natural Marble-textured Tiles

If you love all things minimal in terms of home space, experience space unity and visual harmony combined with the inspired fusion of home detailing. Try this elegant and simple tile style empowered with the distinct characteristics emphasizing the balance of urban prosperity. Tiles featuring neutral pastel colours like white, off-white, cream, light beige, and light peach will continue to rule the roost of natural kitchen tile trends 2021.

Tile Trend 7: Glazed ceramic tiles

The popularity of glazed ceramic tiles has recently witnessed an upward swing. Be it a hexagon glazed ceramic tile pattern, honeycombs, or any other unique tile pattern; it does not interfere with the customary square or rectangular kitchen space option. In simple words, it blends well with any kitchen décor theme and area.

Tile Trend 8: Metro Tiles

A few kitchen décor trends are timeless and universal, just like metro tile trends. They are simple, elegant and minimalistic. The variety of tile pattern solutions is impressive and therefore no matter which pattern, right from glossy, matte, plain grout or contrast, be assured that they will manipulate kitchen space in a way that the area would appear bigger. To raise the whole level of metro tiles, do consider exploring varied popular tile styles encompassing diagonally, vertically offset, herringbone, staggered and more.

Tile Trend 9: Stone tiles

Made of natural stone, stone tiles come in a variety of material including Granite, Travertine, Onyx, Slate, Marble, and Sandstone and beyond. Be it for flooring or backsplash purposes; you simply can’t get enough of the natural yet compelling look of stone tiles.

Tile Trend 10: Porcelain Tiles

Adored for their remarkable water-resistant quality, porcelain tiles come in a wide array of sizes and colours. Fired at an extremely high temperature, they are just the ideal tile for a kitchen that comes with lots of spills. If low-maintenance is your priority, porcelain tiles take a leading-edge being stain-resistant and easy-to-clean.

Trends in kitchen designing continue to evolve dramatically. What was in trend previous year may be completely missing from kitchen tile trends 2021 because technology and even the taste of people are changing at a great pace. Nevertheless, whether you are in quest of some realistic kitchen tiles design inspiration or you are dreaming of a brand new kitchen, above-mentioned kitchen décor trends unleashed by HomeLane, a premier home décor brand, will help you achieve your goal of flaunting a tasteful kitchen décor.

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