Cricket fans have had a long enough wait for the latest edition of BCCI’s T20 extravaganza Indian Premier League! Even the fact that we cannot watch the games in person hasn’t deterred millions of fans, and we’re happy enough to recreate the IPL frenzy from the comfort of our homes. As a die-hard IPL fan, which is the team you’re rooting for? And would you like to recreate the colours of your favourite team in your own home décor?

Fellow IPL fans, this one for you.

Game for More, RCB!

Bold and brazen, the men in red and black makeup in talent what they have perhaps been lacking in luck! This is a powerful combination of colours that perfectly balances the grounding force of black against the verve and vigour of red, making it a popular choice among modern designers.

This kitchen gets the pairing of the two colours just right, with plenty of white elements to tone down the fire.

Khelo Front Foot Pe, Delhi Capitals!

Blue and red are the signature colours of this daredevil team that is ruling the points table at the moment. These colours form two of the three points of a triad on the colour wheel, the third being yellow. This design power couple is versatile and suits the design sensibilities of a range of décor themes.

Tommy Hilfiger would certainly approve of this living room that has inserts of white to create added dimension and range.

Sadda Squad, Kings XI Punjab!

KXIP has been rather inconsistent this season, and the red and silver players need to up their game to match the sizzling colours of their jerseys. Any solid, bold colour will pair well with metallic silver, and this is a strong combination that we hope will set the trend for some powerful action that will take their game to the next level.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re going to see a lot of this festive colour duo that ushers in the magic of jingling bells, spiced plum cakes and lively carols!

Rise Up to Every Challenge, Sunrisers Hyderabad!

Spectacular performances cannot be far away with the team sporting this striking combination of warm, cheerful orange with the boldness of black. This smart and happening colour combination falls in place naturally, with the vibrancy of one complementing the solidity and class of the other.

This living room, done up in a contemporary theme in black and orange is zesty, fun and sophisticated all at once.

black and orange colour wall

Halla Bol, Rajasthan Royals!

Wearing colours that pack a punch, the blue and pink team are looking to up their game and pull off a surprise upset in this IPL season. Tones of blue pair brilliantly with almost every other shade in the colour book and the combo with pink is proof enough that opposites do attract.

Shades of pink and blue come together beautifully in this bedroom that plays around with materials and textures for a winning aesthetic.

Aamhi Kolkata We Rule, Kolkata Knight Riders!

Rich variants of purple and violet have long been associated with royalty and power, and when embellished with gold this combination has everything going for it! The Kolkata Knight Riders can derive inspiration from the powerful combination of colours in their jerseys to demonstrate their dominance in the league.

This velvet-encased armchair is decadent and sophisticated, the last word in luxurious living! The pendant lamp in gleaming gold is the perfect foil for this classic look.

Whistle Podu, Chennai Super Kings!

The exuberance of this team is perfectly matched by their bright yellow jerseys and their liveliness on the field. All shades of yellow are on the top of every designer’s look book, as this peppy colour can brighten up any space. You just can’t go wrong decorating with yellow.

This sunny kitchen is awash with tropical flavours and sets the mood for a fun-filled, energetic evening.

Dum Lagayenge Jaan Lagayenge, Mumbai Indians!

A perennial crowd favourite, this IPL team is a formidable one indeed, and has always been a tough contender for the Champions trophy. Their jerseys feature a timeless pairing of the ever-popular blue and gold, undeniably a match made in heaven.

Gold is the new black, says the poster on the wall, and we couldn’t agree more! The restfulness of blue velvet gets a warm pick-me-up with the gold-and-white striped cushions and matching magazine holder alongside.

So, there you have it… that’s our take on how you could decorate your home to get some IPL flavour into your lives. Looking for décor help? The IPL fans on the design team at HomeLane are ready to jump in!

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