Among the many kinds of furniture in a home, wardrobes are perhaps given the least amount of importance. Apartments and homes often come with a pre-defined built-in set, which may or may not be sufficient space for the needs of the people living in it. Small closets are ideal for small homes but storage is often a problem! If you already have a predetermined space for your wardrobe, you need to get creative to create more wardrobe space. check out these 10 clever ways to create wardrobe space:

1. Declutter And Dispose

Rather than buying clothes all the time and adding to the existing wardrobe, creating a capsule clothes collection for each season keeps the quantity small and more relevant. Limited clothing space means that every item of clothing has to fight for its space. Rather than de-cluttering once a year, try doing different wardrobe sections every once in a while to reduce workload and keep clothes fresh.

Declutter Wardrobe space

2. Off-Season Items

Clothing and accessories that are not frequently worn or are off-season can be placed in storage and used only when required. The idea is to utilize prime wardrobe space for items that are frequently worn and in-season. Other items can either be placed in special storage bins under the bed, in the loft or filled into suitcases and packed with other off-season items. Vacuum storage bags are a great option especially for fleece blankets and other bulky winter clothing.

Off season Cloths

3. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a quick, convenient solution for storage. It’s best if you hang up clothes and accessories that you use very frequently, perhaps even daily. You can place them behind doors, on one wall of your bedroom and inside your bathroom. You could hang up clothes you have worn once and want to wear again before washing, clothes that you plan to wear the next day, jackets and accessories you use daily. Some accessories like pretty bags and hats could even double as decor for the room. However, you should always be aware of the number of items you hang up as they can easily pile up and make the room look messy.

Wall Hooks

4. Wardrobe Curtains

Rather than closet doors, curtains sometimes work better for wardrobes since they open wider and feel more spacious. They are not only a much cheaper alternative to doors but also make the room look airier.

5. Lighting

Besides adding to the aesthetics and visibility of the contents, a well-lit wardrobe encourages the habit of keeping your space neat. If your home is rented and you are just looking for a temporary solution, you can find small clip-on or battery-operated light fixtures that serve the purpose and are easy on the pocket.

wardrobe lights

6. Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Rather than just hanging rods, a combination of rods, bins and shelves can give you additional space in small wardrobes. Infrequently used items can be moved to the back or on higher racks, while open bins and small drawers can be used for storing lingerie and delicate items. Small boxes can be re-used to store clips and accessories.

Wardrobe storage ideas

7. Dividers & Risers

Storage can be boosted by adding temporary, removable risers and dividers – to keep piles of clothing from falling over. These will help store double the number of items in the same space.

8. Create An Alternate Mini Wardrobe To increase Wardrobe Space

Often, despite your best efforts, you fall short of creating enough storage in your bedroom. If this happens to you, you can convert a corner of your bedroom or hall into an open wardrobe in the form of extra shelves or ceiling mounted rod to hang clothes on. If you decide to take this route in your home, you need to make sure that all the exposed items are kept extremely neatly. If you are hanging certain items, try to pick out coats, blazers, hats and other fancy pieces that will add character to your room. If you go for a shelf, make sure items kept on it are folded well and kept in little storage compartments like in the picture below.

Mini Wardrobe

9. Portable Garment Racks

A great alternative to small wardrobes is movable racks. These can either be racks on casters or coat racks which can be rolled from the room to room. They can also be hidden away when you have guests over. They can be bought readymade or you could try your hand at a DIY one with some pipes.

Portable Wardrobe


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