Every house needs a kitchen, but every kitchen does not have to be the same! Depending on the size of your family, the area available in your kitchen, the amount of storage you need and your cooking requirements, your kitchen can be unique to you, as it should be. Nowadays, it’s common to see most kitchens furnished with cabinets in every nook and corner. However, if that’s not your cup of tea, it is possible to design a modular kitchen without upper cabinets!

Here’s why designing your kitchen without upper cabinets can be a fabulous idea:

  • If you’re a minimalist at heart or have limited cooking needs, you might not require a lot of storage. Instead of filling up your kitchen walls with cabinets that will be mostly empty anyway, it’s best to skip out on them simply!
  • A cabinet-less kitchen looks polished, well-kept and pleasing to the eye. Since the kitchen is empty above eye level, you can get a clear view of the whole space, making the kitchen feel more open and bright.
  • No upper cabinets will give you fewer surfaces to clean, and the limited storage space will let you be more mindful of what and how much you are adding to your kitchen. You’ll intentionally store only the necessary items and won’t find yourself left with unused piles of plates and bowls!

Even though there are a lot of advantages to going cabinet-free in your kitchen, sacrificing all that storage space might seem challenging at first. However, there are plenty of alternatives to help you design a modular kitchen without upper cabinets in today’s day and age.

Open up to Open Shelving!

Giving up on upper cabinets does not mean that you cannot add any extra storage. A good middle ground is to add open shelving around your kitchen. This is a very convenient way to store things, as you can install these as and when you need them. Open shelving also comes in handy as you can place it at your desired height, which makes it convenient for you to reach.

Make Use of Pegboards and Hooks Creatively

Storage does not have to take up a lot of space. There are a lot of creative solutions available in the market that can fulfil your storage needs without having to compromise on space and unnecessary furniture!

Pegboards and hooks are a great hack to hang your pans, spatulas, and other hanging-friendly kitchenware. When arranged creatively, this will let you make optimum use of your kitchen backsplash and let you subtly show off your cookware collection.

Help Yourself with Bins and Containers

A well-organised kitchen can fit a lot more items in a smaller space than an unorganised one. The biggest hack for organising smartly is separating and storing by category. Whether it’s your pantry or your crockery, this hack can come in handy everywhere in your kitchen. Using bins to separate your pantry items and using containers and organisers to stack your things by type will let you make maximum use of the available storage space. Organising well also gives you a better flow around the kitchen and makes it easier to find things.

Don’t Underestimate Your Under-Counter Storage

Working with what you have created is how you can eliminate the need for excess upper cabinet space. Many kitchens usually have ample under-counter space that can be put to use effectively. Use racks and separators to divide your taller cabinets and optimise your storage. Simple things like stacking smaller bowls into bigger ones, using slimmer containers, and allocating a dedicated place to every item in your kitchen can help you optimise your under-counter storage.

Rolling Kitchen Carts to the Rescue

An up-and-coming trend in the kitchen space is rolling carts! This is a secure way of adding that extra bit of storage without compromising your wall space in the kitchen. Rolling carts are helpful because they account for extra storage, but they are also highly advantageous because of their portability. They can also double up as a kitchen island, a breakfast counter or even a dining table when you need them to.

Kitchenware Doubling up as Decor

One of the best perks of not installing upper cabinets is displaying all your kitchenware. Whether lining up all your spices neatly on an open shelf, arranging your spatulas and ladles neatly in a vase or filling up glass bins with different pantry staples, displaying the kitchenware lets you get more creative with your storage situation as well. You get to carefully select visually appealing pieces that work well together and make your kitchen a work of art!

Spruce up Your Walls

Going cabinet-free means that you are left with a lot of wall space. Apart from your kitchen backsplash, there will still be plenty of wall space that can be decked up nicely. Choosing an appealing shade that complements your kitchen or going with a unique wallpaper print can let your spruce up your blank walls and enhance the ambience of your kitchen.

Designing a modular kitchen can be tricky, especially without upper cabinets. But with these tips and HomeLane’s modular kitchen designs, setting up your dream kitchen will be a piece of cake, or whatever it is that you like whipping up in your new kitchen!

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