Are you tired of your things getting messed up in the bathroom drawers? Do you want the different items to stay organised and neat? Check out these amazing DIY bathroom drawer organiser tips and designs. You can also consider a DIY bathroom drawer organiser from Homelane. It allows you to design your bathroom drawers based on your preferences.

diy bathroom drawer organiser tips

These bathroom drawer organiser ideas will help you get a sense of what you are looking for and how you can organise your drawers. 

1. Keep It Simple with Two Large Sections in a Drawer

bathroom drawer organiser ideas

This amazing bathroom drawer cabinet has two large drawers divided into two sections. This keeps it simple, so you don’t have to check multiple sections when you are looking for something or when you need to place it back. What’s more, the drawers are visible and easily accessible since they are in the front, and there are no hidden drawers behind.

These kinds of drawers are great for larger items like bathroom towels, hairbrushes, loofahs, and soaps. Since there are two large sections in each drawer instead of multiple divisions, it is ideal for these kinds of items. However, you can also consider smaller items, if you decide to add dividers, holders, or small containers within the drawers as part of a DIY bathroom drawer organiser.

2. Split a Large Drawer into Smaller Sections

large drawer into smaller sections

This design is convenient because you can keep all your things together at the same level so that it is easy to access and view. It also reduces bending and back strain since the things are kept at the top of the cabinet. Additionally, you can divide it into three different sections for different kinds of items with your DIY bathroom drawer organiser.

It’s a great design if you’re looking for a minimal bathroom drawer to keep your daily basics. This could include items of personal care and makeup that you use to get ready in the morning, as well as items that you rely on to freshen up, clean up, and get ready for sleep.

3. Keep Your Things Separate without Dividers

small bathroom drawer organizer

You don’t have to use dividers to separate different kinds of items as a part of your DIY bathroom drawer organiser. With large drawers, you can organise them based on what kind of things you keep on each side of the drawers.

It’s a great idea to coordinate and match this pattern between the different drawers so that it is consistent and you intuitively know where each type of item is kept. For instance, if you keep small towels on one side and your toiletries (lotions, toothpaste, etc.) on the other side, make sure that you follow a similar pattern in the other drawer. You could keep large towels on one side and make-up on the other side for a similar effect. 

Since there is enough space, you can have a space between the things on each side of the drawer, which naturally separates them. Otherwise, you can keep items like towels which naturally form a divider of their own and do not comingle with other items.  

4. Combine Drawers of Different Sizes!

cabinet with two drawers

Consider a cabinet with two drawers and one large drawer adjacent to them fitted into the cabinet. This is great because you can keep the regular stuff in the two drawers so they are more accessible, and you can keep the larger items and the ones you use less frequently in the large drawer. You can keep the smaller items or finer items in the two smaller drawers like nail polish, make-up, and accessories.

The deep drawer can function like a mini-cupboard for your DIY bathroom drawer organiser. You can keep not just towels but clunky, heavy items that you don’t want in your regular drawers, like a hair dryer, hair styler, or even a small pedicure tub. You can also consider deep bathroom drawer organiser tools like dividers and containers to help you make the most of this unique drawer style.

5. Go Chic with Multiple Drawers in a Metal Design 

multiple drawers in a metal design

Multiple drawers in a chic metal design can look stunning as well as neat and compact. Small drawers look lovely and elegant when packed together and can be fitted neatly alongside a small cupboard or two in a cabinet. A sleek white cabinet can make your bathroom look wonderful and modern.

The best part about these drawers is because they are small and compact, you don’t have to worry about divisions. Since there are many of these drawers, you can keep each small drawer as a division of its own for certain kinds of items when considering your DIY bathroom drawer organiser. For instance, you could keep personal care items or toiletries in the first drawer, make-up and nail polish in the second, accessories in the third, and hair essentials in the fourth.

You can also consider having another metal cabinet with more drawers so you can have more compartments to keep stuff in. This can be for the things you don’t use on an everyday basis.

6. Combine the Drawers with an Open Shelf

drawers with open shelf

An open shelf beneath multiple small drawers is a great idea for a DIY bathroom drawer organiser. It allows you to keep the larger items like towels or containers on the open shelf and free up room in the drawers. With multiple drawers of different sizes, you can compartmentalise your stuff neatly and compactly.

Additionally, you can keep the smaller, finer items in these drawers and the things that you prefer to not be visible or displayed. This enhances the aesthetic of the bathroom cabinet and prevents it from looking cluttered. 

7. Go Modern with Sleek, Wall-Mounted Drawers

wall-mounted drawers

Wall-mounted drawers are a great way to make your bathroom look modern, light, and sophisticated. These drawers are attached to the wall so they seem suspended. This makes for a light and airy look. Sleek white drawers complemented by shiny wall-mounted shelves can look stunning and stylish. This is a great DIY bathroom drawer organiser idea if you are interested in minimal bathroom decor.

With this kind of DIY bathroom drawer organiser drawer, you can limit the stuff you keep in the drawers to basics to minimise the number of drawers. This goes well with the minimal style. Instead, you can keep things on the wall-mounted shelves and cupboards. These could include tissues, towels, extra toiletries like lotions and perfumes you don’t use regularly, or even cleaning implements and solutions.

8. Make It Colourful!

how to organize bathroom drawers

Are you tired of the white and grey bathroom look? Do you want to freshen up your bathroom decor with some colourful drawers? Bathroom drawers don’t have to just be wooden or white metal. Colourful bathroom drawers can look beautiful and trendy and can transform the aesthetic of your bathroom. You can match it with the bathroom mat, the wall, and even the bathroom false ceiling.

Try a pastel theme with smooth pastel-coloured drawers to match a floral wall in pastel colours. If you’re tired of the elegant look and want something fun, try bright colours to enliven your bathroom. With this aesthetic, a couple of large drawers are a great idea because they complement the trendy, fun vibe. Multiple small drawers may go better with a polished and compact look or a more sophisticated cabinet.

Within large DIY bathroom drawer organiser drawers, you can compartmentalise further using small bathroom drawer organiser tools like metal or wooden containers and dividers to separate different kinds of items. You could also use baskets and shallow boxes. For instance, you could keep creams and lotions in one container, makeup in another one, toiletries like shampoos and soaps in another, and hair brushes and accessories in another. You could also have smaller baskets for things like nail polish.

9. Innovate with Accessories and Holders

diy bathroom drawer organiser idea

A lovely way to make your bathroom drawer look stunning is to use different kinds of accessories and holders inside the drawer. The best part about this DIY bathroom drawer organiser idea is that you keep different things separate in the drawer and organise your drawers better without having multiple dividers or drawers. These could include a tray for small hand towels, a glass jar for soaps, an elegant glass plate for perfumes or lotions, a soap holder, and a small stand to keep toothbrushes and toothpaste in. 

10. Make It Luxurious with an Extended  Drawer

extended bathroom drawer

A long, extended bathroom drawer can make your bathroom feel like a luxury. These drawers are great because you can have a single or double layer of drawers, and you don’t need to have multiple layers of drawers. This makes for a smooth and seamless look and is great for a sleek and modern bathroom that is airy and spacious. What’s more, these drawers can be compact and not very deep because they make up for the space in length.

They can be divided vertically so you can have two or three drawers in one extended row. This allows you to divide your things horizontally so that you can have certain kinds of items on the right, others on the left, and the main ones in the middle. This is also a great DIY bathroom drawer organiser idea if there is more than one person sharing the bathroom. Each person can have a designated part of the cabinet with their own drawer.

Wrapping Up

There are so many things that form a part of your daily personal care and bathroom routines. A bathroom drawer organiser is a lovely way to organise these things so that they don’t get messed up and mixed up with each other. It also makes your drawers look aesthetic and beautiful. A DIY bathroom drawer organiser is a great way to get your bathroom items in order and design the drawers to suit your preference.

HomeLane helps you select suitable designs from the comfort of your home. It connects you with designers online, and you can view interior designs in 3D to get a life-like view of what they will look like. 

bathroom items


1. What Do You Put in Bathroom Drawers?

You can put a variety of things in bathroom drawers. These include:

  • Toiletries that you use frequently
  • Make-up and cosmetics
  • Medical supplies like first aid, allergy medicines, gels, and ointments
  • Hand towels and face towels
  • Extra toiletry supplies that you keep in storage
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tissues
  • Things like nail cutters, nail files, loofahs, and scrubbers
  • Sanitising liquids

2. What are Some Bathroom Drawer organisers Available?

There are various bathroom drawer organisers available in the market. These include a wide variety of DIY bathroom drawer organiser options available online.

However, the specific kind of DIY bathroom drawer organiser that you require would depend on how you want to organise your drawer and what exactly you are looking for. Some leave more scope for your personal preference and DIY designs, while others provide ready-made drawer organisers.

3. What are Some Common Things that You Can Use to Organise a Bathroom Drawer?

There are some common things that you can consider when deciding how to organise bathroom drawers with a DIY bathroom drawer organiser. These include:

Metal Dividers

These drawer dividers are great for DIY bathroom drawer organiser You can keep makeup, toiletries, or longer items in your vanity drawers.

Cups and Holders

Cups and holders can be used to store items, especially in deep drawers. They are great for toothbrushes, hair implements, and small items. They are also good for elongated items like mascara, lipgloss, or tubes.


Pouches are a great way to put together stuff that you want to store in one place. This makes it an easy way to keep similar products together. They are also useful for products that may leak and affect other items.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a convenient DIY bathroom drawer organiser idea to consider if you are looking for a quick way to divide items. You can cut the cardboard into different sizes to make dividers that suit your preference. 

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