Owning a house in this economy is a huge achievement. But buying one is not the end of the journey; it’s just the beginning.

The interior design of a home involves more than just buying furniture and accessories and painting the walls. A house designed around your individuality and needs can truly make a difference in your quality of living.

interior design of a middle-class 3 bhk flat

In this blog, we’ll help break down how you should approach the interior design of a middle-class 3 BHK flat. Since there are many different styles and schools of thought to consider, we will simplify the process for you to find the perfect 3 BHK interior design.

The Key Aspects of Designing Your Interiors

The key aspects you need to consider while designing any room are the function of the room, the space available, the colour palette, the furniture and the lighting.

Let’s see how this applies to different rooms in a 3 BHK interior design.

The Living Room


The function of a particular room guides us as to how it should be designed and decorated. The living room interior design especially sets the theme for the rest of the house, and the overall 3 BHK interior design.

If you entertain people frequently, you should try to maximise the space in the living room and have enough seating options. Using the same colour palette creates a flow throughout the room.

On the other hand, if you spend more time binging on your favourite movies or shows, you should consider creating a cosy, theatre-like experience in your living room.


living room interior design

For living rooms with smaller spaces, try to create an aura of openness and brightness. Leverage natural light to make your living room seem a lot bigger. This can be done using mirrors and sheer curtains.

led lights for living room

Furthermore, use wall lights that direct their beams upwards and downwards. These can make a space look taller.

spacious living rooms

Spacious living rooms allow for more experimentation in style. You can use a minimalistic design in larger living rooms.

This will highlight its size and not make it feel bare in any sense. The use of potted plants will also make such a space more welcoming.


Any room’s furniture is what ties the room together and makes the space livable. This is true for the whole 3 BHK interior design.

living room furniture

Although expensive, wood-based furniture is a great way to introduce earthen tones into your living room. They create an effortlessly classy look for the whole 3 BHK interior design.

If you want to create a sense of comfort and cosiness, make the couch or sofa the centre point of the room and design the flow around it.

Inviting couches make the whole room feel more comfortable and cosier than pairs of chairs. The style of the sofa (sectional, curved, etc.) should depend on the available space and the general theme of the room.

cantaloupe-coloured sofa

The cantaloupe-coloured sofa here makes this spacious living room more inviting.

Multi-purpose furniture is also a good way of saving space while ensuring your living room is as cosy and functional as possible. This can be achieved by placing bookshelves near windows so that they can function as window seats.


There are countless ways in which colours and accents can make or break the aesthetics of your 3 BHK interior design.

Sticking to the same colour palette creates a flow throughout the room and looks appealing. Painting the walls with light shades like white/off-white/cream allows for the colours to pop through accents like furniture, pillows or artwork.

If you prefer bolder wall colours, opt for neutral furniture and accessories to balance them out.

light shades wall designs

Neutral colours like greys allow the warm tones of wood furniture to take precedence.

tv cabinet design

Two vibrant colours that complement each other go really well with rustic wood elements.


The cost of designing a 300 sq. ft. living room in Bengaluru may start at around ₹4.5 lakhs. The cost will be higher in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Using false ceilings to create custom lighting will drive up the initial cost of the 3 BHK interior design.

The Bedrooms


Your bedrooms are a personal space where you start and end each day. These sanctuaries should exude a feeling of comfort and warmth.

The essentials for any bedroom interior design are a comfortable bed, side tables, wardrobes, additional storage space, a seating area, warm lighting and access to natural light.


To maximise space, you can choose to have a low-lying bed. This makes the room appear larger than it is. You may also add small potted plants on window sills to create a more warm and welcoming tone.

bedroom interior design

The low-lying bed makes this bedroom roomier.

To learn more about wardrobes, read our bedroom wardrobe design guide.


A good, sturdy bed is vital to any bedroom. To conserve space, you can opt for a bed with built-in storage.

modern bedroom design

If you have a high ceiling, add a majestic headboard to your bed. This will add a dramatic focal point to the room and balance that tall ceiling.

Another tip for conserving space is to add a storage bench at the foot of your bed. This will give you space to keep your sheets and create a cosy seating area.

You can even use one of the bedrooms as a study room. Add a signature desk and a comfortable chair in a command position. The command position is one from where the whole room is visible, usually with a wall towards the back.


A bedroom filled with bright and saturated colours can be too intense for a small space.

If you love vibrant colours, you can add splashes of colours to a neutral or classic black and white décor. This will provide just the right colour temperature for your bedroom.

bedroom wall design

Splashes of vibrant colours, achieved through the pillow and potted plant, with an overall theme of neutral tones (black, white and grey), create pleasing interiors.

Using an accent wall in your bedroom creates a focal point in the room. It also allows you to experiment with bolder colours with your existing theme. This can be achieved with both paint and wallpapers.

bedroom false ceiling design

This sculptured accent wall adds a bold teal to the neutral colour palette and draws attention to itself.

bedroom wallpaper design

Here’s another example of a wallpapered accent wall adding a more refined touch to the bedroom.


bedroom ideas

Natural light in any room livens it up instantly and is usually the best source for daytime lighting. Make sure your windows have drapes/curtains that can block out light pollution from the outside during night-time.

Layering different forms of lighting is key for bedrooms and the overall 3 BHK interior design. Three lighting sources are essential for bedrooms (and almost every other room)—task, decorative and ambient/general.

Task lighting is for reading/working, whether near the bed or a separate nook in the room. Decorative lighting, as the name suggests, decorates the room and adds to its aesthetic (think chandeliers and centrepiece lighting).

brown wooden bed design

Ambient lighting lights up the room in its entirety. Try to get the ambient lights to bounce off the walls and illuminate as much space as possible. Using dimmers in your ambient lighting will allow you to alter the mood of the room as well.

The Kitchen


Modular kitchen designs are all the rage nowadays, and with good reason! They comprise drawers, cabinets and shelves organised in a manner that saves space and enhances operational efficiency. They are an essential part of any 3 BHK interior design.

Most kitchens, especially modular ones, have designated spaces for appliances. There is still a lot of scope for styling here.

This will be based on the shape of the kitchen as well – whether it’s L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, single wall, galley-shaped or an island kitchen.

modular kitchen designs

Using tiles on the walls is a good way to counter cooking backsplash. A well-sealed tile wall is easy to clean. Using patterned or multi-coloured tiles also adds some vibrancy to the kitchen.


white modular kitchen designs

Modular kitchens utilise space very efficiently. Appliances and storage cabinets are usually flush with the wall, creating a uniform spatial distribution. For instance, every appliance and utensil has a designated place in this cosy modular kitchen.

modular kitchen with dining table

If you opt for a kitchen island, adding chairs to the central island can double as a small table for eating.

Ensure that the flooring and platform are made from durable materials like natural stone. This will reduce your maintenance and repair costs in the long run. This also applies to the whole 3 BHK interior design.

Wooden cabinets are quite common and give a rustic feel to the kitchen. Make sure that all wood panels are polished and sealed well to counter moisture.


If there’s a central colour theme to your 3 BHK interior design, it makes sense to apply that to the kitchen as well.

modular kitchen with wash basin

White and neutral tones are tried and tested ways of giving your kitchen a spacious and luxurious look. Add some soothing colours to the cabinets and storage drawers to make it look even more prominent.

luxurious kitchen look

For instance, the matte teal colours in this kitchen give it an elegant look.


Kitchen furniture should be made from durable materials. There are a lot of options available based on the final finish and budget. Some common base materials you could go for are laminates, PVC and wood veneers.


The essentials of lighting in any 3 BHK interior design include task lighting, decorative lighting, general lighting and cabinet lighting.

Task lighting is usually done over countertops and under cabinets. As the name suggests, it is used to illuminate kitchen tasks (cutting, prepping etc.) and the countertop.

The number of fixtures depends on the size of the kitchen. Ensure the wiring is internal and the switches are close to the light sources.

kitchen decor with lights

Decorative hanging lights are perfect for breakfast counters and island kitchens. These add a sense of warmth to the kitchen.

General lighting is used to uniformly light up the whole kitchen. These lights are best placed on the ceiling.

Cabinet lighting is great for high-end kitchens. These lights switch on automatically when you open a cabinet. If you want to display your silverware, you can even get glass cabinets with lighting inside them.

Are You Ready for Your New 3 BHK Interior Design?

3 bhk flat design

The design of your home will keep evolving as you and your preferences evolve. The main objective is to have fun while personalising your home.

A 3 BHK interior design work typically begins at ₹10-15 lakhs. This is an estimate for basic design work.

For more intensive work, the median range will be around ₹25 lakhs. This includes a better grade of materials and is a good budget for a 3 BHK interior design in any Tier 1 city.

Hiring an interior designer or an established interior designing agency like Homelane can put your mind at ease. Our expert advice and years of experience can help you design your house on time and within budget.


How Much Does a 3 BHK Cost in India?

Many factors drive the price of a 3-bedroom apartment. The major factor is the location and city of the flat.

An average-sized 3 BHK in a Tier 2 city may start at around ₹50 lakhs. The cost would be higher at a prime location.

A similar-sized apartment in a Tier 1 city would start at ₹1.2-1.5 crores. If the apartment is in a posh locality, you can expect the price to be double.

The scope of the building project also affects the price of the flat. A flagship project will be priced higher than a normal housing society apartment.

How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a 3-Bedroom House in India?

The cost of furnishing a 3 BHK apartment would depend on the size of the apartment, scope of the work and the 3 BHK interior design.

The price in any Tier 1 city would start at ₹10 lakhs. For example, the interior design cost of a 3 BHK in Hyderabad would be around the same price. The price is also determined by whether the project is for a new house or a 3 BHK interior design renovation.

Many 3 BHK interior design packages are available from renowned design firms. These firms leverage their experience and expertise to provide you with the best 3 BHK interior design ideas.

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