Over the past two years, living rooms have seen more life than ever before, and been utilised more than one could have ever anticipated. And, as we approach the new year, there’s no better time to spruce up the space that has become such a central part of our home lives.

In 2022, design trends for the living room indicate an emphasis on multifunctionality, sustainability and experimentation – combining the best of both worlds to create a well-rounded, interesting and unique space.

So, if you’re considering sprucing up your living room and want to be in vogue (interior design edition) this coming year, here are some of the most anticipated design trends you need to keep an eye out for.

Bring Nature Home

Nothing screams ‘living room’ like actual living things that bring one’s home to life. As we’ve all been privy to, indoor plants and greenery within the house have become extremely popular. Aside from the various health and wellbeing benefits that this trend has brought with it, it’s also proven to be a worthy design trend; one that’s going to reach full bloom in 2022.

Consider curating a unique indoor plant collection and bringing nature home with this collection, and of course, liven up your living room at the same time. Plants have become design accents and they can be really fun to work with.

Carve out a plant corner, do up the living room with a few hanging potted plants or place a variety of plants on different shelves all around the living room. When it comes to green indoors, the options are endless.

Serenity is In

Peace, calm and serenity – these are states of being that we all crave, now more than ever. As the world continues to reel from the global coronavirus pandemic, experts predict that 2022 is going to be all about designing your home to facilitate a serene and calm environment.

And considering the amount of time we’re all bound to spend in our living rooms, design trends for this space too, follow in the same direction.

Neutral shades, textures and tones are primed to be really popular in the coming year. Be it with furniture, the colour of the walls, upholstery or even accessories and accents; shades that evoke calm and peace (think earthy tones like light brown, pumpkin orange, creams and off-white) are going to make quite the appearance.

One Space, Many Faces

If there’s one thing that we can be certain about, it’s that every space needs to be versatile. While 2021 called for makeshift multifunctionality, 2022 promises to be the year where design intentionally focuses on and prioritises the need for multipurpose layouts.

Living rooms are a great place to experiment with this. Consider changing the layout of your current space, introducing smart furniture that serves multiple functions and introducing portable pieces that can be moved around to best suit the vibe.

Curves are In

Retro goodness is making its way to 2022, and it’s bringing along with it a favourite from the era – curvy furniture. While calm and serenity are predicted to be popular in the coming year, retro accents lie on the other side of the living room design trends spectrum this coming year.

Couches with rounded edges and metal rods, curvy-edged tables and chairs – they’re all said to be part of the design lineup in 2022. While art deco themed pieces will make an appearance, living rooms will not be designed, as a whole, in that theme. Accents, furniture and other design elements that incorporate retro vibes will be combined with neutral and minimalist backdrops; 2022 is set to bring the best of both worlds.

Flora and Flora

Flowers never get boring, and that stands true for their appearance in interior design, too. Be it floral motifs in wall paintings, wallpaper, or even upholstery, floral patterns can instantly liven up a space.

If you’re looking to make a statement, consider using wall inserts or wallpaper with embellished floral prints. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more minimal, you could opt for delicate upholstery or subtle floral motifs on the wall.

Colour-wise too, floral prints can be both vibrant as well as subdued. With an element so versatile, 2022 is looking absolutely fabulous.

Absolutely Floored

This design trend may be the most exciting one to come in 2022, and it’s because it elevates design thinking to exciting and refreshing heights – bold and funky flooring.

Patterned, coloured and textured tiles are said to make a comeback in the new year. Be it tiles, bold rugs and carpets or patterned carpeted floors, consider switching things up with your flooring and completely transform your living room in one fell sweep.

With a bold floor, you won’t really have to do much else for the room, either. Quick and easy does it in 2022.

Well, there you have it – the six hottest interior design trends that are making their way to your living room in 2022. If you’re eager to get started on that makeover, get in touch with the equally eager team at HomeLane and make all your interior design dreams come true in the new year!

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