The way to a happy heart is through a healthy diet, and the way to a happy home is through a beautiful white kitchen. Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be a hidden room in the back of the house. In today’s era, it is a part of the whole aesthetics. We are living in a world of open, beautifully decorated and well-organised kitchens. It is no more just a functional space; it also adds to the interiors of a home.

In the twenty-first century, it is considered the focal point of a house. A place that brings everyone together. It is one of the two highly displayed rooms. Yes, the living room and the kitchen are the two most commonly visited areas by the guests. The latest trend in the kitchen décor is trending white kitchen designs. White kitchens are full of possibilities. There are so many design options, colour combinations, and accessories to go with white

Kitchen Décor Trends

Kitchen designing, kitchen interiors and kitchen décor nowadays require a lot of thought. It is a complicated procedure that needs a lot of detailing and solid technical knowledge. Kitchens are filled with equipment and tools that need a standardized structure and plan. Read ahead as we share a list of white kitchen trends used in just any modular kitchen.

Smart Kitchen

We live in a world of technology, and it is becoming an essential part of our kitchens. Many advanced tools and technologies are making their way to the kitchen. Smart refrigerator, automatic chimneys, quiet food processors and many more are being fitted in Indian kitchens. These appliances are not only stylish; they are also good-looking.

Clean and Sleek

Minimalistic and well-organised kitchens are preferred over more crowded ones. People are making sure that their kitchen has room for everything they use and more. Modular pull-outs, rolling shutters, and multi-tasking furniture help people utilise each nook and corner of their kitchens.

White Quartz Countertop

Quartz continues to be a tremendous hit for kitchen countertops. It is sturdier than other varieties of countertops and comes in a vast range of the type. Multiple colours and designs are making it easier for people to choose Quartz for their kitchens.

Xi Bai

Classic White Kitchen

Homes are getting smaller day by day. A classic white kitchen makes your space look brighter and spacious. For a pop of colour, you may add colourful accessories or tools. A Cobalt blue kettle or a red pot can be a beautiful addition to your already stunning kitchen. You may also fill it with tiny pots of herbs like coriander, mint, and more. It is not only gorgeous but also super useful.

Contrasting Colors

White does an outstanding job at pushing the highlight on any colour that we pair it with. So, if you are a fan of maroon but feel that maroon is a bit too dark for your kitchen, just pair it with white and experience the genuine beauty of contrast. It doesn’t have to be maroon, any colour of your choice can fit well with white.

Wood and White

This is another classic combination in the world of kitchen décor. It is a kind of pairing that no one can criticise. Magnificent grainy wood goes very well with the white. It is a timeless combination. Another way of embracing this combination is by using hardwood flooring for your white kitchen. Steel finish kitchen tools and equipment also sit well with the white and wood aesthetic.

Advantages of white kitchen

White can make your kitchen look brighter and spacious. It is easy to clean if you don’t mind using a bit of bleach. Any colour you add to the kitchen décor would go well with white. White also keeps you calm, and it will never go out of fashion. If you are someone who prefers classic over trendy, then White Kitchen is your jam.

Disadvantages of white kitchen 

The only disadvantage of the white kitchen is that it gets dirty easily and shows wear and tear more than darker shades. Especially if you don’t wish to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Another thing with white is that there are too many shades of white available in the market. It can get a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right white. In times like these, it is best to consult with an expert. 

How to maintain white kitchens?

It might feel like a daunting task, but it is simple to know some tips and tricks. Soaking a cleaning medium in baking soda can make it easier to clean a white sink. Simple wiping of the countertop after cooking can also minimise the stains. You may use bleach to clean countertops as well but make sure that you read manufacturers’ instructions before using bleach. Exposure to direct sunlight may age your cabinetry and workspace, so avoiding direct sunlight can also reduce the burden of maintaining a white kitchen. 

Homeowners and interior designers are putting more focus on integrating functionality and appearance when designing this virtual space. Modern kitchen décor is more about clean, straightforward and evergreen styles that can adapt to the changing technology. This approach has made white kitchens a popular choice in the modern world of interior designing. HomeLane and its team understand the current generation of homeowners’ requirements and mindset and therefore have many suitable options for you. 

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