Often overlooked, the chair is much more than a functional piece of furniture to sit on. It adds style and personality to a room. Each room requires a different kind of chair depending on the aesthetic of the room and what the chair is meant for. And there are so many different kinds of chairs to choose from! From dining chairs in the dining room to accent chairs in the living to rockers in the nursery – and thousands of variants – each has its own unique design and function. Our experts have narrowed down a few different types of chairs that you should be aware of when you go shopping for your new home.

1. Wishbone Chair

Back in 1949, inspired by portraits of Danish merchants using Ming Chairs, renowned Danish furniture designer, Hans Wegner, created the Wishbone Chair. Its also known as the CH24 Chair or Y Chair. Named after the Y or wishbone-shaped backrest, this design is still popular and loved for its simple, organic shape and timeless design.

2. Recliner

Its believed that Napoleon Bonaparte was the first person to own a recliner. Since then the design has undergone many changes to what it currently is. They are considered to be one of the most comfortable seats and is often used in the media room or family room for watching television in comfort. The backrest can recline back and usually, a footrest extends forwards as you recline – providing the ultimate relaxation. Recliners have plenty of variants to choose from – from the basic style, colour, material and even manual or electronic.

3. Armchairs

As the name suggests, an armchair is one that’s designed with side supports for the person’s arms – providing a very comfortable seating experience. They are usually picked out as accent chairs.

arm chairs

4. Rocking Chair

What’s more relaxing than curling up on a rocking chair and falling asleep with a slow, rhythmic movement? Perhaps that’s why the rocking chair is considered a staple in nurseries, helping babies fall asleep for generations. Its been around since the early 1700s. The curved band (rocker) design is what sets the rocking chair apart. It allows occupants to rock back and forth. There are plenty of variants, including electric rocking chairs, available in the market.

rocking chairs

5. Ladderback Chair

Dating back to the middle ages, this classic wooden chair quickly rose up the ladder of popularity to be one of the most common types found in European homes at the time. Also known as a slat-back chair, the horizontal spindles on the backrest was different from the vertical rungs that were common at the time. The similarity to a ladder is what earned it the name.

ladderback chairs

6. Chesterfield Chair

Named after the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, the Chesterfield chair was originally created in the 1700s when the Earl ordered a similar style sofa. The tailored look typically comprises defining characteristics like rolled arms, nailhead trim and button tufting. The upholstery is usually in leather but it looks beautiful in velvet or any other high-quality fabric. This chair is a classic that will go well in a classically designed library or living room. You could even incorporate it into an eclectic home.

Chesterfield Chair

7. Ghost chair

The name ghost chair comes from the fact that these are transparent and thus takes up minimal visual real estate – meaning that they will go perfectly well in small spaces where you want as few furniture pieces as possible. Made from polycarbonate plastic, these chairs are long lasting and easy maintenance.

Ghost Chairs

8.  Bistro Chair

This French-style chair is a classic that hasn’t changed much in its century-long history. It features steam-bent cane frames, woven seats and a backrest made from polyamide. They are still popular at bistros but also in homes – both indoor and outdoor.

bistro chairs

9. Director’s Chair

The Director’s Chair has gotten its name from what it was initially created for; folding chairs at movie sets often used by directors. Originally these were made of canvas but now they are more popular in leather – and also seen in different fabrics. They are most popularly used as accent chairs, but can also be used as dining chairs or a bar stool.

director chairs

10. Desk Chair

It’s important to pick a desk that is ergonomically sound, especially if you spend hours working at your desk. Experts have created thousands of designs that will cater to different needs. There are desk chairs available that can swivel, adjust the height and are shaped for the best posture while sitting.

office desk chairs

11. Loveseat

The perfect combination of sofa and chair, the loveseat is ideal for two people or even one person who likes a little extra room while lounging. The size makes it perfect for smaller homes, but will also be a great addition to a sofa set in a large room. The style you pick can range from modern to traditional, depending on your room’s aesthetic.
Green loveseat

12. Lounge Chair with Ottoman

Designed for comfort, the modern Lounge Chair is a variant of The Eames Lounge Chair. It’s available in many forms and styles. The ottoman is usually designed in the same style and fabric as the lounge.

lounge chair with ottoman

We repeat – Chairs are not simply a place to sit! When you pick a chair for your home interiors, there is a lot of history and design behind it. That’s possibly why there are awards for chair designs, books are written about them and people even study subjects revolving around chairs. The experts at HomeLane can help you design a home that’s in line with your aesthetics and lifestyle.

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