Your bedroom is your own personal haven; the place where you can let your hair down and just be yourself. At the end of a stress-packed day, it’s where you can relax and unwind, and settle down to a good night’s sleep! Your bedroom décor should reflect this, and it’s important that you choose furniture and furnishings that give you comfort. The colour palette you pick also needs to be refreshing, calm and peaceful. If you’re looking for a décor upgrade, why not opt for a pastel palette in your bedroom?

We’ve curated some lovely pastel colour theme bedroom ideas to show you how it’s done!

Soft Hues in Violet

Airy and refreshing, this bedroom plays with shades of soft violets and pinks in the furnishings and accessories. Floral prints in the bed covers are accentuated by pale pink pillows and a matching throw. The arresting geometric patterned wallpaper uses purple prints on a white background. Note the deep purple lampshade and ceramic vases on the sideboard that serve to emphasize the chosen palette.

A Bedroom for a Biophile

Leaf prints abound in this lovely bedroom that takes its cues from nature! The pastel trio of powder pink, dove grey and pale green is repeated in the pendant lights, bed covers and pillows. A tropical riot of variously patterned leaves finds its way to the refreshingly patterned quilt and the leaf motifs on the wall. The potted plants reflect the theme.

Advocating Sustainable Ways of Living

Organic cotton and rattan make for sustainable lifestyles, in this white and beige bedroom that epitomises clean living. Textural elements in the hand-crocheted quilt add visual interest, while the single beige pillow alleviates the monotony of all-white and ties the composition of colours together.

Of Pinks and Greys

Pink and grey is a combination that never fails to make an impact. This bedroom skilfully blends pale shades of the two colours against a neutral backdrop of cloudy white. The industrial-style lamps and shelving are in stark contrast to the pastel theme. Ethereal, wispy white drapes merge beautifully with the rest of the décor.

Buttercup Mellow

Awash in shades of warm, mellow butter, this charming bedroom is all you could ever dream of, and more! Soft creamy shades and rich silken finishes repeat in the walls, drapes and furnishings in this picture-perfect bedroom. The white trim and cottage-style furniture blend well with the colour palette, creating visual harmony and peace.

A Pastel Rainbow

Colour-blocked pastel shades in an asymmetric geometric pattern grab attention on the walls, with the same shades reflected in the soft lines of the furniture and toys in this child-sized bedroom. Your little one is sure to love spending time in this peaceful, pretty nursery!

pastel colour combinations

Pastel Wallpaper in the Bedroom

This bedroom showcases a wonderful use of pastel pink, green and grey, and is defined by the abstract mountainscape on the wall above the bed. Suited to any age group, this gender-neutral bedroom could be the perfect oasis of calm in a frenzied world.

pastel colour combinations for bedrooms

Rhapsody in Green

Two pastel shades are plenty! Soft and unassuming, this pale green and cream bedroom is all that décor dreams are made of. The pale mint green accent wall provides all the colour in the room, and the soft white bed covers invite you to sink into a deep slumber.

Floral Raptures

Inspired by garden themes, this lovely bedroom uses a white backdrop and floral prints for a fresh spring feel. Get in touch with your softer side, and get the inspiration you need to recreate this breezy look in your home.

The Gentle Serenity of Zen

This pretty-as-a-picture Zen-inspired bedroom exudes tranquillity, with furniture that’s close to the floor and large windows that let in filtered light. The soft grey palette finds expression in the bed linen, rugs and the comfortable bean bag, and finds subtle contrast against the blonde floor and neutral walls.

Would you like to try out the power of pastels in your bedroom? To recreate any of these looks, or try out your own, do connect with the HomeLane team of designers!

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