Setting up a balcony is all kinds of fun–but only if you have the time to do so. If you are moving into a new home or want to give the current space a low-key makeover, you’ll love the ideas we’ve outlined in this blog. Here, we bring to you wildly popular and deceivingly easy ideas to execute. These balcony makeover ideas will make your terrace an Instagrammable hotspot with next to zero effort. Let’s get to it right away.

Experiment with a Grass Turf and Potted Plants

For everyone living in tiny apartments and tinier balconies, here’s an idea that works wonders. Place a grass turf in your balcony and line it with beautiful potted plants. A little effort can completely transform your balcony from a dull and boring place to a calming and relaxing haven. Additionally, note these elements do not require any kind of high maintenance, making it perfect for people who are low on time and cannot engage in full-swing gardening. You’re welcome.

grass turf and potted plants

Include Ottomans and Fairy Lights for a Relaxing Vibe

Looking to transform your balcony into a beautiful space, without putting in a lot of effort? Take a look at the deceivingly simple idea shown above. The addition of a comfy ottoman, the use of fairy string lights on the railing, the strategic placement of a gorgeous white rug, and the use of an industrial table give this small balcony a larger-than-life look and feel.

Be it winters or summers, you can relax in this space and enjoy a much-deserved downtime. Remember that you can always experiment with your own colours of choice and add your own personal touch to this overarching idea. You don’t need to stick to the white and grey palette as these may become more and more difficult to maintain (think: bird droppings, rainwater splashes, accidental coffee spillings, you get the drift, right?).

ottomans and fairy lights

Let the Flowers Do All the Talking!

If you don’t have the time to go all out and invest in any kind of shopping, might we suggest buying a simple wooden shelf and placing in-season, gorgeous flowers on it? This minimalistic hack never fails. Take a look at the image shown above. The use of bold and vivid colours is adding layers of personality to an otherwise dull space.

Our expert tip? Make sure to plug and play with different kinds of pots and plants to give your balcony a cheery and happy vibe. Go for asymmetrical patterns, 3D textures, and varied shapes when it comes to your pots. To understand the kind of flowering or vegetable plants to include, make sure to consult with an experienced gardener.

different kinds of pots

Use Wooden Pallet Couches for an Ultra-Hip and Super Cool Look!

Let’s call a spade a spade. Wooden balcony floorings deserve a customised and cosy wooden pallet, as shown here. While you may not get one that is ready-made and that readily fits into your customised size requirements, getting a wooden couch made is well worth the effort.

What’s more, you can always add useful drawers for storage and give your balcony a Scandinavian vibe. This hack, though not often used, works wonders if you’re someone who loves throwing house parties or simply loves spending a lot of time on the balcony reading, writing, listening to music, chatting with friends, the works.

wooden pallet couches

Integrate a Hammock and Say Hello to Your New Favourite Spot!

Hammocks are every balcony’s friend. They not only help you unwind after a long and tiring day at work but also add tons of colour and character to the space. You can choose from a wide variety of hammocks available and add bright cushions (as shown here) to give the space an edge. Here’s a pro tip: Make sure that the hammock is not too flimsy.

integrate a hammock

Take the Gorgeous Views in with a Wooden Chair and Table in Your Balcony

Here’s another idea that’s as low maintenance as they come. If you happen to live on a street with gorgeous, expansive views of the cityscape, consider the idea shown above. Place comfortable wooden tables and chairs and enjoy this serene space at tea-time.

wooden chair and table

Setting up a low maintenance balcony is definitely easier on the mind (and your pockets). A slight tweak to the space can completely change the way your balcony looks. Consider the ideas sketched out over here, do your own research, and connect with our team at HomeLane to get the project going. It is likely you’ll need external expert help to bring your balcony makeover ideas to life!

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