Home interior design is a huge decision. While it is fun and rewarding to use a newly decorated space, the path to the home of your dreams can be bumpy. A major decision is to choose an interior designer or to choose local contractors. It can be a decision that is far deeper than just choosing a design aesthetic.

It will affect your home, your lifestyle, and the memories you will make in your home for years to come. Some vendors may be already known to our extended friends and family circles, so it may be tempting to choose this seemingly easier option. Beware, such short-term ease can lead to delays in the long run. 

home interior design

Here are the common myths associated with hiring local vendors: 

1. They Are Cost-Effective

This is the primary reason why people approach local vendors rather than hire an interior designer. People think that local vendors are inexpensive in comparison. But often, there are hidden costs. Material mismanagement leading to wastage and over-quoting for simple fixes can actually make such vendors more expensive than hiring a designer who will honour your budget as a part of their contract.

2. You Have More Control

Some clients shy away from hiring name brand design solutions because they fear an expert will steamroll with their opinions, whereas a local vendor will take more input. The reality is quite the opposite – experts will always design for your comfort. A local vendor may hear you out but will push the less work-intensive option upon you. HomeLane’s 3D visualisations are fully customisable to your taste and life choices, and no detail goes through without express approval from the client.

3. They Ensure Quality

Most vendors insist on using their own contacts to source materials, which may or may not ensure the best quality. Instead, a designer would look at all options available and then try to find the best materials within your budget. Bespoke services may even source materials outside the state that the local vendors do not know about.

4. They Provide Better Post-sales Service

Local vendors are not obligated to provide you with follow-up services. They might physically work closer to your location, but can evade you if anything goes wrong. For example, if you find out that they overcharged for some materials because they bought them from their own contacts, it may be impossible to recover that loss. An interior design firm, on the other hand, has well-defined deliverables. If they cannot provide those, they are legally liable for a refund.

5. They Communicate Better

Many people expect local vendors to be friendlier and more communicative. However, such communication is not always effective or professional. Local vendors may use jargon to confuse the client, whereas a design solution has to be intelligible to the client. Besides, all communication is documented, so there is a reference point in case of a dispute. Interior designers can be held accountable for timelines and material costs. Local vendors usually cannot, because they keep the communication informal and undocumented. 

6. They Are More Approachable

While a local person might present a friendly face, they may not be flexible about their technique. They may not be fully transparent about their methodology either. In such cases, formal communication is more desirable to ensure professional output. The local industry is largely disorganised. It might be easier for the local personnel to have a conversation with you but given no guarantee that it will reflect the ease of work. 

7. They Have More Traditional Knowledge

While certain local artisans are highly skilled, they also come at a premium price. Local vendors typically do not work with such highly skilled artisans. They are known to cut corners and use the simplest possible techniques. They might even be unaware of technical advancements in their area of expertise. So, while a local vendor might promise to use skilled craftspersons, there is likely a promise-to-delivery mismatch. 

There is a hesitance in the Indian populace in adopting interior designing services, as many of us are used to the idea of hiring nearby contractors. However, we are also familiar with the problems associated with them. Most of us have seen housewarmings get delayed, or we know a friend who got duped with poor quality furnishings. This is the time to progress to better methods of working towards our dream home. 

Choosing an interior designer is a major decision, and it’s one that will provide you with the style and feel of your home for years to come. Now, much of the process is online, making it easier than ever to choose a designer. Find your dream designs for every room at HomeLane – the end-to-end solution for all your interior design needs. 


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