No matter how big or small your kitchen is, it seems like all seem to run out of storage at some point. Without sufficient storage and organization, its easy for the kitchen to become cluttered. And who would want to cook in a messy kitchen right? Our experts are here with our top kitchen organization tips that are sure to help you keep your kitchen look exceptionally organized.

1. Declutter Kitchen Counters

Keep the kitchen counters as empty as possible. If you don’t use the toaster every day, don’t keep it on the counter. Store it in a cupboard so you get that much more counter space. Take a good hard look around your kitchen and try to find more items that can be tucked away instead of being kept in the open. Get yourself a few kitchen railings which can hold spice bottles and utensils that you use often. This way everything you need while cooking is right at hand but not cluttering the countertop.

clever kitchen organization tips

2. Increase Pantry Storage Space

Most household pantries are created with large and tall shelves, which actually waste quite a bit of space. Tins and cutlery cannot fit into them or cannot be piled up, and anything additional gets loaded onto the countertop. A great way to create additional space in pantries (and make them look contemporary and chic), is by creating special pull-out shelves of different heights and keeping storage baskets of different sizes. This will keep stuff organized, create space and you can tailor it with single-height and double-height shelves as per your design and requirement.

clever ideas for kitchen pantry storage


3. Vertical Storage Rather Than Horizontal

Placing things horizontally; utensils, cutlery and bottles, always take up more space than keeping them vertical. The area that can take several little items, has to make do with just one when things are placed horizontally.

Small kitchens, in particular, usually only has limited storage that is built-in. Additional storage can be created by adding racks (for pans), corkboards (for hanging spoons and smaller cutlery) and rail racks (for hanging frequently used items). Doing this aesthetically, not just takes away clutter, leaving counters bare and spacious, but also adds to the decor element in any modular kitchen space.

clever ideas for kitchen storage

4. Maximize Usage Of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are usually designed based on the layout and available space, but there’s no reason why they can’t be used for more than just storage of utensils and cutlery. The space on and around cabinets can also be optimized to ensure they are useful. By clever addition of handles, racks, and bars to hang washcloths and aprons, converting smaller nooks into bottle storage and for storing cutting boards, installing specially designed bottle pullouts, every inch of kitchen cabinets can be optimized for space.

clever ways to arrange oil bottles in kitchen

5. Optimize Empty And Unused Spaces

Whether small or large modular kitchens, there are many areas that are usually unused and are wasted. It may be the space behind kitchen doors, under the sink, above wall cabinets and kitchen corners.

Ensure that these are used as much as possible. Although utilizing kitchen spaces may make them too cluttered, it is better to store utensils and kitchen items discreetly, away from view rather than have them pop up on all available counters and tables. For example, you can create additional shelves under the sink to store washcloths, cleaning agents and detergents, nail hooks behind doors for hanging aprons etc and install extra cabinets that reach the ceiling for storage of bottles, books and others less used items, not just keep the kitchen organized, but neat and tidy as well.

clever ways to use empty space in kitchen

Modular kitchen organization is not a difficult task, especially when your kitchen design allows you to store in a clever way. For that, you need to be consistently maintain organizing your kitchen. If you need help with designing your modular kitchen? Talk to our design experts at HomeLane today.

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