Let’s just agree that setting up your home is no easy task. It’s not just about putting up some accessories, there is a whole range of tasks involved, including choosing the right colour shades, combining them with other shades and allocating them to the most suitable settings.

We can’t stress this enough but choosing the right hues for your home is a crucial step in the entire journey of converting your house into your home. Every nook should be able to reflect you and cast an impression. It is not a trial and error approach, but careful drafting of strategies after doing your research thoroughly. Fear not, we are here to help you on this journey.

Why Choose the Colour Orange?

Orange is one of the peppiest colours to go for your home décor, representing joy and creativity. The mere sight of the colour gives a happy mood, and we have all the reasons you should choose orange for your home decor.

  • Orange is an exuberant colour. It stands for sunshine, enthusiasm, success, and encouragement. It uplifts one’s mood instantly.
  • Orange conveys warmth and happiness and helps in striking the perfect emotional balance.
  • Orange goes with almost every colour, hence making it easier to add its tints into existing décor.
  • The colour orange stimulates activity and our ability to socialise.

Given its energetic tones, one con that you might face while using orange interiors for your living room is that it may not feel like a place to relax and unwind after a hectic day of work.

We provide you with a list of the best shades of orange, colours complimenting them and how to incorporate the combinations in different parts of your home.

1. Make an Impact

Orange walls are such a sight to see and reflect boldness. Contrasting the orange colour with shades of dark brown or black will make your dining room thrive. It will create such a powerful ambience whenever you have guests over and make them drool all over your interiors. Choose the combination of white and orange for the walls to achieve the perfect vibrant look. Pair this up with accessories like black vases or bowls, and voila! Your aesthetic dining room is ready to serve you and your guests!

2. An Adventurous Kitchen

A good kitchen is always desirable, but a great kitchen is always remembered. The combination of white walls with orange cabinets will entail your kitchen a sophisticated look. You can couple this up with a plain white fridge and other accessories like flower pots and jars in black. Additionally, you can also put up framed art or sceneries. Every time you enter your kitchen, you are in for an adventurous ride while you won’t be able to stop staring at its magnificence. No more lazy mornings!

3. The Little Orange Tricks

Yes, you heard us right. Our next colour trick is going to give your living room that dreamy look everyone aspires for. Play around with not only different shades of orange but also different patterns for your living room decor. For instance, you could go for contrasting stripes for your couch set or bright floral patterned cushions on a plain lighter couch. This could be accompanied by a fireplace in a creamy shade and the walls following a similar tone. Furthermore, you can add to the look with a classy rug and lamp in shades of orange only. No wonder your living room is going to be the most fun part of your home!

4. Wake Up to The Best Surroundings

Your bedroom is the most important part of your home, and there is no compromise when it comes to the look you want to wake up to every day. The combination of orange and black is just the edgy look you need for your room. You can combine this with patterned wallpapers and even introduce a little shade of dark blue. Top this up with accessories like vases or wall hangings. Give yourself the pleasure of waking up in such an ebullient atmosphere while you never get enough of looking at your gorgeous room!

We bet that by now, you have already planned on what orange interiors you are going to play around with and in what setting for your next project. But that’s not where it ends. Planning your home décor and home interiors can be challenging, and not everyone has the time and effort to pour into it. Don’t worry; we have got you.

With branches all over the country, HomeLane is India’s go-to home interiors brand. We are an end-to-end home interiors brand and help homeowners set up their personalised home interiors in a pocket-friendly manner. We are dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best home decor.

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