We know. You can’t wait to stir up a storm in your new kitchen!

The thought of the gleaming countertop, the sleek cabinetry, and the exotic fittings get you salivating more than your chicken curry ever did!

However, your dream kitchen is not just about gorgeously beautiful cabinets. Granted, they looked amazing in the catalogue. But hey, do you want to get fooled by aesthetics? Beauty can sometimes be skin-deep. What seems perfect on the surface is not necessarily going to give you the service you thought it would. This makes finding the right kitchen vendor number one on your agenda.

So how to select the right reliable kitchen vendor? Well, it’s not very difficult. A walk through these 5 points will put you on the right track. Let’s check them out.

Criteria One: Shortlist Popular Kitchen Vendors

Today the markets are flooding with a variety of kitchen showrooms, each promising excellence and perfection. To find the right vendor, you will need to do a bit of research. Here are some of the factors you need to look into:

  • Check their online presence. Are they new or do they have years of experience under their belt?
  • Check their track record and the number of jobs they have executed. This is a great way to check their credibility
  • The feedback of past customers is vital. If their after-sales service is not good, you are sure to find out from the umpteen reviews on the net. You can also ask your vendor to put you in touch with their clients for better input
  • Take a closer look at what they are offering. Is it upgraded? Or are they selling products that are not in style anymore?
  • Is there transparency in their dealings?

These initial forays into the kitchen market will give you a fair idea about popular kitchen vendors and you will be able to shortlist a few.

Criteria Two: Check to See How Many Options Are on Offer

Kitchens don’t come cheap. You will be spending a good amount of money to refurbish it. This makes it essential to get your money’s worth by doing your research. Go through the kitchen vendor’s catalogue and check if they have enough design options. Here are some of the options you can expect:

  • A choice of fixtures
  • Countertop options
  • Cabinet material choices and colours
  • A varied price range to suit every budget
  • Check to see if they offer design choices such as contemporary, country kitchen decor, or a luxurious kitchen
  • Make sure there are no hidden costs. You don’t want the bitter taste of unforeseen expenses in your mouth. You can do that yourself when you try your hand at exotic recipes in your new kitchen!

You will be spending a generous amount of money on your kitchen, so make sure you don’t jump the gun and make the wrong choice.

Criteria Three: Do They Have Expertise and Design Sense?

Several factors will tell you if your kitchen vendor has what it takes to execute your kitchen to your satisfaction. Some of the things you should be looking out for:

  • The finishing and the quality of the end product, if shoddy, staring you in the face when you are cooking is not going to do your biryani any good!
  • The vendor should have complete knowledge of all things related to kitchens
  • Ability to work with you to get the best out of your budget and area at hand

A good vendor is open to feedback. They also can guide you in the right direction using their experience and knowledge.

Criteria Four: The Matters of Trust

Trust is a vital part of a brand’s USP. To gain their trust, the brand has to instil confidence in the mind of their clients, using their expertise and sales pitch. A good vendor delivers on their promise as they want to build a fruitful relationship with you. Things that you should look out for:

  • Look for insights into the vendor’s personality by gauging verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Unrealistic goals and promises can be a sign that the vendor can not be trusted
  • Offering products that are not in their catalogue is a red flag

How they stand on on-time delivery is also a very important factor. To get you to sign on the dotted line, they may make promises they will eventually not be able to keep.

Criteria Five: Compare Prices

Now that you have short-listed a few kitchen vendors, it’s decision time. Cost is an important factor, and once you figure this in, you will have a fair idea of who you want to pick.

If the vendor is not very forthcoming, you know they are not right for you. Warranty is another deciding factor you should consider at this stage. Repairs can be costly, and an extended warranty will ensure you don’t have to deal with repair costs in the initial months.

Once you have ticked all the boxes, you are ready to go. You can pick your kitchen design and dream about enjoying your morning tea on your kitchen island.

In your enthusiasm for a glamorous kitchen, you may end up with the heartache of tight drawers and loose pulls. So, hold your horses and choose vendors like HomeLane who have years of experience under their belt.


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