If you’re looking for a new way to brighten your home, consider adding a french door design. French door designs can add a touch of elegance to any room in your house. These doors are popularly known for their intricate designs and woodwork.

french doors

They can be used to create a welcoming entrance. If you’re not sure where to look for some creative French door design ideas, we’re here to help. Take a look at these 20 French Door Designs that are excellent for patios and entryways. 

1. Fuse the Living Room and the Patio Using uPVC French Doors 

living room french door

French door designs are perfect for Patios as you can get the view without opening the door. This is extremely useful during winter when it’s cold, and you’re looking for some warmth.

Take a look at this white uPVC French door design; the sides and top of the door also include windows in the same style to utilise most of the space. The space near the sofa is comfortable enough to act like a reading spot.

2. Vintage Style Arch Doors To Match A Mid Century Decor

vintage style arch doors

Vintage will never go out of style. Here’s an old-style French Door design with abstract grills and patterns. The arch gives the door a unique element of attraction. Beautifully paired with mid-century style furniture, this vintage French door stands out among other minimal designs in this list.

3. Create a Luxurious White Interior with Foldable uPVC Doors 

upvc french doors

This living room deserves all the praise because of the uPVC French doors. With shades of neutral spread out everywhere, this room has showcased the best of contemporary styles.

The wide French door brings in the natural light, and the square grids create a distraction. Every element in the room complements the other object. These uPVC French door designs are used for their functionality and basic design.

4. Make it Spacious with Sliding French Doors 

sliding french doors 

A French Sliding Door like this one is an excellent choice for a high level of design. These are suitable for smaller rooms and help to save up a lot of space. This also makes it easier to carry big things outside without any struggle.

Here’s a uPVC white french door designed based on the room’s interior style. This room follows a Scandinavian decor style that matches the sliding doors very well.

5. Double Doors For Protection and Visual Appeal 

wooden french door design

Look at the image very carefully, and you’ll notice that there are two doors, one on the outside and a wooden french door design on the inside.

The outer french door is a wooden blue glass door. It highlights the exterior style while the door on the inside is installed for extra protection. If you’re planning a French door, apply this idea for some added safety.

6. Create a Welcoming Entryway with Curved Large Doors 

curved large doors 

Entryways are the way to create a first impression for your guests. Choose a french door design that’s large and durable, depending on your exterior design style. Here’s a contemporary-style white french door with a red curtain behind it. The dark red curtain acts as a background to make the white pop.

7. Enjoy The View Through A Blue Glass French Door 

blue glass french door 

For smaller areas, a bi-fold aluminium french door will do the trick. These doors are powder coated and include hinges that allow the door to open.

There are two pairs here, one on the inside and the other facing the balcony. These french door designs for the bedroom will provide a beautiful view of nature and the sea from the outside.

8. Wooden Doors and Bright Colors Together Make a Bold Exterior 

bright colors wooden door

Match the exterior by painting the door borders the same colour as the walls. Here we have a contrasting colour palette of primary colours.

The brown arched doorway leading up to the garden is an excellent idea for a farmhouse space. For a more monochromatic look, use curtains on the inside that match the exterior walls.

9. White and Blue French Doors For A Grand Entrance 

A wrought iron frame along with the glass panels on the timber frame increase the safety and durability of this Blue French door.

This is one of the best exterior french door designs that blend with the house’s sky and walls. These sliding doors are versatile and offer the maximum space that any door can provide. The blue against the white grids creates a contrasting colour palette that forms a different style.

10. Connect The Balcony With a Sliding Modern Door

glass french door verona design

Sliding French Doors enhances the room’s beauty while maintaining a classy style. This glass french door verona design is more suitable for apartment balconies and compact rooms with less space for windows. You can get the maximum sunlight in the room even with no windows.

11. Keep It Minimal And Modern with Black Steel French Doors 

black steel french doors 

These French Door designs are a great way to create an open flow in the house. The black steel frame is consistent with the interior design style.

The door’s simple four-panelled design helps create a timeless feel for your visitors. A patio door like this one will make your family feel connected to the indoor space even when they’re out in the backyard.

12. A Sleek White French Door Design For A Contemporary Look

french door designs for the bedroom.

French doors are specially made for balconies to get an unobstructed view. The doors open up to provide adequate space for light and ventilation to take place within the room.

Here’s an inward-opening french door for a narrow space. uPVC is used to make these lightweight and reasonably priced french door designs for the bedroom.

13. Embrace The Sunlight With a Foldable White French Door and Beige Curtains

foldable white french door

These foldable white french doors are made especially for balconies to create the space you need. Here we have three sliding doors with hinges, opening into one large door. Floor-to-ceiling glass provides a clear view of the sky without compromising design.

14. Choose A Sophisticated Black French Door For Your Black and White Room

sophisticated black french door

Rectangular glass grids on french windows are a trendy style. A French door grill design like this will be a fantastic choice if you want to create separation without a permanent wall. The robust steel with grids on the glass panel goes well with a modern, minimal interior design style.

15. Scandinavian Style Exterior With Wooden French Doors 

scandinavian style exterior wooden french doors 

This French door grill design is a standard design. It has curved grids and is made up of uPVC or Wood.

This white wooden door design is a heavenly match for exterior french door designs. The white exterior creates a serene and natural space perfect for an elegant entryway.

16. Trendy Wooden French Doors For a Rustic Exterior

French door designs are known for their aesthetically pleasing value and easy access to natural light.

Since ventilation is essential in modern homes, a wooden french door design like this one is the right choice. The wooden frames add a rustic style to the house’s exterior, and curtains are installed inside for some added privacy.

17. Wide Glass Doors For A Big Living Room Area

living room glass door

A glass french door verona design is worth the investment. These extra-large doors are perfect for patios and living rooms where you can spend most of your daytime.

You will get a fantastic view during the rainy season. The natural light will be perfect for light reading in the living room. Double up the height with windows stacked on the top and sides of the door.

18. Make It Colorful with Art Deco Style French Doors 

deco style french doors 

Art Deco Style Designs feature stained glass and different shapes. Here we have a wooden french door with an arch at the top.

The extra detailing helps to create visual interest, and you’ll enjoy some colourful light on the floor during the day. The door opens to the backyard, where you can see the garden and watch your kids play.

19. Get Creative with French Door Frames 

interior french door design

Interior design is all about personal style. The yellows, blues and blacks appear bright and playful against the white background.

The yellow chair sofa has been matched with the French door frame to add an element of modern interior decor splendour. It’s interesting to see how colours play along so well together.

20. Fuse Tradition with Style Using a Curved French Door Design 

curved french door design 

Another mid-century decor style exterior, but in this case, the French door has a slight twist. The curves at the top represent traditional wooden doors, and the large glass panes add a modern touch.

The brown floor and the terracotta plant pots bring everything together. Using linen drapes on the inside, you can introduce some light filtering and add some character to the door.

Final Words

window grill design with wood frame

There are a few things to remember when selecting a French door design. First, consider the overall style of your home and choose a door that compliments it. Second, think about the practicality of the design and whether it will meet your needs.

Finally, consider the door’s cost and the installation process. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect French Door Design for your home. For more inspiration and ideas like these, check out HomeLane. 


1. Which Material Is Best for French Doors?

The frames of French doors are typically constructed of wood, but the designs used today are quite a bit more sophisticated than those used in the 1600s. They are highly secure since they have several locking points and a construction that is either made of solid wood or wood that has been strengthened with steel. You’ll also find French doors made of uPVC frames and aluminium. 

  • uPVC French doors are said to offer the most benefits. These are secure, weather resistant and thermally efficient. With a double-glaze, you can even keep the heat trapped inside. 
  • An aluminium framed door is the most robust option available. Well suited for the exterior, Aluminium French Doors are easy-to-maintain and rust-proof. Their design is slimmer than uPVC doors and is known for its hassle-free aesthetic. 

2. What Makes a French Door Different from a Double Door?

Initially, it might look like French doors are very similar to double doors, as they have the same fixtures. However, there are some differences between the two that might not be noticeable to the amateur. One of the main points of difference between double doors and French doors is the material used in their product.

While solid wood is often used for making Double doors, French doors are often crafted with materials like aluminium and UPVC, with panes of glass. The glass panes help in the natural flow of sunlight into the room. Wood is also not commonly considered as durable and secure as UPVC or aluminium, which is why French doors are known to last longer and be more secure when compared to wooden double doors.

3. What Is the Standard Size for French Doors?

In general, the width of French doors is 6 feet, and their height is 79.5 inches; however, it is possible to install sidelines to extend the width. You can consider a handful of different sizes of French doors to be the norm in the business.

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