Master bedroom wardrobe designs in India have been an absolute hit of late. While it’s vital to keep design trends in mind when designing this space, functionality is something you definitely shouldn’t ignore. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational ideas for master bedroom wardrobe designs.

1- Master Bedroom Wardrobe Designs in India

2- Vastu Tips for Installing Spacious Wardrobes for Bedrooms

3- 10 Best Master Bedroom Wardrobe Designs for Your Modern Homes

4- Conclusion

5- Frequently Asked Questions

master bedroom wardrobe

Your master bedroom should be a haven where you can rest completely. You have to make sure it has the right furniture, the right accessories, and, most importantly, a functional wardrobe. Although the first thing that comes to mind is several closet designs available for the bedroom, it can be a difficult choice to make.

Master bedroom wardrobe designs in India have been an absolute hit of late. While it’s vital to keep design trends in mind when designing this space, functionality is something you definitely shouldn’t ignore.

Let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational ideas for master bedroom wardrobe designs.

Master Bedroom Wardrobe Designs in India

The definition of a “decent” bedroom wardrobe is to keep its style and help organise your clothes which can optimise your time every day. Make sure the design is well thought out that can be adapted to the available space.

decent master bedroom wardrobe

Vastu Tips for Installing Spacious Wardrobes for Bedrooms

Here are some tips to help you create an ideal master bedroom wardrobe design:

  • Incorporate a loft into your wardrobe design as a floor-to-ceiling closet to easily store your winter clothes and suitcases.
  • Choose sliding doors for your closet that provide plenty of walking room and add a feeling of space to your compact room.

spacious master bedroom wardrobe

  • Design a wall-to-wall closet to create ample storage space in your small bedroom.
  • Try and build an in-built dressing table with pastel or light colours for the exterior of your wardrobe. Light hues make a room look open and airy, unlike darker shades.
  • Place your wardrobe in the southwest direction to increase the flow of positive energy.


wall-to-wall closet

  • Keep your wardrobe well maintained and leave a 3-inch gap between the wall and the cabinet.
  • Design your wardrobe so that the doors open to the east.
  • Choose a metal/wooden wardrobe design for the master bedroom, and never keep the cabinets empty.
  • Colour affects a person’s mood and shapes their long-term personality. Therefore, you need to choose the right colour scheme for your master bedroom wardrobe design and stick to neutral colours for a small bedroom with a mirror.

chic modern look wardrobe

  • If you like the chic modern look then go for a soft push-to-open mechanism for your wardrobe designs for the bedroom.
  • Closet doors are optional, especially if you have a walk-in closet.
  • Make sure you have enough hanging space, with a ratio of 1:3 wardrobe shelves.

highly trending wardrobe

Now, let us check out some of the best and highly trending master bedroom wardrobe designs:

soft push-to-open wardrobe

10 Best Master Bedroom Wardrobe Designs for Your Modern Homes

Here, we have listed the most popular master bedroom wardrobe designs that will be highly preferred by homeowners in 2022. Let us take a look:

1. A Very Trendy Wooden Walk-In Closet with Glass Panels

This is an eclectic wardrobe design for master bedrooms that incorporates various elements. The wooden wardrobe robed in glass panels has a sleek, high-end look, maximising the closet’s potential by keeping clothes that reflect your personality and style. This style emphasises creativity, and you can apply it if you have space for a walk-in wardrobe. The beautifully-spaced cabinets and a mirrored panel steal the show making this a perfect choice for your master bedroom.

trendy wooden wardrobe

2. A Sober White Wardrobe with a Transparent Exterior

This type of wardrobe design for master bedrooms is perfect for large bedrooms with lots of space as they provide easy access to your closet. Glass doors look sleek and stylish and are one of the most fascinating master bedroom wardrobe designs. They also come in a variety of patterns and designs, allowing them to complement just about any type of bedroom decor.

sober white wardrobe

3. Non-Revealing Wooden Wardrobe with Integrated Bedside Tables

This master bedroom trendy wardrobe design is the right choice for you if you want to be discreet about your belongings. This master bedroom wardrobe meets a variety of storage needs and even serves as a bedside cabinet and table design.

The solid wood maintains a contemporary aesthetic, offering convertible spaces to store your clothes and other essentials. With a spacious yet multifunctional master bedroom wardrobe, you can store not only utility items but also daily-use things. You can use an entire wall for this wardrobe design, giving you ample storage space.

non-revealing wooden wardrobe

4. Sleek All-White Master Bedroom with a Walk-in Closet

If you are the kind who loves royalty and believes in exuding richness using impeccable white in your master bedroom space, then this sleek wardrobe design is meant for you. With ample space, you can have the privilege of a walk-in closet, all built-in white which prevents the whole bedroom design from becoming stuffy. The master bedroom modern wardrobe design defines luxury, and you have extraordinary space at your fingertips. This style compliments opulence and can become the reason for envy among friends.

walk-in closet

5. A Large Mirrored Wardrobe to Enhance the Look of Your Master Bedroom

This master bedroom wardrobe design is for the simple and subtle ones who like to keep it minimal but elegant.

 A mirrored wardrobe is a traditional one that comes in contemporary styles and unique combinations and finishes that complement the rest of the room.

The black-bordered master bedroom wardrobe design with a mirror comes with magnetic doors and extends over the entire height of the room and thus offers the greatest possible storage space. If your master bedroom has enough space, consider a closet design that includes a dressing table.

large mirrored wardrobe

6. A Sumptuous Wardrobe with a Translucent Black Exterior

Opting for a black frosted glass, you can integrate an elegant and spacious in-built wardrobe into your master bedroom while keeping the contents of the cabinet invisible. Apart from this, using frosted glass for your master bedroom wardrobe interior design enhances the look of the bedroom by adding a touch of sophistication. Due to its simplicity, it is one of the most popular glass cabinet designs that you can choose from when designing your master bedroom.

sumptuous wardrobe

7. An Elegant White and Gold Cabinet That Best Suits Your Colourful Interior

Do you like bold colours in your bedroom décor? Maybe a dark-shaded ceiling, wall design, or furnishings – then this subtle and elegant white bedside master bedroom wardrobe design is the perfect choice for you. This wall-mounted bedroom closet design is highly reflective, with metal handles and large double-door cabinets for effective storage. The wardrobe cabinet matches the bold colour scheme.

white and gold cabinet

8. Immaculate White Wardrobe with a Matching TV Cabinet

This master bedroom trendy wardrobe design exuberates a unique charm of a vintage wardrobe that is consistent in style with cutting-edge design and engineering. Getting a true white-coloured master bedroom wardrobe design with a TV unit will allow you to appreciate the high level of craftsmanship in making it.

immaculate white wardrobe

9. An Open Wardrobe for a More Fashionable Bedroom

An open closet is a distinctive addition to a master bedroom wardrobe design and is the most effective way to keep your wardrobe organised at all times. Choosing a matching shade for the surfaces, you can always add lighting to ensure adequate lighting inside the cabinet.

White never goes wrong in such styles, as the colourful inclusions add the required hues to it. The highly functional engineered design of the cabinets and hanging space acts as the focal point and provides a rich look. The overall colour palette of the bedroom helps balance out the shiny look of the other accents.

open wardrobe

10. Combination of Glass and Wood for Perfect Harmony

High-quality glass master bedroom trendy wardrobe designs are a beautiful addition irrespective of the furniture and bedroom interiors. The glass and wood design blends seamlessly and enhances the room’s visual appeal. With a glass covering, your wardrobe makes your master bedroom appear more spacious and brighter and is also quite easy to clean and maintain.

Match the cabinet structure with the rest of the room interior and spruce up your POP ceiling with in-built fancy lights, and you will have a master bedroom wardrobe design that combines storage space and elegant presentation.

glass and wood combination

11. Go All Out for Wood for a Countryside Look

Want a farmhouse look? Go for a wooden wardrobe with a simple, majestic, and rustic master bedroom wardrobe design that complements the rest of the wooden décor. This traditional master bedroom wardrobe design with a TV unit makes sure that the clothes are never humid and always remain clean. Accessorise your wooden closet with long golden handles and add a touch of elegance and regality to it.

countryside look


A wardrobe is a one-time investment for most people, so it should be designed with great care. With a wardrobe, functionality and aesthetics are of equal importance. A well-designed wardrobe does not cost more than a poorly-designed wardrobe. Do not hesitate to consult professionals at  HomeLane for tips and techniques to incorporate the best master bedroom wardrobe design.

simple wardrobe

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Finishes for Master Bedroom Wardrobes?

Some of the most stylish finishes for your master bedroom wardrobe designs are:

  • Veneer finish which comes with thin layers of natural wood.
  • A laminated finish that gives your wardrobe the wood finish without heavily weighing down your pockets.
  • Mirror or glass finish, which looks extremely classy and rich but requires maintenance and money.
  • Stainless steel finishes that offer durability and style.

What Type of Wardrobe Is Best for the Bedroom?

If you want to give your master bedroom a perfect look by installing a sleek wardrobe, then you must go for a sliding wardrobe. Unlike other cabinets, it takes up less space and can be assembled with a wide variety of materials and in different types of sliding systems, opening up endless possibilities.

Which Type of Wood Is Best for Wardrobes?

If you have opted for a wooden wardrobe for your bedroom, then you must choose plywood. If your cabinets will be used roughly and exposed to moisture, then plywood is the best option. You can also go for MDF if the wardrobe is safe and not exposed to external harm.

What Are the Different Types of Wardrobes?

To create a statement master bedroom design, you can install the following kinds of wardrobes in it:

  • Wardrobe with sliding doors
  • Custom wardrobes
  • Hinged wardrobes
  • Wardrobes with cabinets
  • White wardrobes
  • Wardrobe as a corner furniture

What Colour Is the Best Laminate for Wardrobes?

The safest and most exquisite choice is a white cabinet laminate design. According to Vastu Shastra, your wardrobe should have light wood finishes, neutrals, and white. When cabinets take up a significant amount of space in a room, choose colours that look seamless and elegant.

What Type of Plywood Is Best for a Wardrobe?

Commercial plywood or moisture-resistant plywood is generally considered the best plywood for furniture and other interior repairs. The plywood is suitable for humid conditions and strong enough to withstand everyday use.

What Are the Bare Minimum Wardrobe Requirements?

The length of the cabinet should meet your needs, and there must be enough space to walk in front of the cabinet. If you have placed the wardrobe near the doorway, then there must be a minimum distance of 500 mm (20″) between the cabinet and the entrance.

What Do You Call Small Wardrobes for Bedrooms?

A small wardrobe is called a capsule wardrobe which is used to store essential pieces that never go out of style, like skirts, pants, coats, or other seasonal pieces.

What Are Hinged Wardrobes for Bedrooms?

Hinged cabinets are handleless wardrobes that give a sleek and modern look to the decor. Hinged doors can be combined with cabinets of all shapes.

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