What’s better – a living room or a family room? The solution appears clear to specific individuals, but there are some significant variations between the two when you think about it. You might reach a point you don’t like if you do not even end up making a desire to turn things around a little! Read on to find out why your living and family rooms should be rendered separately.

What is the Living Room?

Living rooms act as essential home décor, a great asset to the owner and those who care for him, reflecting this purposeful event in the home. The definition of a living room is where visitors are welcomed and where over structured talk, families sit together and share a drink or two.

Specific considerations, such as where to put the furniture and objects, are considered when planning a living space. Also, the wall colours and other furniture in this space should be noticed.

The notion of a living room often relies on the style of the interior of the house. And it will be prudent to align the home interior with the house components to create some sensation!living room setup

What is the Family Room?

There is a relatively simple concept of a family room. A family room, for most, serves a purpose beyond just being a family gathering place. This room is often a social hub where friends and relatives come together to watch a movie, play cards, have dinner, or even eat popcorn and drink!

Accentuating with photographs is a great way to start designing a family room. Choose furniture according to the colour scheme once you have chosen a colour for your family room. Highlight the home interior with the aid of accent pieces such as ottomans and cabinets selected in the same hue.

Ensure that you have theme lighting, such as dimmer switches and lamps, tablecloths and placemats that match. Using decorative items such as images, paintings and rugs, you can also decorate.family room designs

Living Room Vs Family Room: The Key Differentiators!

Designing your dream house is a very personal and memorable experience. It takes you on a wild ride of browsing hundreds of ideas on the Internet and eliminating most to select the best living or family room design.

Selecting a design is the biggest hurdle in this process because there is no real difference in the floor plans of both room types. But size-wise, they can be distinguished under 1 bhk design, 2 bhk design and 3 bhk designs.

Apart from this, we can also divide them into design-wise categories that fit well for modern living room interior designs. Let’s learn more about this.

How are living room and family room designs different?

Both of these rooms are common spaces found in many homes. They are predominantly used for gatherings to watch TV or have fun together. But they have some differences in terms of their purpose and design.

1. Purpose

Family room designs are casual and best for informal activities or spending quality time with family. In contrast, a living room is more formal and used for entertaining guests or professional meetings. To meet this purpose, most families prefer Indian living room interior designs as they easily fit into the culture and are spacious enough to accommodate guests.family room ideas

2. Location

Family rooms are often separate from the living room, such as in the basement or on a different floor where you will not get disturbed while enjoying. The living rooms are always near the entrance for easy access by the guests.living room designs

3. Size

Family room designs are usually large because they are recreational areas where you rest, watch tv, play games, and more. However, living rooms can also be made to look large by incorporating these minimalist living room interior design ideas. But remember the purpose! You may not need a lot of space in living rooms. It largely depends on personal preference.minimalist living room interior design

4. Furniture

Living room interiors are more formal furniture, such as a traditional sofa and armchairs. However, modern family rooms often have more comfortable and casual furniture, such as a sectional sofa and a large TV.

modern family rooms

5. Décor

Family room designs include a more relaxed and casual decor that gives you a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Somewhat similar to these family room decor ideas. Living rooms may have a more formal and polished feel. family room decor idea

6. Lighting

Family rooms usually have overhead lighting, like the one with wall holders or lights fixed in the ceiling or false ceiling. But elegant living room interior designs have more lamps and table lighting.elegant living room interior designs

7. Entertainment

Family room designs promote casual entertainment, like watching movies or relaxing with loved ones. However, living rooms can have more to offer – from music systems to indoor games. You may look for some unique hall designs for modern families, they also effectively serve the purpose of entertainment.unique hall designs for modern families

8. Storage

Family room designs usually have built-in storage, such as a media centre, bookcase, and a cupboard to store family essentials. Living rooms should have open spaces and less clutter like these small living room interior designs.small living room interior designs

9. Privacy

The purpose of the family rooms is to provide privacy, where the family can spend time together. That is why they are often in the basement or at the back of the house. Living rooms do not provide the same level of privacy. They are for accommodating guests and often include contemporary living room interior design. contemporary living room interior designs

10. Multi-purpose

Living rooms have specific arrangements, such as formal entertaining spaces. But family room designs support several functions, from resting and playing to changing clothes. hall design for medium family


Designing a home is just a one-time experience for many, so you should check every minute detail before making any drastic changes. Living room vs Family room designs may seem similar but they are different.

When you dive deeper, you will know that these rooms serve different purposes. The biggest and simplest differentiator is that the family uses family rooms to spend recreational time. But living rooms are rather formal and designed to accompany guests.

Please checkout these living room false ceiling designs and rustic living room interior design ideas for decorating your room most elegantly.

We at Homelane understand the confusion for new homeowners in evaluating and selecting the ideal living room or family room designs. That is why we offer personalised and pocket-friendly options to make it convenient for you. Do check the fantastic options on our website.


1. What is the difference between the family and the living room?

The living and family rooms mostly differ in purpose and intention of use. A family room is prone to feature casual, informal activities. It is a place for the family to gather and spend time together. On the other hand, a living room is more formal and used for entertaining guests. A long living room perfectly fits in this context. Please do checkout some long living room ideas or long narrow living room layouts you’ll surely be amazed.

2. What is the family living room?

Houses not having space for separate family and living rooms can go for collective “family living room.” These rooms provide a multipurpose space used as a casual gathering and play area for children or for socialising with guests. You can check out these family living room ideas for a better understanding.

3. Why is a family room called a family room?

A family room is called so because it is a space within a home designated for the family’s use and enjoyment. Everyone can gather together and spend time engaging in various activities, such as watching TV, playing games, reading, and socializing. These are some family room layout ideas that fit well in the context.

4. Can a living room also be used as a family room?

Yes, a living room can also be used as a family room in special instances. The key is to create a comfortable and functional space for entertaining guests and spending time with family. This involves incorporating more comfortable seating options, casual décor elements, and a TV or other entertainment options. Here are some family room ideas for a better understanding.

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