With people confined to their homes, movie watching is on the rise. Your family room is where you gather for movie nights, but it’s also a space where everyone multitasks. From snoozing on the sofa to homework, from playing Scrabble to working from home, this room is probably the most hard-working space in your home.
Here are some décor ideas to help you create a cosy family movie zone, perfect for lazy weekends!

Pick a Family-Friendly Sofa

Do you have kids? Or a pet? You need to pick a sofa that’s high on comfort, fits the entire family and can withstand the travails of juice spills and pet drools. Machine washable slipcovers are a great idea if your kids are very young, or your pets shed fur. A comfy floor rug can double up as a yoga mat, for those times when you would like to do your exercise routine in front of the TV!
This cheery, cosy family room blends clean lines and a neutral colour palette.
movie room at home

TV Viewing Comfort

For comfortable TV viewing, the distance from your screen should be 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement. So if you have a 46 inch TV, you should sit approximately 6 feet away. For the ideal viewing angle, the middle of your screen should be at your eye level when you sit.
Linear planning and a contemporary line of furniture contribute to the modern appeal in this family space.
family movie zone

Entertainment Centre

The TV console that you choose should match your overall décor and suit your practical storage needs. Try to conceal all the wires as much as possible. Choose shelves or drawers that can fit the Wi-Fi unit, audio system, set-top box, and other accessories. Mount your TV straight on the wall, or fit it on a back panel to easily manage the wires. If you like to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime on your TV screen, invest in a good-quality casting device.
The aqua canvas takes centre stage in this intimate family space. The entertainment console offers a stark white contrast to the colour theme.
entertainment center for movie room

Soundproof Your Room

Movies are best watched with surround sound, and to avoid complaints from the neighbours, it’s best to get your room soundproofed. You can get a basic degree of soundproofing just by doubling up on the soft furnishings. Pile up the cushions, add a comfy shag rug on the floor and install thick fabric curtains to confine most of the sound to the room. Acoustic panelling in the walls can serve as an extra layer of sound protection. However, it also blocks out all the ambient noises and can make your room too quiet for comfort.
Plenty of soft furnishings in this TV room prevent resounding, even when the volume is high. The stylish futons double up as beds at night.
soundproof movie room

Create Theatre-Style Lighting

Movie night isn’t quite the same without some theatre-style lighting. Remember, reflections on the screen will detract from your movie-watching experience. Make sure that any light coming in from the windows does not fall directly on the screen. You can place lamps on either side or behind the TV, but not in front of it. If you do have lamps near the sofa, turn them off while you watch TV. Too dark a room can cause eye strain, so don’t forget to provide some soft, diffused ceiling lighting.
The lighting in this stylish open-plan home ticks all the right boxes. The spotlights in the ceiling offer ambient light, and the high set horizontal slit windows prevent reflections on the screen.
Theatre style lighting  

Movie Time Snacks

If you’re like most of us, you can’t imagine watching a movie without some yummy popcorn! If your family room is far away from the kitchen, set up some space for a microwave, a coffeemaker and a mini-refrigerator, to continue your binge-watching without a pause! Pick up convenient side tables or a centre table next to the sofa, so that you can set down your snacks and drinks while you watch.
Movie theatre at home
We hope these ideas will help you to create a cosy, warm space for your next family movie night. Work with elements and objects that match the personality of your family, and you can never go wrong! For more customised décor tips, contact a HomeLane designer today.

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