If you’re looking to glam up your lighting, a chandelier is the last word in luxury. It defines and completes your space and makes a style statement unlike any other. Chandeliers are functional, sophisticated and gorgeously aesthetic all at once. Love chandeliers, but not sure how to pick the right one for your home? Read our ultimate styling guide for pointers! 

Types of Chandeliers

The chandelier you choose must be perfect for your home décor style. Chandeliers, unfortunately, don’t come cheap, and you will want to invest in something that should last a lifetime! Look for something that matches your décor style and speaks to your personality.

  • Illuminated Glass Globes: If your décor is modern, look for a piece that’s simple and stylish, like this stunning cluster of illuminated glass globes.

glass globes Chandeliers

  • Crystal Chandeliers: And if classic is what you have in mind, you cannot go wrong with this elegant crystal beauty!

crystal chandelier

  • Stairwell: Here’s a lovely vertical piece that would look exquisite in a double-height space, like the shaft of your stairwell…

Stairwell Chandelier

….and if your décor is trendy and youthful, a lighting grid with a grouping of lights like this would perfectly fit the bill!

lighting Grid

Chandeliers Space Considerations

Chandeliers demand attention. A piece that’s too large for your room is going to make it look crowded, and one that’s too small is going to get ignored. Here’s how to make your choice. 

Chandeliers Diameter:

As a thumb rule, measure the length and width of your room in feet, convert the number you get into inches and that’s the diameter you should be looking for! So, assuming your room is 11 feet by 14 feet, your chandelier should be 25 inches in size. 

Chandelier Height:

The higher you hang the chandelier, the larger will be the circle of light cast on the floor. And the lower it is, the smaller and brighter will be the corresponding pool of light cast. Most apartments today have a ceiling height between 9 and 10 feet, and if you are opting for a false ceiling this distance will shrink further. Opt for a tall chandelier only if you have a ceiling height of 11 to 12 feet. A low ceiling requires a more compact style that’s not vertical.

Point to note: The placement of furniture below the chandelier is also a key factor that will help you decide the hanging height. If you have free space below it, then if it’s too low you will be in danger of bumping your head on the lamps! But if it’s located just above a centre table in the living room, or is hung above the dining table, then you can go as low as 6 to 7 feet or so from the floor.

And while you may fall in love with a particular piece, if it doesn’t fall within these space and sizing considerations then you really should keep looking. 

Design Considerations For Chandeliers

Uplights or downlights for Chandelier?

If your chandelier has lights that face up, you will get soft ambient light that is bounced off the ceiling and does not cast shadows in the room. 

upward lights chandelier

On the other hand, if the lights are pointed down, they will cast individual pools of light and shade that will merge on the floor to create an interesting composition. The more the number of lights, the more even and consistent will be the circle of light below.

downside lights Chandelier

What lamps should you buy for Chandelier?

LED lights are the most energy-saving option, and if going green is important to you then pick a chandelier that can be fitted with LEDs. Some modern down lights look good with Edison lamps, in which the tungsten filament is seen to glow orange through the glass case of the bulb.

Traditional bulbs were of the incandescent variety, which is inexpensive but can consume a lot of energy; if you will be switching the chandelier light on for several hours then these lamps could burn a hole in your pocket! Do check on these options at the time of purchase itself, as some styles of chandeliers are designed to be fitted with only a certain kind of bulb.

What are the crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers are fitted with small beads or prisms of crystal glass that are hung all around the central lamp or lamps. Each of the beads refracts the light and throws it around in different directions, resulting in an exquisite, glittering décor piece that will be the focus of your room. The most expensive crystal chandeliers use Swarovski crystals, which are embedded with lead and cut to perfection, giving them an extra brilliant sparkle. These chandeliers are usually highly prized family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.

crystal Chandelier design

Is it possible to make DIY chandelier?

Well, of course, you can! Use old mason jars, fit them with a bunched up string of fairy lights and pierce a hole through the lid to hold the lights in place. You can suspend the jars at different heights on a rustic wooden frame that’s fixed on the ceiling. You’ve created a unique, very pretty chandelier that can magically transform any space!  

DIY Chandeliers

What’s the best way to clean a chandelier?

To keep the sparkle in your crystal chandelier, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year. It’s best to call in professional cleaners who know what they are doing, as some elaborately designed pieces may need to be dismantled for cleaning, and then rehung. Someone who is not familiar with the design may not be able to put it back the same way! 

You could also choose to clean it in place, and you can do this in small sections. Spray a solution of one part alcohol to four parts pure water (distilled water is best), and wipe off carefully with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. Never use cleaning solutions that contain ammonia as the metal parts can get ruined.

Modern metal or wooden chandeliers and lighting grids can be cleaned the same way, but can probably be handled more easily. Use a step ladder and move it around when you have finished cleaning one part of the chandelier. Never make the mistake or twirling the piece itself as it could become impossible to disentangle! 

We hope all these tips and ideas have helped you to make your choice of the right lighting for your home. If you’re looking for customised lighting designs and décor ideas, the HomeLane team would be happy to help! 

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