The great American poet, Maya Angelou said, “Don’t bring negative to my door.” When someone enters your living room interiors, they should feel delighted. Wooden doors are the most traditional yet the most positive choice.

But how often do we consider door colours? Every colour has a different mood and personality. Let’s discuss some beautiful wooden door colours to inspire the decor of your new home. Make wise choices to ensure cheerful hearts are entering your abode!

wooden color door paints

Which Wooden Door Colour Should You Choose?

Elegant White Door

White is an elegant wooden door colour. It depicts peace, tranquillity, and also simplicity. This is a versatile wooden door colour that meshes with all kinds of exteriors. You can use it in dark shades like black or brown. However, it can also complement lighter shades like pink and blue. Using white gives a clean, elegant appearance to your door. However, do ensure that you get a high-quality paint job done so that it lasts longer.

white color door

Vintage Blue Door

Blue is a beautiful wooden door colour that denotes trust and honesty. Blue as a door colour would give a sense of individuality. It can be bright and vibrant, giving a quirky revamp to the front of your house. It can create a great contrast with neutral-coloured walls like grey and white. It also gives a tropical or vintage look with yellow, pink, and orange, depending on the vividness of the hues.

vintage blue door

Sunshine Yellow Door

Yellow is absolutely a wooden door colour of happiness and smiles. This is the wood door colour design that can truly make your guests feel jovial. Yellow can also give a bright twist to otherwise neutral and dull spaces. Therefore, it goes best with white and grey. Using it with brightly coloured walls on the other hand can give a tacky appearance.

sunshine yellow door

Classy Grey Door

Grey is a simple wooden door colour but it also denotes classiness and elegance. If used correctly, grey can give great edginess to a modern and experimental exterior. However, it can also be a disaster if you don’t pick the perfect shade, depending on the lighting and wooden door colour contrast of the space. Grey generally goes well with white and light wooden door colour shades like orange, beige, and yellow.

grey color door

Bold Black Door

Black is a wooden door colour of strength, but it also represents mystery. Using black in your entrance can be very striking, depending on the colour of your walls. You can appear experimental and modern with striking wooden door colour contrasts with yellow or white walls. If your walls are darker, a black door will emphasise the elegant and dark tone.

black color door

Serene Green Door

Green is known to be the wooden door colour of prosperity. A green door depicts happiness and satisfaction in a family. It is also the colour of nature and hence, depicts sustainability. Green hues are rich and attractive and could give a great personality to otherwise dull exteriors. These go well with grey, white, black, brown, and blue walls.


Vibrant Red Door

Red is a striking wooden door colour denoting bravery and boldness. A red door can give a sense of strength to your home. It can also be very charming and inviting for your guests. This is a leading choice for even wood color garage doors. Red can adapt beautifully to brown-, grey-, and deep-coloured walls. However, red doors paired with white and lighter tones simply emanate a sense of royalty and luxury.vibrant red color door

Types of paints suitable for the wooden door

After choosing the right wooden door colour, getting the right painting colours for the door is the next important step in beautifying your home. It is crucial to know the paints’ composition, and pick the one according to your unique requirement:

  • Oil-based wooden door colour paint is often chosen by people because of its high durability. The texture of oil gives a smooth surface. You will get a glossy finish that looks very attractive on wood. You may have to prime the wood first to use this paint to get a smooth finish.

  • Water-based paint is also a popular choice because of its ease of application. Pre-treatment of the surface is not necessary, and it gives a nice, smooth effect. It dries quickly and is also crack-resistant.

  • Latex-based paint is considered to be a lot like oil paint, except it’s much easier to apply. Depending on the finish, you may need to apply more coatings. It is also easy to wash. However, it does not give as durable and polished an appearance to your door’s surface.

  • Acrylic paint can be used to create details on the wooden colour for door. They are available in a wide range of wooden door colours. This paint is often used for creating art on doors as well.

Tips and Tricks

Getting the right wooden door colour combination is key to creating an amazing exterior for your home. Have a look at these final tips and tricks for an exquisite entrance:

  • Prime your wooden doors before painting. No matter what type of paint you use, this ensures the longevity of the paint and a smooth, shiny surface.

  • A beautiful paint job is a lot about the wooden door colour, but it is also about details. There are multiple things you can do to upgrade your door’s appearance. Gold detailing can look beautiful with royal shades like green, blue, and red. You can also use glass panels for a classy, quaint effect.

  • Your front door is further enhanced with the right type of lighting. Use lamps to create a special effect. Finish the look with an aesthetic rug and some plants.

We hope that this has inspired you to spruce up your door decor. You can also find a lot of amazing styles, tips, and interior choices at HomeLane. Get the best interior customisation and home decor designs with HomeLane’s advanced experts and exciting prices.


1. Which paint is best for wooden doors?

There are no perfect colours, just perfect colours for you. There are many options with their benefits, such as:


It will draw attention to the door, trim, and wooden grain. You will be able to easily remove fingerprints and filth.


The exterior will be both sturdy and appealing. Since the paint is more resistant to wear and staining than other choices. This is ideal if you have children.


This is an appropriate alternative since it provides weather-resistant covering. If your wooden door contains metal, it will preserve the metal from corrosion.


It is water-resistant and quick drying, Duco paint is suitable for wooden surfaces. It also has high solid content and self-leveling characteristics.

2. Which colour is best for doors?

If you’re stuck on a colour for your front door, take inspiration from your home’s natural surroundings. Greens, blues, browns, and other tones found in nature will look great in your home. Using natural hues has the added benefit of having your home appear to be part of the landscape. Consider using a neutral colour for wooden door, such as brown, black, or grey, to create a timeless effect. These are some of the contenders for the best colour for wooden doors. Deep reds and navy blues are other traditional front wooden door polish colours that serve as neutrals. Neutral wooden door colours will adapt to your changing style to the exterior of your property. Instead of painting your door, another neutral alternative is to stain it. A wood stain will highlight the natural material or grain pattern of the door.

3. Which Colour suits to wooden door?

Grey is a common wooden door colour option for modern homes. Grey is a bold paint colour for your doors, ranging from pebble greys to stone greys to dark grey/black. Grey colours can connect the house for a modern, contemporary appearance. Further, grey complements a wide range of external finishes and the living room interiors. Grey is a versatile wood door polish color that comes in a variety of tints, each with its own personality. It may be used for a clean, and crisp appearance. Even so, you should avoid having the grey door wood color contrasts too much with the finish of your property.

4. Which Colour paint is best for wood?

If you decide to paint your interior door a different colour than the trim, be sure you like the door. You are attracting attention to it by handling it in this manner. Repetition may help you decide whether to leave the doors the same wooden door colour as the walls or create a point for them. Obviously, the more doors there are, the greater their influence on the area. Natural wood, light blonde, and deep mahogany are all possible stains and finishes. These neutral colours play a significant part in the colour scheme of a room. The paint colours should complement and not compete with the wood’s attractiveness.

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