Laundry – we all got to do it sometime. And if your designated laundry room is not in the best shape, you will hate laundry day more than you really need to. Here we have some practical storage solutions that will not only make your little room look neater but we will go as far as to say ‘beautiful’! And if your laundry room is super small, don’t worry, we got you covered too. Our tips are inclusive. We have tips that give you the most out of even the tiniest laundry room.

1. Add More Hanging Bars

With a simple tension rod or a wooden rod and some hangers, any unused wall space can be converted into a nook for hanging clean clothes that you have ironed or to air-dry the smaller items from the washing machine. Get matching hangers to have a more pulled-together look.

hangers in Laundry room

2. Get More Counter Space

Install plywood above your washing machine to instantly get more counter space which can be used for ironing and folding. You can also use this space to keep baskets, soap and even plants that liven up space like in the image below.

washing machine area in laundry room

3. Turn a Closet Into a Laundry Room

If you don’t have a designated laundry room, you can turn a spare closet into one by simply installing some shelves and rods above the washing machine that’s installed inside the closet. The backs of the doors can be used to hang supplies. Pick a fun wallpaper for the back of your closet and you will have yourself one quirky little laundry room. compact laundry room design

4. Make or Buy a Pegboard for the Laundry Room

A lot of times laundry rooms become a drop zone for things that don’t have a home elsewhere – we are talking about dog leashes, lint rollers etc. There are also many small items related to the laundry room like cleaning products that you need to keep organized in this small space. This is where the pegboard comes to the rescue. You can keep all your items organized so you don’t have to go rummaging through boxes to find each item. Everything can be easily spotted and thus becomes easy to grab.

peg boards for laundry room

5. Buy Matching Storage Containers

You will need a number of baskets or other storage containers. Instead of getting ones that are of different materials and sizes, pick identical ones to create a uniform look, especially if you have open shelves. This could be wire-baskets, wicker baskets or any other type of baskets. Pick out items you don’t use often and store them in the boxes that are high. You can use the lower baskets to store items you use very often.

laundry baskets designs6. Get a Nice Hamper

A great laundry basket doubles as a decor piece. Get yourself a wicker one with a lid if you don’t want any evidence of dirty clothes in the open. However, if you want to go for a cheaper option that can be thrown in the washing machine often as well, go for a hamper made of cloth or canvas. These come in different colours, prints and even with fun quotes. Whichever one you pick, make sure you have it in the laundry room so the family can drop off their dirty clothes easily.

Laundry Hampers

7. Make Laundry Supplies Look Pretty with Jars

Get a few pretty matching glass jars like in the image below and fill them up with detergent, conditioner, clothes pegs and other supplies you need at hand. These will again act as decor pieces.

laundry supply storage We hope you can draw some inspiration from these HomeLane-approved tips on designing an organized and beautiful laundry room so that laundry days are a little more fun.

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