If you love mixing patterns and styles, like a combination of vintage and contemporary furniture or rustic décor with elegant drapes, eclectic is the theme for you! An eclectic style is easy-going and fun, but there is a thread that connects all the different elements. Eclectic bedroom designs can be quirky and bold, but you can also add some minimalist designs to the final look. If you are looking for the right furniture, you should choose distressed wood, vintage metal, and textured upholstery. 

Elements of Eclectic Designs in Bedroom

However, while choosing eclectic elements for your bedroom, you must make sure that it does not turn too chaotic. The best way to do that is to have one common or neutral element. That can be a wall in a soft, pastel shade amid pops of bright colour, industrial-style architecture, and furniture, or even similar accents in all your decorative pieces. Such small details will elevate your eclectic interior design. 

Bedroom Wall Ideas to Add an Eclectic Style

The eclectic interior design theme for the bedroom can always be accentuated with complementary but eye-catching walls. When it comes to decorating the walls of an eclectic bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

Wall Paints

There are certain eclectic interior colours for the bedroom that you choose while painting the walls. These include shades of violet, blue, amber, burgundy, turquoise, and many more. While you can paint the entire bedroom a dark viridian or bright sunshine yellow, it is better to stick to accent walls. You can choose one prominent wall and paint it in a bright colour, like violet or indigo, and then paint the rest of the walls in neutrals like grey, cream, and taupe.

Patterned Wallpaper

If you do not wish to paint the walls, then wallpapers are the best choice. The eclectic theme is all about mismatched designs, and a patterned wallpaper adds to that. You can choose geometric patterns, asymmetrical shapes, or even plant prints on the wallpapers. If the rest of the décor is too vibrant, you can go for a wallpaper with a monotone pattern. But if you are using neutral or single shades for upholstery and bed linens, choose a bold and dark wallpaper. 

Artwork and Posters

Any artwork or poster you have in the bedroom reflects your personality. You can add abstract paintings, vintage movie posters, or even some custom art on the walls. All the artworks do not have to have a similar theme, but you can focus on one style. You can also add a single, large framed painting on one wall. 

What Accessories Should You Use?

The eclectic style of your bedroom depends a lot on the décor and furniture you choose. While the bed can be the centrepiece for the room, you can add several eclectic accessories to complement it. 

Modern Nightstands

A nightstand does not just make a great accessory for the bedroom, but it is also very convenient. You can keep all essentials like your phone, charger, a bottle of water on it when you go to bed. For your eclectic bedroom, choose a contemporary nightstand. It can be made of wood or metal, but you should go for one that looks both stylish and quirky at the same time. 

Throw Pillows

The bedroom needs to always be comfortable, and throw pillows are the best accessories for that. Add as many as you want in any colour you wish. They can be in bright yellows and oranges, or you can even pick pastels like mint, lilac, and sky. You can choose multi-coloured pillows, patterned or even textured throw pillows, and arrange them on your bed. If you have any other piece of furniture, like a chaise lounge or a recliner, place a couple of pillows on them too. 

Area Rugs

If you have a large bedroom with a lot of floor space, you can cover it up with an area rug. You can also get many small rugs and place them all around the bedroom floor. Area rugs are great additions to hardwood, laminated or tiled floors. They will keep your feet warm and are very comfortable. Area rugs are available in various patterns, and you can choose one that complements your bedroom décor.

Bedroom rug designs

Decorative Items

Eclectic accessories for the bedroom also include decorative pieces. You can choose a lampshade for the nightstand, or if you have shelves in your bedroom, you can make space for a large flower vase. Mirrors with metal accents also make lovely accessories and can add to the eclectic theme of the bedroom. You can also get some asymmetrical light fixtures to hang over the bed. 

When it comes to eclectic bedroom designs, there are no rules, and that is where all the fun lies. Pick out your favourite pieces of décor and furniture and arrange them all around. Choose your favourite colours for the walls. Just make sure that they complement each other. If you are looking to create the perfect eclectic look for your bedroom, then you should check out HomeLane’s interior designs. 

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