It’s been quite a year and we bet you could do with some positivity right about now. Your home is the best place to start, after all, it’s proven that your surroundings affect your mood, productivity, and outlook on life. Read on for some inspiring ideas that you can easily incorporate into your life and home to give your home a fresh, happy makeover.

1. Colour-Coordinate Your Bookshelf

Instead of arranging your books by size or subject, try organizing them by the colour of their spine. This little trick will make your bookshelf look amazingly organized and pretty! You could also frame a few inspiring quotes and place them in between.

2. Update The Patio

Make your patio as comfortable as any room in your house by adding an array of comfy cushions. Choose a mix of prints, solids and textures to create a more welcoming space.

3. Paper Magic

Inject colour into your living room with beautiful wallpaper. Cover just one wall if your budget isn’t big enough. If you are going for only one wall, be bold and try out a bright floral print for example. Get the right finish with a moulding that suits the print. Dare to go as wild as this wallpaper?Happy homes



4. Display Your Books On Tables As Well

Books are not just for bookcases. Try displaying a few of your favourites, especially the pretty looking ones, on console tables, coffee tables or your TV cabinet. They can act as conversation pieces and showcase your interests. Also, make use of unique bookends to keep your books organised.

Plants for bookshelf

5. Pick Me Up

Rearrange your garden planters from time to time to change the look of your patio. Use light-weight containers such as these which are easy to move and eco-friendly.

6. Pebbles And Stones

If you have a garden patch, place some round pebbles around it for a neat, well-kept look like the picture below. It’s also a great idea to keep the weeds at bay.

7. Colour Collage

Make a patchwork quilt using old clothes and pieces of fabric. It will be even more special if you use patches from events (like a child’s old birthday dress). You could also make it memorabilia. Apart from providing warmth, it also adds a collage of cheerful colours to your bedroom.

8. Wall Hanging

Mount bookcases and showcases straight onto walls, instead of placing them on the floor. This frees up space on the floor and makes your room look larger. You can intersperse books with memorabilia, photo frames and more to add character and depth.

9. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a beautiful gallery wall, showcase your happy memories of your travel or from a memorable event. You can utilise the gallery wall to hang some beautiful coloured art pieces and even some items like hooks for a 3D effect.

10. Make Your Bed

This simple task will take you just a few minutes in the morning, but it’s a habit that creates a ripple effect of positivity. In essence, it’s a simple task that gets you started on the right note and directly impacts your happiness.

11. Showcase Sentimental Pieces Around The Home 

Certain items of your belongings can trigger happy memories. People take pictures of memorable events to capture the happiness they feel then. It could be some seashells you collected on a beach holiday with your family or a postcard that an old friend sent you – certain items have positive memories that you should cherish and display for yourself. By displaying these items around the home, you are making sure that there is a piece of happiness in every room of your home.

12. Spend Your Money on Experiences

As long as you are spending money on material things, try to save up and spend on things that will create a good experience for you and your loved ones in your home. This is particularly important in these times when going out for experiences is not very safe. Bring the experience home! Buy that projector you have been eyeing and have yourself an elevated movie night. Love to cook but don’t have the oven to make everything you want? Buy that expensive oven and cook great meals for your partner. And if you are a little short on cash, you can always create memories on the budget – pitch a tent on the terrace using some sheets and have a romantic dinner date under the stars. Remember to click pictures and display them around the home.

These are some of our favourite ideas to give your home a cheerful spin this time of year. If you’d like the HomeLane team to come over and give your home a complete makeover, do get in touch with us. Also, let us know what you think of these ideas in the comments below. Do you have similar ideas that you’d like to share with our readers?

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