Lighting is an essential element that can elevate a room as it influences the ambience of the space. Any interior designer will tell you that choosing the right lighting for your home is as essential as selecting the right furniture. Lights greatly impact the room based on many factors like brightness, intensity, colours, and more. The right lights can even uplift the mood of the environment, inspiring positivity and motivation.

As the festive season of Diwali approaches, it goes without saying that the Diwali lights decoration ideas play a key role in your home decor and renovation plans. Diwali is the festival of lights for a good reason, symbolising the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. This year, focus on using different lights for both indoor and outdoor spaces to dazzle guests during the celebrations. There are many lighting ideas for Diwali and many different kinds of lights to choose from.

diwali celebration with loved ones

Following are some Diwali lights decoration home ideas to ensure the best illumination for your home, as well as a few recommendations of the different types of lighting available. Explore the various décor choices to light up your home this festive season!

Bring Your Diwali Lights Decoration Ideas to Life with Traditional Lights

Traditional lights are one of the most popular Diwali lights decoration ideas. The ever-popular diyas in clay pots will add warmth to any corner of your home. While decorative diyas at your doorsteps and windowsills are a must, there are also some stylish options to upgrade the traditional diya placement. Try placing floating diyas at the entrance of your home or near corridors. Add water to decorative bowls and some flower petals, and your floating diyas will add extravagance to the dark corners in no time with this Diwali home light decoration.

Electric diyas can also be placed inside mosaic lanterns to hang above the windows. Paper lanterns in traditional designs are another great option to consider. Decorative paper lanterns can be placed outdoors as well, on tree branches. This Diwali light decoration outside the home will turn any dark garden area into a bright and luminous space.

traditional diwali lighting ideas

Warm Lights Are a Winner for Diwali Home Light Decoration

When choosing new lights for your home, especially for Diwali decoration, always opt for warmer tones instead of harsh white lights. Warm tones of gold, yellow, or even neon pink hues create a cosy atmosphere which feels more welcoming. Generally, lights within the lumen range of 1800k to 2700k are warm tones. Incorporate these into your Diwali light decoration ideas, and avoid white lights as much as possible, as they tend to have blue hues that disrupt the warm ambience.

warm beautiful diwali lights

Central Lighting and Accent Lights

Here are a few Diwali light decoration ideas for the interiors. Always have a main light like a chandelier or classy overhead pendant lights for the interior. This is especially true for a dining area, as an overhead pendant light creates a more intimate ambience. Accent lights are used to highlight important features on a wall. Use wall fixtures or shelf lights to highlight artwork and showpieces.

Accent lights don’t always have to be small. Different designer lamps and hanging lights are ideal for an empty corner or reading space. They’re also suitable for feature walls. Make sure accent lights complement the main lighting. The combination of the different lights bouncing off the walls makes a spectacular Diwali lights decoration on the house.

central lighting and accent lights for diwali

Fairy Lights Done Right

No festive home is complete without fairy lights. They are one of the most fun Diwali light decoration ideas. From simple LED fairy lights to strings of bulbs in different shapes and colours, these popular decorative lights are excellent for creating a whimsical environment. For Diwali light decoration outside the home, drape the lights over treestree trunkstree-trunks for an instantly magical atmosphere. They can even be placed in colourful lanterns that can be hung around garden areas. For the indoors, drape the lights over curtain rods to mimic curtains or place them inside colourful glass bottles to brighten dark corners. These Diwali Lights Decoration Ideas are the best option for the balcony and the children’s room.

DIY mason jars with fairy lights

Fresh and Vibrant Neon Lights

If you’re looking for Diwali lights decoration ideas to create a more relaxed ambience for guests, choose an intimate corner of your home to decorate with neon lights. These bright and brilliant lights come in different colours and are ideal for a more urban and contemporary vibe. Neon strip lights can be placed along the corners of the floors and ceilings. Choose an empty wall to hang neon signs. This will be an excellent photo wall where friends and family can click pictures. Add a disco ball to your neon room, and you will have the perfect Diwali Lights Decoration with a dance floor!

vibrant neon lights for diwali

Scented Candles

Traditional and simple scented candles also have an important role in lighting ideas for Diwali. Candles add a warm glow to bathrooms and are cost-effective. A few candles near the sink are an ideal way to avoid harsh bathroom lights and keep up with the warm ambience of the celebrations. It is one of the most affordable Diwali light decoration ideas.

scented candles

Mix and Match for Best Results: An Idea That Outshines All Diwali Lights Decoration Ideas

Finally, the best Diwali Lights Decoration Idea to celebrate the festival is mixing and matching every lighting option you can! This is called layered illumination, and when done right, it amplifies the warm and comfortable festive atmosphere. Besides an overhead light, ensure dark corners are illuminated with soft accents or candles. Remember to leave some dark corners to create a contrast, or else the room will be too bright, and it can lose its warm aura. It’s the king of all Diwali light decoration ideas!

mixing and matching diwali lights

There are plenty of Diwali light decoration ideas; however, choose the best for your home from our list of curated tips. For more such design and decor ideas, contact HomeLane. This makes the entire process easier as you get professional recommendations and personalised solutions for your home.

Celebrate the light this Diwali with a bright and stunning home!


1. Which Lights Are Best for Diwali?

Come Diwali, everyone starts looking for Diwali lights decoration ideas to brighten their homes. The best Diwali lights are traditional Diyas or earthen lamps. They add warmth to all corners of your room, including the balcony, doorsteps, and staircases. If you’re choosing new home light for Diwali decoration, opt for warmer tones like gold, yellow, or neon pink hues.

2. How Do You Decorate Your Balcony with Diwali Lights?

There are tons of Diwali lighting ideas for balconies that you can try this festive season. If you have a narrow balcony, you can opt for string or fairy lights. Adding earthen diyas or traditional-looking lantern lights to your Diwali lights decoration ideas gives a festive touch to your balcony. Additionally, you can mix some modern balcony Diwali light decorations, such as starry lights, decorative plates, and other wall hangings.

3. Which Light Is Best for the Balcony?

The best light for the balcony depends on the style of the terrace you have. If you have a classic-themed balcony, neutral or white lighting looks best. Modern terraces, on the other hand, can incorporate more vibrant colours. Pretty pendant hanging lamps make a great addition to large outdoor balconies. You can also include them in your Diwali lights decoration ideas for the balcony.

4. How to Hang Diwali Lights without Nails?

Not all Diwali light decoration ideas for home require nails and hammers for hanging lights. You can also hang them using adhesive clips, push pins, or transparent tape. Another idea is to wrap fairy lights around the furniture and staircase handrail. This Diwali light decoration on the house will have a magical effect on your home.

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