Having a small bathroom space is no longer a bane. Interior designing experts world-over have found interesting ways to ensure that the space looks bigger without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. If you are struggling with a smaller bathroom space, consider the practical and helpful ideas in this blog. Inspiration is bound to strike sooner than later!

Idea #1: A Black and White Bathroom Is an Evergreen Combination That Lends Spaciousness

If you’re looking to add spaciousness to your bathroom through the use of colour, we suggest going for the black and white combination (as shown below). In this bathroom, the shower area and wall tiles perfectly complement each other, without making the space look suffocating or small. Little hints of black add character to the space, and the strategic use of white and wood lends it an airy look and feel.

Idea #2: Rustic Vintage Styled Bathrooms Make the Space Look Bigger

As mentioned before, the white colour and wooden decor are a match made in heaven. Add rustic and vintage decor elements to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination! Take a look at the following image. Despite being a compact and tight space, the bathroom looks anything but cramped. The white walls and floors are accentuated by the use of wooden furnishings (read: hanging mirrors, old-school windows, wooden shelves, and so on), making the bathroom inherently classic and vintage in style and approach:

Idea #3: Bathrooms with Pastel Shades Add Openness and an Airy Feel

By now, you must have noticed a pattern emerging: Lighter shades exude an unassuming sense of airiness and openness. Take a look at the following small bathroom with blue-coloured walls, a white vaulted ceiling, and yellow flooring for some serious inspiration:

Idea #4: Dark-Themed Bathrooms Help Add Texture to the Space, Making It Look Roomy

If your bathroom is intrinsically modern in style, we suggest going for deeper shade tiles (like grey as shown below) and complementing it with contrasting lightly-coloured wooden tiles for an immediate impact. You can also add an airy feel by using plenty of lighting options to ensure that every space literally lights up and makes the bathroom look larger than life:

Idea #5: All White Bathrooms Help Add a Sense of Continuity and Openness

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: All-white bathrooms are a timeless option. Take a look at the following image below. The bathroom is easy on the eyes, thanks to the all-white interiors. To add a little bit of contrast, you can place bolder coloured soft furnishings (towel, in this case) and make it stand out:

Idea #6: The Right Mix of Wood and Tiles Help Play with the Line of Sight

Here’s another amazing example of the right mix of ceramic furnishings, wooden counters and shelves, and complementary tiles. If you don’t want to go all-white and like a little bit of colour in your life, might we suggest the following colour combination and bathroom interior style? The end look is clean, minimal, and airy–the perfect trio for any small bathroom:

Idea #7: Minimalistic Bathrooms in a Light Pastel Shade Add an Air of Spacious Generosity

If you don’t mind a little experimenting and love going bold with your bathroom interiors, go for a nice peachy shade for your bathroom walls and complement it with industrial, jet black furnishings, as shown here. Despite the restricted space, the bathroom is not small to look at. The idea is to keep the bathroom furnishings and any other kind of furniture that you wish to use as sleek and light as possible:

Idea 8: Bold and Bright Colours Lend a Vibrant and Spacious Look to Bathrooms, Effortlessly

Saving the boldest idea for the last: Take a look at the following blood-red coloured bathroom that pairs extremely well with a white sink and black and white, patterned tiles. The continuous use of red colour along the walls makes the space look even and by extension much bigger:

Making your small bathroom bigger doesn’t need to be a distressing project! If you have a small bathroom, turn the tide in your favour by decorating it strategically. Using the right hack can go a long way! Take into account the useful tips and strategies outlined above and take a stab at it from scratch. If you need a helpful guide along the way, our team at HomeLane is here to help–be it for conceptualising, designing, or executing the project of your dreams.

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