Just because you live in a tiny studio apartment doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your home and make it feel open, luxurious and comfortable. Here are some tips from HomeLane’s experts to make the best of the space you have and even make it look and feel bigger than it is. Read on to explore 11 unique studio apartment design ideas you can take inspiration from.

Let’s get exploring!

Use a Room Divider

Studio apartments are usually one open space and it can be hard to define a floor plan. To create separate areas for different purposes, you could use a functional piece of furniture like a bookshelf to visually define areas. A folding screen will also do the trick. Such room divider ideas for studio apartment work best for medium to bigger houses.

In the picture below, the bookshelf creates a little privacy and marks out the sleeping area from the rest of the home.

use a room divider

Get a Day Bed

Instead of getting a full-sized bed that takes up a lot of precious floor space, get yourself a day bed that can be used as a couch as well for additional seating options. While shopping for your studio apartment, always opt for multifunctional pieces!

get a day bed

Studio Apartment Flooring

Another way to demark areas for different functions in your studio apartment is to get different flooring for each area. You could pick a beautiful tile for one area, for instance. A cheaper alternative is to get area rugs that will define the space. This is one of the most unique studio apartment layout ideas you can achieve with minimal effort.

studio apartment flooring

Utilize Space Wisely

Make maximum use of vertical space. The space above the bed is usually not used well. If you install a cupboard like the one in the image below, you will be gaining a lot of storage in your bedroom area. You can customize one with enough open and closed storage as per your preference.

utilize space wisely


Does your studio apartment have tall ceilings? Go with durable studio loft apartment design ideas. Building a loft is a great investment that goes a long way in creating additional square footage and also defining a separate area that can be used for sleeping, as an office etc.

studio loft apartment design

DIY Closet Space

Even if you don’t live in a studio, storage is something that most of us lack at home. In a studio, it’s even more precious. If you don’t have enough storage in your home, create it! Instead of building a whole new wardrobe, use an empty wall to create an open-air closet. With just a few drawers, open shelves and clothes racks, you can create the perfect “walk-in closet.”

diy closet space

Down to Basics

Instead of cluttering your home with small pieces of furniture, choose a few large, pieces. This will make your space look bigger and airier. Make sure that you stick to a single colour palette, preferably neutrals, to make the space feel cohesive and put together.

down to basics

Get Low

Choosing low furniture in smaller areas makes the space look airier and larger. This can be one of the best small studio apartment ideas if you have a low ceiling.

small studio apartment ideas

Optical Illusion

Hang your curtains above the window to make the space look taller than it is. Large mirrors in the space will also give a similar effect.

optical illusion apartment ideas

Hang Your Chair

In a small space, you want to hang things up as much as possible to free up floor space. A swing chair is a fun piece of furniture that adds interest and additional seating to your home.

hang your chair

Hang it up

Talking about hanging up stuff, think out of the box and look around your home to see what else can be hung on the wall instead of occupying your limited storage space. This is a brilliant idea for studio apartment interior design and décor- the cycle, for example, is hung in a manner to make it look like a piece of art!

We hope you can use a few of these tips to make the most out of every available square inch to create the grown-up home you deserve. Talk to the experts at HomeLane for customized home interior designs, modular kitchen designs, or any other bedroom designs in your home.

hang it up design ideas



1. What Size Are Most Studio Apartments?

Not all studio apartments are the same. They all have unique flooring plans depending on the space. This compact, self-contained unit typically ranges from 500 to 600 square feet. They max out at 600 square feet and can be as tiny as 300 square feet. It brings out your creativity in storing and finding your things.

As there’s no particular benchmark for sizing, you can have a small studio apartment and make it appear big with full utilisation of your space.

2. How Much Space Do You Need for a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment denotes a compact area with an open floor plan. They follow the optimum space utilisation principle by combining a single room’s bed, kitchen, bathroom area, and living space.

If we talk about the standard size of a studio apartment range from 300 to 700 square feet. It is a bit smaller than a one-bedroom apartment. The space requirement also depends on location, developer, and many other factors.

In metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore, there is a huge space crunch which doesn’t generally allow to stay in large residential buildings.

3. What Is Studio Apartment Design?

It is a self-contained, single large room. This studio flat is a place where all activities- sleeping, eating, and cooking happen in a single area. It is designed to contain a living space, bedroom space, and kitchen space, with an attached bathroom spread over an open floor. Homeowners can have studio apartment decor ideas of their own to decorate this space and make internal partitions through curtains, wooden panels, glass sheets etc.

They are designed to reduce clutter, cleaning time, and storage. They also come with the added advantage of cost-effectiveness. These designs require fewer furnishings with space-saving furniture and hold up multipurpose units which serve dual purposes. Some of them include box sofas, coffee tables etc.

4. How Do I Make My Studio Apartment Cosy?

You have to make it cosy without making it look overwhelmed- make it your happy place with hung floating artwork and bold jewel tones. Get some sleek furniture with bold designs. Another option is to choose a dark theme for your apartment to feel warm and cosy.

You can also add loads of mirrors to trick the eye into seeing the apartment as much more significant and brighter. If your apartment has a lower ceiling, go with low furniture and get creative with colours to feel cosy.

Another alternative is to create DIY spaces like tucking your retractable bed under a table or going for curtains over the doors to create privacy, as a door would take up a lot of space.

5. How Can I Make My Studio Look Nice?

You can do so by utilising every single corner of your apartment. Bring up the moody vibes with light and dark paint. Fall in love with more space between furniture and the ceiling. Light up your wall with those little fairy lights to lighten up your place. How about putting a couch beside your table? This way, you don’t need extra chairs to occupy that space.

There are so many other ideas to feel nice about your studio apartment. Thinking of having bold artefacts?

Stretch a gallery wall in a vertical space to make it look nice and emphasise the height. Who doesn’t like a bookshelf? Use a large bookshelf as a divider to carve out some area. You can look for many more room divider ideas for studio apartments. Have some tall indoor plants, and you can also hang them on the ceiling. Not only plants, but you can also hang up your bicycles over the wall. There are many other such options you can get creative with. Moreover, compare different studio apartment decorating ideas to determine which design would suit your vibe the best.

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