Kitchens form an integral part of every household. They are one of the defining features of a home. From simple traditional kitchens to the most contemporary modular ones, designing an efficient and aesthetic kitchen can be a daunting yet satisfying endeavor. A beautiful and well-thought-out kitchen can be refreshing for the entire living experience of a home. 

Whether one lives in a spacious bungalow or an apartment, kitchen plumbing is meant to be laid in before the rest of the kitchen is set up, or you’d have to rip out a bunch of pipes every time you wanted to change your design idea. This means that plumbing points must be finalized before the kitchen is set in order. Kitchen equipment like sinks, faucets, dishwashers and water purifiers are all placed according to the plumbing points in the kitchen. Accuracy in kitchen plumbing can ensure a fuss-free experience for people using it.  plumbing points in kitchen

Plumbing Points Essentials

The first step to figuring plumbing points in modular kitchens is to understand the kitchen work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is specified using the three vital parts of any kitchen. First comes the stove, followed by the sink, and finished off with the refrigerator (and pantry area).

The kitchen work triangle is a concept used by kitchen designers to help make modular kitchens look aesthetic and be functional at the same time. The idea posits that these three parts of a kitchen must be arranged as if they were situated on the three endpoints of a triangle. The whole purpose behind following the rule of the kitchen work triangle is to ensure the best and most efficient experience one could have while using the kitchen for cooking and cleaning (or even just lurking!) kitchen plumbing points

Deciding on the Plumbing Points

Diving into the detailed basics of kitchen plumbing, it is imperative to acknowledge that there are enough power points for appliances in a home, however, it is as crucial to ensuring there are enough water points in the kitchen. Ensuring that the plumber has fixated water points in crucial places will allow a hassle-free kitchen experience. The plumbing points must be placed in such a manner so as to ensure it does not interfere with pipework penetrations in a kitchen. 

Under the Sink

This area forms the most obvious and important location for a water connection under the kitchen sink. It is an added advantage to have both cold and hot water points to charge the sink. One must also keep in mind to provide for more water points in kitchens where there are appliances connected to the sink. under kitchen sink plumbing points

Water Filter/RO

There should be a separate inlet water point near the sink area for water filters, be it an appliance that is mounted on the wall or a filtered water tap kept alongside the sink. Using good quality metals for water purifier inlet can be a health point for Water filter and RO

Geyser/Hot Water Dispensers

In case you plan on making room for a geyser, plumbing needs to ensure where and how it is placed. There needs to be one inlet point for the geyser. One needs to ensure the use of good quality metal here in order to prevent salt deposits from forming inside it.

Behind the Refrigerator

Refrigerators must have provisions in place for a water inlet, especially if the refrigerator has a filtered cold water function or an ice-maker. It is best to place the inlet within the fridge cavity, and also make sure a mini stop tap is put in place alongside the inlet to ensure safety functions, especially during a pressure blowout. plumbing point for Fridge


Not every Indian household might swear by a dishwasher. Nonetheless, it is imperative to have accurate knowledge of how the plumbing needs to be done to make sure the dishwasher is put to good and efficient usage. The dishwasher is one appliance that is widely installed under the drain of the sink. Dishwashers require their own cold water point. 

Some may require a hot water point as well. It’s best to ensure the kitchen plumbing is done in a manner so as to ensure that the plumber will be able to adjust its placement into the existing hot and cold water lines under the sink to feed the dishwasher.

The water pipes elementary to the dishwasher must have their own mini stop taps and pressure-limiting valves. The mini stop taps shall permit an easy disconnection when the water line needs to be shut off. A pressure-limiting valve is crucial, as it prevents blowouts in case the water pressure fluctuates. 

dishwasher Plumbing points

Most people believe kitchen plumbing does not essentially require expertise. However, this notion can be put to rest when you hire a professional to do the work for you. Kitchen plumbing requires a touch of artistry and elegance while ensuring functionality. 

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