Home Makeovers make for the best stories! What can be more fun than seeing your own living space transforming into something you had only dreamt of, right?

But let’s admit it. Few home remodelling projects are as rewarding—and come with more headaches—than Kitchen remodels! Thanks to the staggering number of activities that this heart-of-every-home has to cater to.

We are sure Sonam and Taranjeet Singh from Gurgaon will nod in agreement, having given the reins of their Kitchen Remodel over to the HomeLane Design team. Here’s their amazing Before-After journey that we are super excited to share today.

What the Singhs Wanted

Sonam and Taranjeet realized that their 20-year-old kitchen, while it had a lot of stories etched in its walls, wasn’t working as efficiently as it once did. And they thought it best to swap it for a modern space that is a lot more functional and easier on the eyes. 

While looking for an Interior Designer for their kitchen, they dropped into our Experience Center at Sector 29, Gurgaon and instantly identified many modular kitchen displays and accessories that seemed like a perfect fit for their new kitchen design. A meeting with our designer Ashi ensued and the journey of this stunning transformation began to take shape.

The Singhs had a fairly good idea of what they wanted from their new kitchen. Their old kitchen had deteriorated significantly due to seepage issues – so their most important ask was that good quality core material be used for all designs. They found their existing kitchen too cramped and difficult to use and wanted a sleek kitchen design that uses every inch of the available space with contemporary solutions. 

They envisioned their new kitchen to be an elegant space that was aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free and organised. They were also particular about symmetry in shelves and cabinets, while their overall design aesthetic leaned a little towards a Boho theme. 

How Ashi and Our Dream Design Team Pulled This Off

When designers are presented with the task of turning an old space into a modern one, it becomes exceedingly important that they don’t just give the space a fresh, new look but ensure that it is well-equipped to handle the family’s needs, while addressing all the previous pain-points. 

Leave it to our designers to know how to turn seemingly impossible visions into tangible reality!

Designer Ashi Saxena understood the Singhs’ vision and ideas and offered them superb design ideas along with the absolutely essential modules. And wanting to give the kitchen a modern design vibe, she, along with the couple, decided that the classic and refreshing Blue and White combination would be the best choice to design their kitchen space with. 

She wanted to turn this ordinary U-shaped kitchen with unorganized storage, into a space that was high on looks as well as functionality. 

In the Singhs’ new kitchen, Ashi made it a point to replace the dark, old-fashioned, and inadequate cabinetry with floor-to-ceiling ones in plush dual-tones. Their new shelves and cabinets enjoy customized nooks, racks, and baskets to make sure everything stays up-to-sniff and uncluttered at all times. The unsightly and dated tiles were replaced with those in chic white tones to match the cabinetry, to make sure the blue in the kitchen doesn’t get overpowering. 

Sonam and Taranjeet’s clarity on what they wanted and Ashi’s knack at knowing what will work and what won’t, proved to be a match made in heaven and the Singhs’ kitchen with its beautiful dual-tone interiors turned into an absolute treat for the eyes!

The Results…Drumroll

Size definitely isn’t everything when it comes to a beautiful kitchen. And with some creativity and a keen eye for functionality, even the smallest of kitchens can be turned into magazine-worthy spaces. The ‘after’ shots of the Singhs’ kitchen will show you just that! 

Kitchens like this one – that use dark and light colours together, clearly lean towards modern design. And that’s what Designer Ashi had in mind for the Singhs’ kitchen makeover. The rather bold shade of Blue used here looks truly breathtaking – with its vivid tones balanced out by the pristine Whites all around. 

As you can see, the interiors of this small U-shaped kitchen have undergone some serious makeover. The kitchen now has a dedicated space for everything. Along with a striking two-tone design, the kitchen sports shelves and cabinets in varying finishes tied together seamlessly. Multiple overhead and base cabinets are woven into the heavily accessorized design, to give the kitchen an uncluttered and uber-organized appeal. 

The well-appointed floor-to-ceiling cabinetry even has space carved out for a vegetable organizer with pull-out wicker baskets – for dry vegetables like onions, potatoes, and tomatoes that don’t need to be refrigerated. 

The areas above and below the sink were given space-efficient cabinets equipped with accessories to make space for cleaning supplies and other kitchen essentials that, if not given proper storage space, can quickly turn a kitchen into a clutter-magnet. 

What the Singhs Feel about the Makeover

The Singhs were absolutely delighted with the way their new kitchen looked, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Not only did they get it finished on time, but the expertise and ease with which Shubham, Ashi, and the design team brought their ideas into reality left them impressed. What touched them especially were the team’s friendliness and attention to detail. Kudos team!

Interested in a Dream Makeover of Your Own?

If we’ve managed to pique your interest with the Singhs’ Incredible Kitchen Redo, and you find yourself thinking of renovating yours, book a consult with the HomeLane team and allow us to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Worried about COVID safety? Read all about the standards we follow here

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