Whether you are a health freak or a germaphobe, when you plan to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you always look for the surface that can make the space more delightful and safer at the same time. Having a great countertop gives a high-end look and ensures a healthy lifestyle.

From packing school lunches to preparing a delicious family dinner, a countertop is something that gives you complete assistance in the kitchen without resisting your flow. There are different varieties of countertops that are available in the market today. Many new materials come daily, including recycled glass, soapstone, quartz, aluminium, laminate, and varieties of graphites.

But if you are looking for a happy-go-healthy countertop, then the black graphite countertops are the perfect ones that have more performance attributes. The black countertops project a splendid look and give a stunning makeover to the kitchen space. stylish black granite countertops

Knowing More About Black Granite

Well, it is more important today to be a vigilant customer than to be an ignorant one. Some of the questions to put forward before making a decision are the life cycle of the material, its disposing period, and the material content.

Focussing on black granite is one of the most attractive materials that are available in various textures and is budget-friendly at the same time. Granite is a crystalline form of carbon and is resistant to water and heat. Furthermore, the colour black stands out in the surroundings.

Therefore, it has been the foremost choice of people for many years. Let’s focus on the advantages and disadvantages of granite countertops that will help you to understand them better.


  • It amplifies the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • It highlights the kitchen cabinets’ colours that go with black and make the kitchen more attractive.
  • It is resistant to water and heat.
  • The black granite countertop is available in various finishes that include polish and brushed finishes. The polished finish shines like a mirror and highlights everything that is kept on it.
  • With black granite countertops, the texture is accentuated and not lost, so you can select the texture you prefer, and it will show.


  • It is a study material and requires to be handled very carefully while installed in the kitchen.
  • It can crack and damage if not handled correctly during installation.
  • It needs constant maintenance to preserve its appearance.

advantages and disadavantages of black granite

Make Your Kitchen More Alluring with the Modish Cabinet and Kitchen Cabinet Colours That Go with Black Countertops:

We have experienced it all. Those fancy magazines and tv show project attractive images of sparkling black countertops. We always try to create the perfect pairing of kitchen cabinets, but every time we feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of options.

Well, it is no longer a thing to worry about. With HomeLane, you get the best-sorted colour options that look gorgeous and excellently paired with each other. You get the choice to filter out the colour, finish, shape, and storage options of your desired cabinet.

Cabinets and countertops can change the look of your kitchen design, whether it is a PVC modular kitchen, a low-budget modular kitchen, or a semi-modular kitchen.

When finalizing the colour of the kitchen cabinets, you must consider the overall decorating style you need to establish. The right colour combination and cabinet style can make all the difference to your kitchen design with black granite countertops.

Some of the Colours that go with Black Countertops are:

White: The combination of black granite countertops with white cabinets is purely timeless. It creates good contrast and a stunning design statement despite your kitchen style. It can look good with various kitchen designs such as an L-shaped modular kitchen, U-shaped modular kitchen, straight modular kitchen, or small modular kitchen.

kitchen cabinet colours that go with black countertops

Grey: A kitchen with black granite countertops goes well with subtle colours and has a sophisticated look. Grey is a muted colour that gives a lavish feel to the kitchen space. You can use the black granite countertops with grey cabinets to add more dimension and depth without toning things down.

colours that go with black countertops

Cream: The cream-coloured countertops create a modish look and add warmth to your kitchen space. It looks great with a rustic Italian style and muted brick walls. This aesthetic can be enhanced by using black pearl granite countertops.

cream-coloured countertop

A pop of citrus colour: Many new trends emerge every season, but a mix and match of a citrus colour can create a stark contrast with a  black kitchen countertop.

Modern kitchen black granite countertops have a sleek and clean look. You can cover the walls with a white backsplash to complement the contemporary yet modern look. This can look stunning in a parallel modular kitchen.

modern kitchen black granite countertops

Overall, the choices are immense when it comes to cabinet colours with black granite countertops. Anything paired with the black graphite countertop imparts a sophisticated look and adds a luxurious feel to the kitchen.

Get Some Backsplash Black Granite Countertops Ideas:

Imagine fitting the kitchen cabinets that go with black countertops but still failing to make the kitchen look lavish. It is an awful scenario that no one wants. Therefore, HomeLane.com offers the complete solution for your modular kitchen.

We offer an attractive combination of a kitchen backsplash, kitchen cabinets, and black countertops. Furthermore, the backsplash is a great help in avoiding kitchen stove stains on the wall. The best part about black granite kitchen countertops is their sleek and shiny look. You don’t want to ruin it with stained or uninteresting walls.

Some of the backsplash types that make your kitchen intriguing are:

White subway tiles: The black countertop coordinates best with the subway tiles in the kitchen. It adds more sparkle and creates a perfect balance between the kitchen cabinets.

Consider this backsplash for black granite countertops and white cabinets. The white backsplash and white kitchen cabinets complement each other and accentuate the contrasting countertop. It can look intriguing with an acrylic modular kitchen.

white subway tiles for black countertops

The mosaic tile: There are plenty of designs available in the market in a mosaic pattern. It offers more charm when harmonizing with the wall colours and kitchen cabinet colours that go with black countertops. With this backsplash, black granite countertops and charming wooden cabinets can create a lovely effect.

mosaic tile for black kitchen countertops

Classic stone tile: The classic stone tiles make a lovely combination of wooden cabinets, an undermount sink, and a black countertop. Available in great varieties, they are a more feasible and durable choice for your kitchen. They particularly go well with kitchens with black granite countertops because of their solid and timeless look.

Classic stone tile for kitchen countertops

Grey long tile: Grey has an elegant look, and long tiles make for a charming and subtle backsplash. A backsplash with long grey tiles accentuates the colours of the cabinets. It can also be used to complement the kitchen cabinets by matching the backsplash with grey kitchen cabinets with black granite countertops.

grey long tile for kitchen countertops

Patterned tiles: Patterned tiles are a lovely way to make the kitchen backsplash look vibrant yet intricate. To match the black granite countertops, you can consider a black-and-white pattern for a classic look. Combined with white cabinets, the black and white theme looks elegant, while the patterns liven up the decor.

patterned tiles for kitchen countertops

Kitchen designs with black granite countertops are a lovely idea. However, it is important to choose black granite carefully before making further decisions. You can take guidance and easily book a free online consultation with our design experts at HomeLane. We can help you understand the specifications, varieties, shapes, and quality of every modular kitchen design.

Whether you are fond of a woody touch island modular kitchen or the minimalist frosty white modular kitchen, we have covered everything to create a perfect modular kitchen look with black granite countertops.


1. Is black granite hard to maintain?

Black granite is not very hard to maintain. It is easy to clean and is less prone to staining since it is relatively less porous. Depending on the kind of granite, it may need to be sealed to maintain a smooth surface.

2. What material for cabinets will go well with black granite countertops?

Wooden kitchen cabinets can match well with black granite. The contrast in material and texture accentuates the black granite countertops. Light brown cabinets have a charming and warm appearance. Consider smooth metal white cabinets above the countertop to bring another material into the decor.

3. Is black granite good for kitchen countertops?

Black granite is good for kitchen countertops because it is easy to maintain, has a classic and timeless appearance, and matches well with various colours and materials in kitchen decor.

4. Is black granite expensive?

With black granite countertops, price ranges vary so that they can be selected according to your budget. The price differs based on the kind of black granite.

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