Add extra room or light up the beautiful balustrade with some breath-taking pendant lights – a way to go for your home décor! The most wonderful ideas for balcony lighting are spectacular! And this is one of the most favoured ones, particularly if you have a beautiful balcony.

Be imaginative enough to come up with a system that makes your space look brighter and transforms your home interior by choosing fixtures. Check-out these trendy balcony lights that you can use when it comes to transforming your heavenly abode!

Super-Saver String Lights

The least expensive indoor lighting method is string lights. If you live in an apartment building and are looking for some inexpensive lighting choices to add to your exterior living space, they give you a simple solution to a significant problem when decorating your house.

  • String lights are inexpensive, and because of the way they operate, they don’t take place on your balcony.
  • Whenever you like, you can change the colours and patterns of these lights.
  • This particular lighting style’s versatility is something that your home or apartment would find incredibly useful to everyone.

string lights for balcony

Incredible LED Lights

For balconies and outdoor use, LED lights are excellent, especially on patios, decks, walkways and staircases. These lights can be put anywhere you want to create a wonderful atmosphere.

  • LED lamps consume significantly less energy than normal light bulbs.
  • They also have an excellent ratio of the distance from the ground, illuminating a much larger area.
  • There are several different types of LED lights that you can buy in a variety of additional watts, and some are even very big.
  • If you are trying to build many different lighting patterns inside a small room, these lights are perfect.
  • LED lights are highly sturdy for your balcony and built to last for a very long time.

LED lights for Balcony

Cool-and-Inviting Floor Lamps

If you are looking for an affordable and enjoyable way to spice up your home décor, it might be just the thing you need to add some small lamps to the floor and shelves. These balcony lights make a statement which says, ‘There you are!’

  • All the various shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from can be found, ideal for placement above dining tables and even on a countertop.
  • These balcony lights have several different wattages that only offer enough light to illuminate the road.
  • The use of tiny floor lamps and shelves makes the whole balcony look welcoming and exclusive.
  • Small floor lamps and shelves make the room look larger and add freshness and vitality to space.
  • Options are varied—from a futuristic look to a more traditional look, and some with a more Asian or Mediterranean feel—accentuating the modern space.

Floor lamps for balcony

Multi-Faceted Hanging Lanterns

 Hanging lanterns, along with safety features, eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, and simple handling, have many advantages to offer. You will certainly add beauty to your home with these unique ideas.

  • It is also known that hanging lanterns are highly customizable, allowing you to build them according to your own preference.
  • Simply pick a classic colour such as white or red and then choose a suitable design and style for your home interior’s contemporary theme.
  • For your patio or veranda, create a romantic and serene atmosphere with candle lanterns with calming lights and casting a romantic glow over the outdoors.

multifaced lantern for balcony

Ladder Chandeliers 

You can be assured of adding artistic appeal to every corner once you mount ladder chandeliers on your home or office balconies. And see for yourself the difference!

  • From downlights, wall lights, trendy pendant lights, recessed lights, wall sconces to choose from, there are several different styles of lighting that you can add to your balcony.
  • These ladder chandeliers come in different types, designs, forms, sizes, and colours. Some of these items also come with exclusive accessories that boost the home décor.
  • The best thing about these products is that they come with a simple installation procedure and do not require complex wiring or hammering plans.

chandelier for Balcony

Rope-Rail Lanterns

Rope-rail lanterns are a sort of lighting fixture mounted on a balcony with an open-top on the outside wall.

  • You can have these lanterns in several different sizes to match any long balcony size or spread out anywhere in your house.
  • There are several different colours and sizes to choose from.
  • Usually, these lanterns come with the sum or can be modified to any particular height you like.
  • The price of these lanterns varies according to the size you get. At most big department stores and home décor stores, they can be found.

both rail lantern

Versatile Star Lanterns

One of the most popular and well-loved of all Chinese lanterns is the Star Lanterns. Light these lanterns on your patio table and enjoy relaxing on your balcony with your favourite book!

  • They look great, both hanging from the ceiling and on the countertop or table.
  • These balcony lights are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials that look best in your room.
  • Outdoor lanterns are stunning for their flexibility. You can easily position them on tables, decks, balconies, and with a candle or two outside.
  • They are very sturdy to endure several years of use.

versatile star lantern

Dramatic-Draping Fairy-Lights 

Creating a dramatic backdrop is one of the best uses for draping fairy lights around the balcony railing or wall. To ensure that you are not overcome by the full moon’s brightness, strive for twice as much light as what you use during the day!

  • You can easily use one long light that can float freely instead of hanging three light bulbs on each corner of the frame.
  • To illuminate both sides, position it between two adjacent walls.
  • For quick visibility and at a relative level relative to where you are standing, hang the fairy lights up to a high enough ceiling.
  • To give a full moon impression, you can drape them diagonally, horizontally, vertically, or even at a 90-degree angle!

fairy lights


For enjoying the outdoors from inside, a balcony stands excellent. But what about when you want the whole room to be spiced up?

Well, you can be interested in showcasing the whole room if you have a home with a patio or deck. These balcony lights come in different designs, from billowy to dramatic, customisable with your favourite colours with HomeLane, worth considering for your home interior with easy installation!

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