Bedrooms are a place to lay your head down and relax after a long day. This is where the POP design for bedroom ceilings plays a vital part! When you finally rest on your bed after a long day, the ceiling is visible to you. The design must be on point, something that helps you get rid of worldly worries.

Fortunately, you can choose from a gazillion fantastic POP false ceiling designs for bedrooms. Everything from the ceiling pattern, colour, and shape to height can be designed to your liking with plaster of Paris.

Let’s understand what plaster of Paris is and how it can be the best thing that happens to your POP design for your bedroom.

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What Is a Pop Ceiling?

POP, an acronym for Plaster of Paris, is a highly versatile construction material that has become popular with interior designers. It is a chalky powder made from semi-dehydrated gypsum, which becomes convenient for moulding upon adding water. This allows designers to create the following, among other things:

  • Artistic POP design for bedrooms.
  • Wall accents behind furniture to deliver added impact to interiors.
  • Add more features or decorative elements to structural components to fit the interior theme.
  • To add more colour to the interiors in select places for contrasting impact.
  • Effects of engraving, embossing, and carving can also be recreated with plaster of Paris.

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Why Should You Choose POP Bedroom Interior Design?

If you are considering tiling PVC for your bedroom ceiling, reconsider, as neither tiles nor PVC is fire-resistant. However, you guessed it right, Plaster of Paris resists fire, giving you a layer of safety in case a mishap should happen inside your home. POP design for bedroom ceilings is quite preferable for this reason. Nowadays, people are also adding POP ceilings to their kitchens to reduce the fire hazard that the room poses for the entire home. Furthermore, the POP roof design for the bedroom gives you a soundproofing layer that helps when trying to sleep. POP aspects also help keep your room cool while additionally hiding all the wiring and electrical conduits, giving you a neat look.

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Top 6 POP Designs for Bedrooms

The following guide lists 6 unique POP designs for bedrooms to make them stand out:

1. Creating Contrast with Recesses

The beauty of colours lies in the contrast they can create for a POP design for the bedroom. For example, the bedroom shown in the image sports muted, pastel shades in every aspect, while the ceiling is the highlight. The ceiling, thus, has been done up in a mix of plaster of Paris finishing on gypsum boards. A contrasting, bold black recess in the POP false ceiling design for the bedroom creates space for lighting fixtures. This has been set into a coffer that conceals more mood lighting fixtures along its edge. This is a stellar example of fusing multiple POP ceiling designs for a bedroom in one captivating roof.

pop false ceiling design

2. POP Design for Bedrooms with Flush Lighting

There is nothing classier than creating the perfect flush lighting in the POP design for the bedroom. It appears futuristic and eliminates any harsh shadows that the structural or ornamental features of your ceiling may cast on the walls. In the image shown, the designer has used plaster of Paris to create the perfect flushed finish and to take the edge off of the crudeness of a gypsum board that holds the assembly together. The installation also makes space for a recess where the curtain goes in. You can experiment with this POP design for a bedroom where you wish to keep the interiors prim and neat.

flush lighting in the pop design

3. Multiple Coffers with Large Chandeliers

Coffer patterns never go out of style. The best part about using coffers in POP design for bedrooms is that you can get creative with their dimensions. For example, in the image shown, the interior designer has created enough space in each coffer to house the stunning chandelier lights around the bed. It adds a sense of imposing beauty to the room. One cannot look at the chandeliers without noticing the coffers beyond and how neatly they have been done using plaster of Paris. Coffers are one of the most popular POP false ceiling designs for bedrooms today!

multiple coffers with large chandeliers

4. Creating a Central Cove with Ceiling Fixtures

One of the best pop designs for the bedroom that you can use is the plaster of Paris cove. Featured here is an example where your interior design makes plentiful use of white spaces and minimalist decor aesthetics. Right above the bed, the interior designer has used the structural form of the house to create a cove, which has been finished with plaster of Paris. It is close in likeness to a dome. This POP design for the bedroom creates a sense of spaciousness above the bed, helping you sleep more relaxedly.

modern pop ceiling design

5. Plush Ceiling for Plush Interiors

Plaster of Paris is popular not just because of its versatile use – but also because you can create any decor look with it. Whether minimalist or luxurious, you can find the perfect POP design for your bedroom. In the image shown, the ceiling with cascading levels along the wall edge leads the eye elegantly up to the ceiling, which carries the same rich tone as the walls. If you observe keenly, the honey-and-cream glow of the room wouldn’t have been possible without the POP transition that accentuates the richness of the warm brown tones of the bedroom.

plush ceiling for plush interiors

6. The Chandelier Cove for a Luxurious Feel

One of the most elegant POP designs for a bedroom can be created by designing a large-sized depression right above the bed that allows for recess, concealed lighting, and space to hang a crystal chandelier. The image shown above displays the idea beautifully. The colour is maintained at natural white, while all the glory goes to the room’s subtle golden and rich brown shades. This POP design for the bedroom anchors the sleeping area with its commanding depression and chandelier centrepiece.

chandelier cove for a luxurious feel

Stellar POP Design for Bedrooms – The Final Word!

With POP designs for bedrooms, you can create the room of your dreams. The space where you feel relaxed and secure should be adorned with colours and patterns that help you unwind. Furthermore, plaster of Paris gives you extreme versatility – you can mould it into any shape and colour it with any hue that fits well with your bedroom interior design.

HomeLane can help you get the best results out of POP designs for bedrooms. Check out Homelane’s stunning collection of POP designs for bedrooms here to know more.

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1. Is POP Good for Bedrooms?

Yes, plaster of Paris is an excellent material to use for bedroom interior design. Plaster of Paris is versatile and allows you to create designs in any shape or form you wish. The best part is that you can combine other elements of your ceiling design with the plaster of Paris to achieve a stunning look.

2. Which Material Is Best for POP Design?

Plaster of Paris is made from gypsum by dehydrating it partially at high temperatures. This gives rise to the chalky powder you know to be POP. POP can be moulded in any design by adding water to the powder and creating a paste of desired consistency. This paste can then be reshaped into the desired form.

3. What Is POP for Home?

Plaster of Paris is a popular construction material today that interior designers love for bedroom interior design. It allows the designers to create appealing aesthetics inside the home without limiting their designs to what construction materials can achieve. This is because POP can be moulded into any shape and cast in any colour of liking by adding pigment.

4. Are There Any Disadvantages of POP Ceiling?

Plaster of Paris doesn’t have any disadvantages as such; however, a badly installed POP design for a bedroom may pose the following risks:

  • The space in your room may become smaller
  • POP may need a little more maintenance
  • It isn’t as durable as your traditional ceiling
  • If not installed securely, there is a risk of your fixtures falling down

5. How Long Does a POP Ceiling Last?

The life of a POP design for a bedroom is typically 15 to 20 years if it has been installed and maintained well. You may need to clean it occasionally because POP is naturally white and gathers dust over time. The material is durable and lasts long if there isn’t any external damage done to it.

6. Can a POP Roof Design for Bedroom Crack?

Yes, there is a chance that it might crack if the ceiling experiences vibrations or shaking. This is because while the plaster of Paris is mouldable, it is still a brittle material. If the ceiling gets damaged because of some reason, it might also lead to cracks in the POP bedroom ceiling.

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