An entertainment room will surely have a lot of footfall, plenty of gadgets, and furniture. It’s also a great idea to keep the room separate from the rest of the house if you want to jam with friends over loud music or play your movies with surround sound. And while it should look chic and beautiful, it should also be functional.

We’ve put together the best entertainment room design ideas and a detailed checklist of essentials – so that you can design your modern entertainment room meticulously.

A Games Room for the Sport in You

If you’re a billiards, table tennis, chess, or board game lover, make provisions for these games here. Position a pool table, a foosball table, a ping pong table, or a carrom board table as the centrepiece. Mount a dartboard on the wall. Set up a small table and a few chairs around the corner of a card.

Also, plan enough seating areas in the room for relaxation in the recreation zone. You can match it with your living room interiors or give it a completely new theme.

entertainment game room

Design a Movie Theatre or Media Room

Pick the right-sized TV for your entertainment room. Make sure you don’t buy a huge one if the distance from your seating area is too less. Or set up a projector for video games and long movie nights. And bring on the popcorn!home theater ideas

Make it a Multifunctional Space

Create a multifunctional space to watch movies, listen to music, relax, or engage in a sport. Carve out smaller nooks for each activity if the space is large enough. Add a games zone in one corner and a plush seating area in another. You can even have a bar counter in your entertainment room. There could be something for everyone at home to do here.

Whatever the design and decor of your entertainment room are, these are some of the essential elements you need to take care of. You could use this as a checklist while designing one.

Entertainment Room Furniture Ideas

When it comes to living room interiors, we spend too much time on them; you should do the same with your entertainment room decor. If gadgets or games are going to be the focal point of your entertainment room, plan which gadgets you will buy first. Plan the decor of your main entertainment unit so there is enough space for them. For instance, a music system may have several speakers; you need a separate rack. Or floating ledges to hold them in different parts of the room. Next, consider how much space is left and then pick up the rest of your furniture for your entertainment room’s interior.

Pick ultra-comfortable seating options. Invest in a good-quality sofa set, recliners, or armchairs. Also, have flexible seating options so that you can add more seating when more guests join. For instance, use nested stools or a sofa-cum-bed as add-on seating elements. Add a comfortable swing to up the cosiness quotient. The key here is to make the space inviting for you and your friends to lounge in.

Have enough tables to place your remote controls, cocktail glasses, and so on while the entertaining is in full swing. Nested tables will come in very handy. And how about a sliding-top dining table that hides a pool table beneath?

Place a bookshelf if you want to create a reading nook too. You could even have a bar in the entertainment room to serve drinks and snacks during a movie or a game.

entertainment room furniture ideas

Entertainment Room Storage Ideas

It’s easy for an entertainment room to get cluttered. It’s a space used by many people who may or may not take care to leave it as organized as it were. Wires, battery chargers, CDs, records, USBs, and so on can easily add to the clutter and become an eyesore if left outside.

Take into account all the gadgets that you will position here. Then think of their accessories, and build enough closed storage to keep the accessories and chargers away from eyesight. Plan smart storage options that will conceal all wires.

Use open shelving to show off your record collection or your stash of books.

tv wall unit designs for living room

Acoustic System

If you have an entertainment unit and plan to keep the volume high often, ensure the walls, windows, and doors are soundproof. Use sound-absorbing materials like carpets, thick curtains, and acoustic paneling on the walls. Or install acoustic sound-deadening drywalls (zero-sound drywalls). This will also make sure you get good sound quality inside the room.modern tv unit design ideas

Entertainment Room Lighting Ideas

Use natural light as much as possible, with the provision to darken the room when you want to switch on a movie.

The right lighting will create the right ambiance in the room. It should also minimize the screen glare from the TV. Add spotlights or pendant lights above your prized gadgets and games – above a billiards table, for example – or let them shine. If you plan to have your entertainment room in the basement, add designer floor lamps, wall scones and an elegant chandelier.

entertainment room lighting ideas


Incorporate carpets, or a wall-to-wall carpet, with a cushy pad below it to absorb ambient sound.

Décor Accents

Lastly, add your décor flourishes – cushions, massive artwork on the walls, photographs, framed memorabilia, plants on the ledges and corners, and so on. Use some of your sports equipment as décor – mount some table tennis rackets on the wall, or an old snakes-and-ladders board, maybe?

Need help? The experienced designers at HomeLane can help you create the perfect entertainment room incorporating all your requirements. Reach out to us to give wings to your ideas!


1. How do you make an entertainment room?

When it comes to designing your entertainment room, many ideas can be incorporated. Consider these points before starting:

  • Set your mind about what you want. Many simply add more to their living room interiors and call it an entertainment space. You can do that too, but if space availability is not an issue, then build a separate entertainment room.

  • Determine a budget for the entertainment room interior design and all the gadgets that will be a part of it.

  • Choose the right size of TV for your entertainment room’s wall. The size of the TV will depend on the size of the room.

  • When it comes to entertainment room decor, the size of the furniture plays an important role. Have enough space for you and your friends to walk around.

  • Have a good storage system.

2. What is an entertainment room?

An entertainment room is a place in your house that is solely dedicated to fun and entertainment. You can have sports equipment – like a pool table -, a mini theatre, video games, a bar and much more. Sometimes people dedicate their basement space to the entertainment room.

3. How do you make a room lively?

To make a room lively, you need to consider a few things like interior design, ample lighting, flooring and other decor items. You can bring in plants, add a variety of lighting, toss a pillow in the seating areas, change the wallpapers and much more

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