Vibrant colours unquestionably add a touch of charm to our home décor. One of the most common yet sophisticated themes you can choose for your home is a purple colour scheme. The colour is simply mesmerising and soft on the eyes and blends well with most colours. The colour scheme has been passed down for generations now in the industry of home interiors. From giving your home a warm and rich tone to offering it with a fresh aura, purple can do wonders when blended with luxury colours. Are you looking for a colour that will mesh well with your purple-schemed home? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s discover 12 colours that look outstanding with purple.

Jet black

Black and purple are the perfect combinations for bringing a contemporary tone to your home. Ideal for bedrooms, this combination defines finesse. The deep mauve walls with black furniture set a very soothing and intimate tone to the room. The charcoal finish, moreover, adds a very light yet stylish mood to the room. Black and purple undeniably top the list of colour combinations that you can choose for your home interiors. To soften things up, you should, without a doubt, check this theme out.

Sky blue

Sky blue, additionally, goes well with purple as it is incredibly calming on the eyes. Perfect for living rooms, this combination can make your living room look absolutely gorgeous. Pairing up sky blue colour with purple furniture or even décor can add a playful scheme to your home. The lilac hues add a very pleasant aura to your overall décor and highlight your home’s final look.

Light grey

If you’re looking for a more calming theme, dark grey meshed with purple is the perfect go-to. The monochromatic purple colour scheme goes impressively well with light pastel shades. Adding light grey furniture with a purple interior or vice versa can help you achieve a rather luxurious interior look.

Ruby red

Ruby red is one of the most breathtaking décor shades that you can use for your home interiors. Most home interiors comprise a ruby red and wood brown interior. However, ruby red blended with purple can give your living room a very rich, palace-like appeal. Abstract red and purple interior for your living room can blend well with the rest of your home, thereby making it look much more vibrant and refreshing.


Home interiors are rather comprehensive, and thus, home designers often love to experiment with a lot of colours and designs. Purple and gold wallpapers are an excellent pick for your living room or even bedrooms. They add a much more aesthetic tone to your home. Furthermore, if you have wooden furniture, the shades blend impressively well with it.

Deep green

A forest-like green or deep green shade is also a perfect pick for pairing up with purple. Add a sensual touch to your bedroom by mixing up your décor with these two shades. Whether you want to add purple and green wallpaper panels or want to spice up your bathroom look, this combination is an excellent go-to.

Mustard yellow

If you think mustard yellow might not look good for home décor, you might want to reconsider. To give your house a much more high-gloss finish, choosing mustard yellow curtains or other décor accessories is ideal.


Beige-and-purple is one of the most soothing combinations that you’ll come across. This combination is perfect for doing your kitchen interiors. From purple and beige cabinets or wallpaper with a blend of purple abstract designs on a beige print, use your creativity to give your kitchen a unique touch.

Wood brown

Well, wood brown is a colour of culture—you can’t deny it. Wood brown furniture is a classic home décor theme. Moreover, a lot of restaurants also make use of wooden furniture. Wood brown furniture with purple home décor is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a very crisp, timeless, and bold look for your home.

Emerald white

Another classic colour that goes well with every other shade is emerald white. Emerald white with purple is a fun-loving combination that can spice up the look of your home and give it a much more vivid and elaborate appeal. A great choice of décor is to add purple curtains to a white setting.

Dusty rose

Dusty rose is one of the softest colours that you’ll stumble upon. A dusky rose and purple combination fit best for bedroom décor. An excellent recommendation is to paint your walls dusky rose and add purple décor accessories like frames, watch, furniture, etc., to finish the look.


The last of the many colours that go well with purple is orange. One of the most intriguing theories for picking colours for your home décor is choosing contrasting colours. Contrasting colours are perfect for making your home look instantly appealing. They further offer a visual balance to the house, thereby making it lively and presentable.

Choosing the right interior schemes for your home can be quite overwhelming and confusing. However, a purple colour scheme is an appealing pick for your home. If you’re confused about doing your home interiors, HomeLane is here to help you. Get guidance from the end-to-end home interiors brand and design your dream house how you’ve always wanted to.

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