‘Life happens in a dining room’, it is said, and it is no surprise why! From lazy breakfasts to family meals, and endless gossip to table games, the dining table is where all the buzz in the home happens. Here’s how you can create a dining setting that is in sync with your family’s lifestyle and your home’s design sense.

Matching chairs and tables are considered to be boring and predictable by many interior experts. But some swear by it. Today’s contemporary homes and global trends have introduced many types of chairs that you can mix and match. More options mean more confusion, right? That’s why we are here to give you five easy steps to help you make your decision.

1. Comfort is Paramount

We take so much trouble on the looks and design that the comfort of chairs is relegated to the last. Not everything that looks good, seats well.

How to find chairs that are ergonomically sound?

  • Measure the width of the dining chair at its wide point – backrest or seats are the widest
  • Armless dining chairs are comfortable for seating when 24 inches deep and 22 inches wide approximately
  • Anything smaller than 17 inches by 20 inches is best avoided
  • Chair arms take an additional space of 6 inches. If this cannot be accommodated, it is better to avoid in limited spaces

Armchairs at the dining table are important because they provide comfort to old people, sick, pregnant women and children. Since the dining room needs movement, buy chairs that can slide under the dining table. At least 12 inches should be the gap between chair and tabletop to ensure relaxed seating and which affords plenty of legroom.

2. Lifestyle

Your home reflects your lifestyle. Your choice of dining furniture is no exception. Do you tend to host large gatherings frequently? And if you do, is it casual laid-back dinners with close friends and family or more formal affairs? Your choice of dining chairs is affected by how they will be used, so think about that before you start shopping.

Low back chairs are meant for casual settings and high backed ones look and feel formal. Open-backed chairs create a sense of space and will be right for a smaller dining space. Large, well-defined chairs that take up lots of floor space look better in large spaces. For a mix of both, you could purchase two large, extravagant chairs for both ends of the table and simple side chairs which give a semi-formal feel. This can cater to different requirements.

Also, consider whether you want to go contemporary or traditional in your design. Which will go well with the rest of the room?

3. Mix and Match

As we have mentioned before, matchy-matchy chairs and tables are not really in vogue now. Dining chairs that are a play on colour and senses look much better than exact matches. The trick in doing this is finding a common line of thought when you select your chairs. Whether it is the design, material, colour, or shape- something that unites the chairs and gives them cohesiveness.

For example, if you love a particular colour, you can choose different chair designs in that particular colour. Or, if you have fallen in love with a chair design, you can choose chairs in the same design but different shades (that go well together of course). Backrests, upholstery and other add-ons can always be mixed and matched to bring cohesiveness.

4. Easy Movement

Dining chairs that move around are such a blessing, whether used as extra seating for the living area while entertaining guests, in a home office or whenever the table is used for other tasks. Slat back or plastic moulded chairs are best for gripping when moving them around, are good for pets and children, and versatile. Open backrest chairs do away with visual clutter, look clean, and provide support. Solid back chairs or those with upholstery are sometimes difficult to move around.

5. Maintenance over Looks

The material you choose is very important for maintenance, as well as the look and feel it creates. Natural materials like rattan and cane lend a tropical summery vibe and are also very much in style now. Metal is minimalist and is perfect if you like a touch of an industrial look. Wood is classic- its warm and inviting. Plastic is functional, especially for rough use, and usually also cheap. Each of these materials comes with its own maintenance requirements and one must never lose sight of that while selecting any furniture piece.

  • If you have pets or kids at home, you can expect a whole lot of wear and tear. Basic chairs with minimal fabric are better in such cases since it’s expected that you will be cleaning the chairs often.
  • When it comes to material, leather and cotton blends are easy to clean, look good and are affordable. Delicate materials like lace and velvet are better used as slipcovers, washed and re-used. Medium to dark coloured fabrics works best for dining chairs, especially if you expect messy paws and little hands all over them.

Can you think of any other factors that may decide your choice of dining chairs? Do you have more criteria you consider while shopping for dining chairs? Share them in the comments below. If you need help choosing your dining chairs, or doing your home interiors, pick up your phone and talk to the experts at HomeLane today. 

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