Mysore or Mysuru is a city rich in architectural and cultural heritage. The city’s aesthetics lie in the harmony of palaces, mansions, lakes, and open parks against the backdrop of the Chamundi hills. You can see a beautiful blend of cultures and different styles of architecture if you take a walk around the city. You’ll find buildings in the traditional Hindu style, and several others in Greco – Roman style, Gothic style, and European Classical style.

Traditionally, homes or bungalows in the city had wooden sloped roofs with dormer windows (that project out beyond the plane of the roof). Artwork and woodwork were given pride of place in the interiors.

Today, homes in Mysore sport contemporary architecture and interiors while retaining many of the cultural elements. Let’s go through them and see which interior design trends you can incorporate in your Mysore home.

Elegant Wooden Accents

Mysoreans are nothing if not true to their traditional roots! In your Mysore home, you can incorporate elegant wooden accents in the form of an elaborate headboard for your bed, or a beautifully ornate four-poster bed. Even if you have contemporary furniture in your room, you can juxtapose a grandfather’s easy chair or a carved armchair. You can design an elegant wooden entertainment unit, or get a refurbished chest of drawers.

Also, think of adding subtle wooden details on the ceilings and walls. If you have an ethnic home theme in mind, get some of the Mysore hand-carved wooden doors, a few wooden columns, and traditional style wooden windows for your rooms. You could also go for wooden flooring in some of your rooms, especially your bedroom or the study area.

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Neutral or Earthy Colour Scheme with Vibrant Touches

To highlight all the lovely artwork and local crafts that you will be showcasing in your home, a low-key and neutral backdrop works best. Opt for white, beige or soft grey as the base of your colour palette, and add colourful touches in the form of fabric used in upholstery and accents. Artefacts and artwork are best displayed against a toned-down colour theme.

Mysore Home design


The rulers of ancient Mysore encouraged creative pursuits, and artists and art in all forms are highly revered in Mysore. For a touch of local history, you can get beautiful Mysore gold leaf paintings or antique Mysore glass paintings and frame them up on your living room wall. A gallery wall of them would be a stunning design element in your ethnic room, and a couple of them would add a traditional element to your contemporary home.

Mysore Home Decor trends


Mysore is known for its exquisite handicrafts, especially the fragrant sandalwood figurines, rosewood inlaid furniture, silk sarees, and lacquerware and toys from nearby Channapatna. You can bring in the cultural flavours of this city into your home by displaying these artefacts in and around your living room, family room and bedrooms.


Large gardens are a key element of all bungalows and homes in Mysore. It is also common to see small green courtyards that can be accessed from living and dining rooms. In your Mysore home or apartment, remember to bring in plenty of greens in pretty planter pots. Whether it is a balcony or a nook in your living room, you can add a few pots and plants to ground the rest of the décor.

Home design trends in mysore

Tiled Floors

Use vibrant Athangudi tiles from Tamil Nadu, Betham Charla tiles from Andhra Pradesh, Kadappa, or patterned ones from any of the tile makers to perk up your floors. You can even opt for terracotta tiles on the floor.

Traditional Mysore homes

Stone or Exposed Brick Accents

Consider designing an exposed brick wall or a raw stone one in your rooms. This will add a touch of earthiness whether your home style is ethnic or modern. Go for raw cement or stone tiles in your balcony or patio.

Relaxed Seating Areas

Mysore homes usually have big or small courtyards for relaxation. In your apartment, you could design a built-in seating area or bench with a marble or granite top for casual conversations with friends and neighbours. This could be in your patio or balcony, or your living room. A window seat in your bedrooms would be a delightful touch as well.

Terracotta Elements

Terracotta elements ground your space and add an air of earthiness to the décor. Terracotta floors are rustic and have a lovely warm appeal that looks even more beautiful with the passage of time. Bring in terracotta sculptures and large pots in your patio and living room. if you have decorative niches in the wall place a few terracotta elements inside.

Home design trends in Mysore

Prayer Room

Mysoreans are devout and very traditional, and lives their lives in close alignment to the local traditions. Set aside a small room or a nook in one of the rooms for your prayers. Decorate the space with a carved wooden door or a wooden panelled arch, patterned floor tiles, and custom-made shelving for idols, photos, religious books, and traditional accessories.

Get ready to design your Mysore home incorporating all these design elements which are a blend of modern and traditional – in true Mysore style. Connect with the expert designers at HomeLane who can include all your ideas and plan a personalized home that tells your story. Reach out to us right away to get started.

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